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[MD] Fantasy Brett : Internal Conflicts
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[MD] Fantasy Brett : Internal Conflicts Outfit
[MD] Fantasy Brett : Internal Conflicts Wig
petiteb(16-04-04 02:27 /
Measurements? Grey option needed!
I'd buy this man in a heartbeat if he were in Grey resin.
Too few unusual colors for those of us who have lots of Soom dolls.

What are his measurements? Height? neck? etc??

He's wonderful! I wish I could buy those hands seperately. I miss Soom jointed hands. They're so cool.
chocobikies(16-04-03 22:09 /
Any chance of the mini gems with that slimmer type…
I really hope the mini gem faery legends can get something similar too. The new body looks much nicer
fishcake(16-04-02 00:15 /
I love his styling!
Is that the new body? It looks great! I think the combination of the claws and hooves is really imaginative; I like the way the claws are jointed to move on option A, too. He's got a great face too! <3