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Picro & Sammi – Elamanders
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* Ordering period : From Sept. 19th to Oct. 3rd 2012.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.     
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, plz click the Related Product 'Removing seam' on the bottom of page.

Kaalii(12-10-10 03:37 /
Ordered Picro
i ordered Picro with this wonderfull blushing >.< she will be my little gaga monster and will wear exclusively haute couture! hope she will arrive for my birthday *Q*
Doctorwhofreak2(12-09-20 07:35 /
Awww! I love their head fins! I don't really like their weird non-human feet or hands, however.
Retrobox(12-09-20 01:23 /
Adorable! *u*
I love what you have done with these ones! They are sooo cute. 8)

As for the price, Wave and Soda are the cheapest Teenie gems because they did not come with as many parts, unless you bought them optionally. $327.00 is what most Teenie Gems tend to cost if you look at their usual monthly dolls like Carbon & Luxillia, Appini & Shonki, and Afi & Ai.There was no price jump, this is pretty much the normal price for a Teenie gem with two heads and a full set of intricate fantasy parts.
danaleescreations(12-09-20 00:08 /
I would say the price is because these guys have 2 heads included
Cutekitten(12-09-19 23:50 /
Why the price change?
They almost cost as much as a Little Gem-Grey & Ace. And they are a much bigger doll.
While Tinnie Wave & Soda - Sea Elves were $278.00
How come such a huge price jump? I saw no price adjustments in Notice Board.
catw07(12-09-19 06:08 /
Soom herd U liek mudkips. :P
NaikuChan(12-09-19 01:58 /
Axolotl dolls :D
I love Axolotl's and these two look pretty cute too.
Can't wait to see some more pictures.
LuckyXIII(12-09-19 01:44 /
I wonder if they are inspired by the cute Axoloti fish? They sure are different!
Soapbar(12-09-18 20:00 /
Wow, I absolutely love these two! I'm having a hard time imagining what the clear resin parts look like without body blushing though, I hope they'll have photos of those parts without any work done on them.
danaleescreations(12-09-18 19:36 /
These are just amazing. I think Soom did a magnificent job. I never would have thought of this idea and I love the colours. Does my "Water Family" need another member? Maybe not need but I want them - now how to afford at least one?
Dalia(12-09-18 14:25 /
Hoe cute !!
Oh~they're so cute,I can't wait !!QwQ
Vesper(12-09-18 14:22 /
what... strange things