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[MD/June] Tristan - Flame of Anger
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*  Pre-order Period : From June 24th ~ July 8th. 2015 (Korea standard time)

* The doll pictured is a sample. Please understand the actual Face up and Parts blushing may vary the color and brush touch.
* Frequent movement of a ball jointed doll can rub or damage the 
Parts blushing.

* Due to its special making process Olive Green resin color may be subject to marbling effect and speckles on the doll skin. Please note that this is NOT considered as a defective item.
 Some materials used in clothing (the ribbon tape, buttons etc.) are subject to change. 

* Dark fabric, may stain doll if worn for a prolonged period of time.

Removing the seam is not included to Body blushing option.

* If customer choose Chimera Parts, Belly parts will change into exclusive tail belly parts (not human belly parts).

Model Design & Sculpted by : SOOM Workshop ( Head Sculptor : Jung Eun Bak)

* Outfit & Wing Design : EMMA

* Designed and made by SOOM

Tristan Eyes
Tristan Outfit
Tristan Shoes
Tristan Wig
Arsinic(15-07-07 08:02 /
Good grief
I just saw this one today. It's frustrating because I just paid off a doll, have two half way paid off, and now must have this one. Totally want the chimera!
pilipaomo(15-06-28 23:16 /
white skin
he is absolutely adorable,I would like to get him in white skin, please add white skin option
Cuteboy(15-06-28 04:05 /
I agree, the usual gray skin, please! Add gray skin option! Thank you~
anchixdpx(15-06-27 04:36 /
HE'S PERFECT!!! I would love to have him in regular grey skin!!!!
RT12191(15-06-26 18:49 /
Would also like to see more pictures of the hooves in the Olive Green color, particularly the front view of them and without the Photoshopped flames in the pictures.
VampireSmiley(15-06-26 12:17 /
Extra Body and Chimera Hands
Hi Soom. I would very much like to be able to purchase the chimera hands with the human body and adding an additional body option would be awesome!
mayichan(15-06-26 08:21 /
Chimera hands
Hi, dear Soom, can you please sell the chimera hands apart? I want this doll so much in green but in human form with his green chimera hands, please, please.
mdraven(15-06-26 02:00 /
Extra body
Can you add an option to buy another body for the olive skin tone?
PanteraLana(15-06-25 04:18 /
Outfit and Shoes separate
Maybe sell the outfit and shoes separate?
littlebirdzoom(15-06-25 02:13 /
horns and hooves
Can we please see more pictures of the hooves? And maybe sell the horns separate?