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[SO] R.Amber - Midnight Whisperer
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*  Pre-order Period : From March 24th ~ April 5th 2015 (Korea standard time)

*The doll pictured is a sample. Please understand the actual Face up and Parts blushing may vary the color and brush touch.

* Frequent movement of a ball jointed doll can rub or damage the ‘Parts blushing’.

* ‘Removing the seam’ is not included to ‘Body blushing’ option.

* Due to its special making process Grey, Tawny skin resin color may be subject to marbling effect and speckles on the doll skin. Please note that this is NOT considered as a defective item.

* Normal / Tawny Skin R.Amber 's picture is not available. Please understand about this.

* Designed and made by SOOM

speakintongues(15-07-28 17:27 /
Too late
Oh soom, please release this lovely boy again.
Arsinic(15-04-14 05:49 /
8 days too late
My first thought at seeing this creation was "aww the ears aren't droopy" but I still think I would have really loved having this guy.  I guess it's better for my bank account this way. =[
poorme(15-04-01 11:57 /
Why real photo removed?!
Hey Soom, why did you remove the only real photo of the head? The one where it's possible to see make-up and sculpt details..? The photo with no wig and mininmum photoshop? Please put it back in place, we would like to see the doll we are offered at real. Thenk you.

I myself still want him as the head only, or with old male Supergem body option. The new body is awful, I guess I won't buy him this way...
Alwena(15-03-31 04:30 /
Hello Soom,

I would like to know if it was possible to order the Amber romantic but with a female body in place of the male ?

I would love to get well! Please, I beg you ToT

Thank you for your answer
mayichan(15-03-28 13:31 /
Hands with long nails please
Dear Soom
I love your male R.Amber and I´m considering buy him, but the mignight hands are not for my charácter, please I ask you for hands with long nails please as an option.
animerockstar(15-03-28 03:03 /
Human Ver.
Oh I absolutely love him!  Well done!
Unfortunately the character I need him for is a human and I'm not sure how to remedy those long ears.  While they are beautiful fantasy ears... I don't know if I could sand them well enough.

I will have to wait for your next beautiful HUMAN boy.  Another one like Puss in Boots One Fine Day or Chalco Soulmate

Thank you for creating such beautiful men :)
soom(15-03-27 13:17 /
No plan for Only head sale
We are sorry but,
we have no plan to sale our R.Amber in "only head" product.
And R. Amber have no plan for add on any free-choice Event.

Thank you for telling us your wish,
but We are so sorry for not being able to be more helpful with this matter.

Soom  korea
VinsentWolf(15-03-27 10:01 /
To kirika20
I'd like fantasy hands with long nails which were with Heliot Dream Ripper. It's a different hands. Amber's fantasy hands haven't got nails in fact :)

You're strange person. I have my opinion and wishes to tell to Soom. I can and would do it here. Soom is a company who read the customers' opinions.
poorme(15-03-26 21:55 /
Head only or old body
I'm asking again Soom, please add the "Head Only" option for this doll, or at least make him available on the old Supergem body. Kindly Thank you in advance!

2 kirika20: you are not authority here, neither are you in charge of anything. So please stop telling us, the other customers, what we should or should not do.
aceem(15-03-26 21:12 /
For Tangles11

Here's link to Q&A :

You can try tracking parcel on Post Office website from your country, it should be working there.

Hope this helps!
Tangles11(15-03-26 16:19 /
Help needed..
Can someone please tell me where can I write to Soom? I caan't find the question and answer board!

Also, I recieved a message that my BJD from Soom is going to be shipped is there I site I can track this parcel down - the one I clicked onto is Korean and I can't read Korean.

Please assist kindly.
trollenok(15-03-26 16:11 /
2 kirika20
kirika20, did you miss romantic Dia release? There was both full doll and head only options, and I thinks it was really great.

It's up to company, of course, would be such option provided or not. But we customers also can write our opinions here, and maybe Soom will listen to us.
Some people enter splits for this head but some not, so some money surely lost because of absence of this option.
Quetz(15-03-26 03:11 /
I said in that questionaire you guys put out that I wouldn't be able to resist a male Amber, and you released him! Thank you very much!! I'm looking forward to bringing this guy home :D
kirika20(15-03-25 23:28 /
Hands with long nails are already included
Learn to read guys...and I don't think any company has sold a full doll with "head only" option so stop asking Soom about this. Either you buy the whole doll and sell the body later or get it secondhand. That's how it is.
Tangles11(15-03-25 20:00 /
OUTFIT! Where is the CLOTHES / OUTFIT option????
How am I suppose to click 'Buy' when there is no outfit listed?
VinsentWolf(15-03-25 10:38 /
outfit and options
Dear Soom!
Please, add outfit and hands with long nails in options!
With love <3
speakintongues(15-03-24 23:58 /
Is he limited as in amount of sets or time limited?
azunah(15-03-24 22:05 /
head only please!
Please consider add a head only option
its the only way I can buy him :(
Thank you
Lissabra(15-03-24 20:26 /
Female ver. / head only
Yes, Yes, could you please sell the-head-only or make a female version of this doll?
I so like this version of Amber, but i don't see her as a boy((( I want a girl, or a head only((((

Or, please, add an old male body option! Amber head is too big for new supergem body((((
Thalasa(15-03-24 18:39 /
Please only head >.<
please, please, offer the head alone ... I want to take the old body in tawny for him in your next body event
trollenok(15-03-24 17:21 /
Head >.<
Please, add head only option!

I maybe a bit conservative, but I want this head for female body.
blood613(15-03-24 16:30 /
outfit option??
sharosudo(15-03-24 16:05 /
Pure Spirit Ver
please release a pure spirit version of R.Amber
the only reason I'm not getting this is because of no hooves.

or please just have the head available, i really want to buy the head thank you <3