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* Size : Little fair type(43cm)
* Material : leather
* Compatible with : Littel Fair,msd,dod,kid-delf
* Inner foot length : 6.2cm
* Inner foot width : 2.5cm
* Heel : 1.2cm

* Some styles may have been customized for the photo shoot.
* Actual color may vary.

* Little Fair Shoes Guide
  >> What fits Little Fair shoes?
1     Little Fair     Fit nicely and perfectly
2     MSD, KID DELF, Little fair, Tiny failry DOC, SD cute     Fit nicely
  Tip: It is possibility compatible boy and girl in case of Mary Jane which is the front round Flatform shoes.
(A boy can be tight in case of wear to shoes of a girl, but a girl is moderately wear to boy shoes possibility if they wear socks or stocking)

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