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: Soom
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* including :

- assembled Saiph doll(normal skin type only)
- Owner's Guide & certificate of authenticity
- Magnet for head & head cap

※For attaching a Head parts magnet

You drop one drop of glue, and you fix in magnet halls of Head as pushing the above magnet. Head cap attaches a magnet in ways same as above. At this time you shall let you leave for the poles to the inside that you were opposite to Head magnet.

* options :
- face up
- body brushing

* Mecha Angel Measurement[Female Type]

- Weight: 2344g
- Overall Height: 79cm
- Head Circumference: 23.5cm
- Eye size: 14mm
- Neck Circumference: 11cm
- Chest Circumference: 31.5cm
- Shoulder Width: 11.5cm
- Bottom Circumference: 21.5cm
- Arm Length: 22cm
- Wrist Circumference: 6.5cm
- Hip Circumference: 32cm
- Thigh Circumference: 18.2cm
- Leg Length: 39.5cm
- Ankle Circumference: 8.8cm
- Feet Length: 8cm

lilijana(10-05-07 04:55)
Sweetness and Character Modify Delete 
My Saiph arrived Monday. She is beautiful, she has lots of character
and his body is "warrior".
Soom to thank you very much for their kindness.
magicbunny(10-04-30 13:09)
Better in person, than you can imagine. Modify Delete 
As beautiful and elegant as Saiph looks on this site (with her beautifully expressive forehead and gentle features), when you see her in person, and can showcase her incredibly lovely long legs -- hidden in these promo pics -- you begin to understand she's truly a doll of a lifetime. I love my Saiph!

I also love the cyborg storyline! I sometimes do wish they would add new photos of Saiph that showed her in a more cyber outfit though!
jess(10-04-13 09:24)
OH WOW Modify Delete

that doll looks exactly like me...

cathyj248(10-03-23 18:06)
Too Pretty For Words
My Saiph arrived today.  She was very well packed and everything I could want.  She is my second Saiph and is more stunning than the first.  I love SOOM dolls and this one is no exception.  I can see more MA in my future as I love this size and her body is perfect in both size and shape.  She has the most perfect breast form in the dolls I own.  I LOVE this girl.  Thank You SOOM.  CathyJ
zhmanna(09-09-16 03:33)
oh!!!! she's gorgeous! lovely. adorable!!!!her face is sooo real...she's just perfect! is there any way i can get one?i know they all sold out. but i feel like i fell in love with her! =)please. please.please produce more of that dolls!!!i have no bjd dolls =( but she's a perfect start! =) can somebody help me?
sara(09-06-15 08:02)
Saiph Modify Delete 
is the dress and the big thingi in her hand included?
Acunetix(09-04-21 00:53)
Mr. Modify Delete 
Bri(08-12-19 06:21)
WOW. she is beautiful. i want this doll.
Patrizia(08-06-22 00:38)
A very masterpiece Modify Delete 
I have received from few days my Saiph. ordered with sanding. body blushing and make up service. The doll is perfect. the blushing delicate and well done and the make up is really soft and sweet. perfect for her delicate features. She is. for me. one of the most beautiful female dolls I owned. Her size only adds beauty and presence to her.
surreality(08-06-19 20:53)
A truly beautiful sculpt. I ordered Saiph with faceup. body brushing. and sanding service. and she is truly amazing. Every detail is perfect. and she is more lovely than the pictures show in person. Her face is very sweet and has a delicate. lovely innocent look. I am very pleased with her!