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Ignim - Goddess of Abundance
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* Ordering period : From Oct.13th to Oct. 27th 2012.

* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.

* Please understand that it is not possible to provide the Removing Seam service for both tawny and dark brown versions.

* Slight color gaps due to a sanding work on the edges of some parts during production process may appear on dark-colored resin dolls.

* Warning ! Risk of marbling possible on dark-coloured resins

***** A pair of high heel feet is included in the basic set *****

Grendel(12-10-27 14:42 /
Why is everyone so quiet regarding this little lady?  I think she is lovely and I have just ordered her.  She will be a wonderful companion for my Ender.

I believe she is on the new super gem body which is 65 cm high.  I have seen commentaries on Anubis' wig on DOA - yes it has a tendency to fall apart, as it is glued together with a hot glue gun - but a few well placed stitches by hand fixes this.  I hate hot glue guns!  The jewelry for Ender is very nice & I believe contributes to the cost of the clothing.  This is probably the case with Ignim as well.

I do wonder about the cat head's chin, seems like the photographer didn't like it anyway - it isn't in any of the pictures.
bandit1971(12-10-24 09:39 /
Beautiful <3
She is positively beautiful <3 Lovely work this time around SOOM. I must get one someday to go with a friend's Ender.
veronika(12-10-20 20:52 /
How big is she?
irradael(12-10-13 22:36 /
It must be a mistake in outfit and shoes
195+30=225 not 245