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Jinn - Dragonfly Sprit
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* Ordering period : From October 28th to November 11th 2014.
* This period could be closed earlier than noticed time.
* Due to its special process, the transparent resin parts may content air bubbles. This is not considered as a defect, and no A/S will be offered regarding this matter.
* Please understand that it is not possible to provide 'Removing seam service' for transparent resin.

** The Body Blushing Color is the same as the skin color(no options)
calliope13(14-11-10 03:24 /
Color comparison?
How does his light blue color compare with that of the other blue faery legend dolls? I would love to see a comparison of him with the other fairy colors as well. I can't decide if I want him in white or blue as I have a light violet Mulu.
Pheoniks(14-11-05 10:55 /
Love it but I REALLY wish it came with a female body option. I would buy it if it did!