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R.Amber - Male ver.
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Coming Soon :)

animerockstar(15-03-24 11:43 /
Different skin tone - Human body
I LOVE the look of the new body and have been waiting for a gorgeous Super Gem boy to come along. I hope he is the one!

Please offer Normal and Tawny resin choices!  I can't decide which one I love more :) And human legs please!
anchixdpx(15-03-24 06:35 /
Tawny Skin
If you guys release him in tawny skin... my wallet is going to be in so much debt @_@
sippyx(15-03-24 06:08 /
Only head
Only head option will be nice! Please Soom make him available with only head option! Thanks! White skin is ok for me if only head option is possible.
Sideburn(15-03-24 01:07 /
NO hooves!
Please make the option to buy him without fairy legs like Charming or Jack!
poorme(15-03-23 23:15 /
Separate head and body buy
+1 for a separate head buy option.
The new male Supergem body is lame, I wish he'd be released on the old Supergem body, with some nice fantasy parts. Then I'd be happy to buy him ^_^

I won't buy the new body as well as others here...
ojiikaze(15-03-23 22:01 /
head only option please!
Hi! I'd like to ask for a head only option for him, please ^^
knaide(15-03-23 20:55 /
the ears!!
I personally really like what I can see of the ears so far!!
I already have 2 Amber heads with the original ears, one in white skin and one in bronze, so grey or normal or violet would be greatttttt!!
blood613(15-03-23 19:24 /
sell the head seperately!!!
And white skin, please!!
VinsentWolf(15-03-23 19:18 /
white skin
please, add white skin in options! <3
masterhoffy(15-03-23 17:47 /
Head only
He is great! *___* Please sell the head separately.)))
I do not like the Soom body. (
damasquerade(15-03-23 13:36 /
Head only please?
Like so many others, I hope you consider releasing this with a head only option please ^^ So lovely!
kesami123(15-03-22 21:55 /
Tawny Skin as an option
Would be fantastic if we could get tawny skin as an option.  :)
Riku(15-03-22 21:36 /
heads & skin tone
Please, it would be nice if it was with another head like MD Amber (option).
And I would like to have 2 skin tones for this : Grey and White.
And fantasy body please !

I wish so much.
trollenok(15-03-22 21:16 /
Only head
If he whould be availible with only head, or with some extra head it whould be really great!
Please, add this option!!!
Hisaya(15-03-22 06:57 /
Normal skin!
He's amazing! Please make it available in normal skin and human body! (new supergem male body, with jointed hands)
azunah(15-03-21 14:13 /
just the head
just the head would be awsome!!
ccloudyy(15-03-21 12:12 /
Please please please make the just the head available!!!
kotone(15-03-21 12:12 /
Just the head?
Could you make it possible to just get the head? He's so gorgeous!
sharosudo(15-03-21 06:45 /
please make just the head available for purchase! ;__; thank you!
lila37(15-03-21 06:37 /
Dream doll
I've always wanted a SUPER GEM sized male version of Amber, thank you so much for creating this!!
Tangles11(15-03-21 06:34 /
Please make him TALLER!!! Mega Gem size
Please make him TALLER... Males need to be taller than females! Make him mega gem or Idealian size!
chyna(15-03-21 06:34 /
Normal Skin, please *.*
please, please I would love him to be normal skin !!
pendrithgirl(15-03-21 02:11 /
Skin tone
Grey on Violet skin, please please please!!
He is stunning!!
kireix(15-03-21 00:59 /
Grey Skin and Hooves please!
He would be perfect for my LDoll LV Amber if he had Grey Skin and were taller (or at least teh same size) as her! I had been wanting a Benmore... but this could work too!
Tangles11(15-03-20 23:30 /
Normal Skin
He is on my wish list! Please make him available in normal skin!
sahoma(15-03-20 22:07 /
I'm a bit sad it's not the same ears as the first Amber since they were my favourite feature about her, but I am still super excited to see him!!!!!!!

also, I hope white won't be the only skin colour option. I'd love a fantasy colour or NS :)