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Dia - Lord of Jotunheim
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Arsinic(16-12-08 05:29 /
Please re-release
I missed this one, and it kills me that I don't own it in that lovely grey.
Please give me another chance sometime next year? I'm begging.
Arsinic(16-01-27 10:16 /
Do not need, but gorgeous
I wonder if I'll end up trading my human Dia for this one.... those ears would be worth it (and the new body sculpt)
anchixdpx(16-01-27 03:10 /
Guys... he has a vampire head...
To those complaining there's no vampire version... the later pictures have him with fangs and he's super cute!!!!
parton(16-01-26 23:56 /
Beautiful! But Soom prices are ridiculous nowadays. Way too expensive.
mdraven(16-01-26 00:49 /
Extra body?
Will it be possible to order an extra body? He's gorgeous!!!
solarsenshi(16-01-25 14:05 /
I hope you can also release the head separately~
fiftypills(16-01-25 10:17 /
Wow! He is definietly gorgeous. I'm wondering if a romantic head will be available? Also, Vampire Dia is a great idea.
saskha(16-01-25 08:32 /
lord of the ring?!?
Noooouuuuu! where is my dia vampire versiooonn ç_ç