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Kremer - Sprite of Slumber
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* Ordering period : From Dec. 21th. 2011. To Jan. 4th. 2012
* This period could be closed earlier than noticed time.
* Please understand that it is not possible to provide 'Removing seam service' for transparent resin.
ayperi(12-01-04 10:04 /
Granted, when I first saw the style it would've made me think it'll fit a girl better, BUT at the same time I love how this is just so unique for this pretty boy. :D I love unusual and unique looking dolls and this one is no exception. I love how he's so delicate, graceful and beautiful at the same time. Of course, I could not resist getting him ^^; He's too beautiful to let go :) I applaud Soom's creativeness in creating unique characters!
Beth1(11-12-22 10:07 /
I LOVE his face!
I hope you make a larger male doll with a face like his. Don't listen to what people are saying about making him a girl. He can easily be made to be more masculine with a different faceup and style.

But please, please make a larger male doll with this face. As it is, I will attempt to buy this doll by any means necessary!
Lizzzard(11-12-21 17:33 /
no skin option.No violet skin.I'm dead. He's sooo cute but I really need LV skin male.Maybe next time >_<
anacla(11-12-21 17:31 /
Should have been a GIRL
He is adorable, but this colors and face, the wings, all should belong to a girl. Please Soom release a faery girl with similar features!
sahoma(11-12-21 10:12 /
ears D:
whuuut no human ears or skin option?? soom, I am disapoint! è__é

he's still super gorgeous though! so not yet out of my wishlist ;)
chocobikies(11-12-21 10:10 /
Just read it properly
no normal ears? and only white skin?
i really want a male sprite but am still waiting for normal skin (although was really tempted by the storm sprites elf ears XD)
Lizzzard(11-12-20 22:37 /
Please Soom grey or violet skin in option!Pleeease!
lula78(11-12-20 06:36 /
I'm really looking forward to his release and hoping that he'll come
in Violet skin?!?
mermaidjewel(11-12-20 04:45 /
Ethereal Faery Man
He's so beautiful!  I love the colours.
Calio4(11-12-20 04:38 /
I am so looking forward to seeing the rest of this beautiful creation! I hope it is a boy, I love his expression. Amazing work!
xelacosplay(11-12-20 03:22 /
Sooooo cute, I really hope he's in my price range
sahoma(11-12-20 01:23 /
boy?? :D
it looks like a boy! yay <3 and he seems super pretty!
please tell me he does not only come in white skin, I do not like white skin :(
Endor(11-12-20 01:04 /
Sleepy Sprite
Please let him come in Normal Skin too. Can't wait to see the rest of him.
lunaria1(11-12-19 17:53 /
... can't wait to see more of this sprite.
I love already the combinations of colours, and that serene expression... !!!