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[MD/OCT] **EVENT** Captain Hook - The Ticking Crocodile
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   · Doll & Skin Type :
   · Optional Parts :
   · Face-up :
   · Body Blushing :
   · Eyes & Wig :
   · Outfit & Boots :
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*Ordering period : From October 18th to November 10th 2013.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.     

!!! Removing Seam service cannot be applied to Grey and Tawny resin !!!

* Due to its special making process, Grey and Tawny resin colour may be subject to marbling effect and light speckles on the doll skin. Please note that this is NOT considered as a defective item.

duyining426(15-04-04 01:12 /
Please release him again
My friends and I are so in love with this doll. Plz release him again.
tornapart(13-10-26 00:37 /
Missing option
I think the option for the human body blushing is missing... =S
Ryugexu(13-10-25 04:08 /
Can I get the fantasy parts, doll body, fantasy head in tawny... And the human head in white?
jwsmith(13-10-19 23:04 /
He is gorgeous. Is he the same sculpt as Gluino Vampire?
ShadesOfBlue(13-10-19 00:04 /
all those skin colrs...yet no normal skin
gahhh you're killing me soom, why no normal skin option? he's so gorgeous!!!