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Ordinary Day
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Ordinary Day
Valianna(16-06-24 03:31)
Enchanted. Modify Delete 
She is so cute, I do not care if her outfit is not elaborate. Her makeup is what makes her lips look like a different shape than the vampire version, oh the power of makeup .
Ellenl(16-02-09 16:13)
Stunning girl!
Oh, I really like her lips the way they are!  I love the sexy modern outfit too.
Patrice(16-02-09 01:40)
Beautiful! Modify Delete 
I'm so disappointed that you pulled her sale!
fishcake(16-02-06 02:17)
So elegant!
I love the photography--this is the first Idealian doll that has seriously tempted me. I love the simple, comfortable outfit and how serene and confident she looks. I think this is the tawny skin--such a beautiful color.
fransyung(16-02-05 16:29)
What is happening? D: Why is she marked as SOLD OUT?!
gloomycat(16-02-05 12:36)
In love! Modify Delete 
I actually disagree with previous statement, I think her current lips are stunning.  She's very beautiful, however the only disappointment I would really have is not having available a more elaborate outfit.  I hope Soom will promote more outfits for these large girls.
Yaoilover482(16-02-05 00:06)
Dissopointed Modify Delete 
I was so excited to see Eden going back up but then I noticed some Subtle differences..... Compared to the other Version of Eden- the Vampires lover whos lips look absolutely stunning... This ones lips just look like she is doing that ungodly trend of Duck-facing....  Her lips look harsher and more pointed at the top of her lips, which honestly I don't find Attractive at all... Also where are the pictures of her in Cream White skin?

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