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Hyperon - Mercenary from Hell
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· Manufacturing company
: Soom
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* Ordering period : From June 12th to June 26th 2013.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
* Slight color gaps due to a sanding work on the edges of some parts during production process may appear on dark-colored resin dolls. Thank you for your understanding.
* Removing service is not applicable to the optional parts (machine arm set).
Natalia80(17-04-30 04:00)
Re-release please!!!
Incredibly beautiful boy !!! I would be very happy to add him to my collection! Please re-release
Herk Collins(17-04-02 19:56)
Incredible Modify Delete 
I have this beautiful boy and he is absolutely worth all of the begging and pleading I see written here today. I don't blame anyone for begging Soom to bring him back, he is incredible. I am truly honored to be able to say that I have him in my collection.
elvenrose(16-11-08 03:15)
Re-release please!!
Please please re-release him!! I think you should not time limit the dolls sale. Only for those full sets, but basic doll sculpt should be always available for sale. This will greatly reduce recasts of your gorgeous dolls.
Phantom(15-12-21 20:13)
He probably should come back Modify Delete 
I really really really want him ... I'll do anything to get him ;-;
PriscilaVi(14-09-10 04:12)
The best BJD in the universe!!!
He is P-E-R-F-E-C-T !!!
Please, he needs come back and to have a basic version not only limited version.
InugomeSanku(14-08-06 17:31)
re-release, please?
Please re-release him!! He is gorgeous. And I'd like to give him a good home!!
yuanmdx(13-11-03 01:42)
perfect even with scar~
I know it's a bit late now...but thank you Soom for re-releasing him. My boy is perfect even with his scar!!
13(13-10-06 12:14)
no scar Modify Delete 
He's gorgeous but I'd also love a future version of no scar then I'd buy him in a heartbeat.
lylesenpai(13-06-25 16:29)
New Hyperon
I wish there will be a Re-sale, just in case that the extension of the sales period that i requested will not work. T^T
Parisbvamp(13-06-24 20:54)
No scar? Modify Delete 
I would love him without the scar if possible. He's gorgeous. Thanks!
Momiji2010(13-06-24 11:08)
Wishing for normal non-scar head Modify Delete 
I love his face up, but I'm so sad there's no option for a normal head without the scar :(  If he had a normal head I would absolutely get him (or maybe 2 of him)...
hi_phin(13-06-23 18:14)
Wow... Modify Delete 
He's gorgeous. I want to have a handsome scarface hunk for a long time. I have the first Hyperon and he's my favorite bjd. I'm planning on buying this version so that my Hyperon will have a twin! The outfit is gorgeous too. Just wow!
SeedSinger(13-06-15 07:02)
Almost perfect
In my oppinion, best Idealian ever! I really love you put the tawny skin option, but It's a pitty he's 72 and not 51!
Sam(13-06-14 00:30)
... Modify Delete 
Most gorgeous Idealian ever.
NS is fine, though I LOVE tawny!
Lunar Melodies(13-06-13 16:21)
Please add more skintone options ^.^ Modify Delete 
Hi!  He is absolutely gorgeous!  I would also like to chime in and say that I would really prefer more skintone options such as a tan or tawny.  He is so amazing, but I have a lot of normal skin dolls already and would prefer more variety in my doll collection.
edenshadow(13-06-13 14:49)
Please add more skintone options! Modify Delete 
I agree with others here that it would be great to have more skintone options!  I would seriously consider him if he were available in tan or white skin since I already have normal skin idealians.  I think sales would increase tremendously with more skintone options since many fans already have the original Hyperon in normal skin.  Thank you so much!
masterhoffy(13-06-13 01:57)
white skin Modify Delete 
Please, add the CREAM WHITE skintone.
Hyperon SO is gorgeous! *_____*
violetdepravity(13-06-13 01:45)
tan skin Modify Delete 
Tan skin please
Boogle(13-06-13 01:29)
Could you show head without face-up? Modify Delete 
He is wonderful, I would really love to order him.
Could you show photos of his head without face-up? I would like to see his scar without paint.
fransyung(13-06-13 00:18)
other skin option, please? >.>
i hope you will consider offering other skin tones... the first hyperon was already in normal skin... why the SO in normal skin? >.< i'll order him in a heartbeat if he's offered in tan, either tawny, bronze, or brown tan! he'd be gorgeous~
pineapple(13-06-12 21:10)
Normal skin Modify Delete 
Normal skin is perfect, if it's not in Orange color !!!!
Tamara(13-06-12 21:05)
Yes for tan skin!! Modify Delete 
Yes, please, consider adding Tan Skin!!!
Sandra(13-06-12 20:22)
Tan skin? Modify Delete 
And what about tan skin? Would it be possible?
Empty Anathema(13-06-12 20:02)
About white skin... Modify Delete 
Hi! I really want this wonderful doll, but I was not very satisfied with the color of skin ... Please could you put the option of white skin? I I think many would be happy!

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