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[NYCC Special] Alex – Warrior Lady
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* Ordering period : From Oct. 13th. to Nov. 2nd.2011.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, plz click the Related Product 'Removing seam and sanding' on the bottom of page.

N07 nighthag
jinsei88(14-11-29 04:52 /
I would really love to own a wonderful doll like this one. Please release her once more!
Grendel(12-03-23 14:07 /
STill trying....
How about Alex's head on the new super gem body!  :(
Grendel(11-11-03 11:19 /
I couldn't afford her and I know she would have been perfect - I am worried about Phonolus, I don't know what he'll be like!  I can only hope that another girl will come along, thou, I've never really liked the Soom girls until Alex and the aviatrix.  Maybe Alex in March with Amber's Hooves?
ladyofthefae(11-10-14 11:32 /
I love her! Have to have her! She's amazing!!! SOOM!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! <3
archie(11-10-14 01:13 /
so pretty
wish i had the money for her. she'd fit my charactor prefectly
Grendel(11-10-13 11:11 /
I can just see her with an additional short cape and hood, and a sparkly dove-gray horse behind her.
Grendel(11-10-13 11:02 /
Oh, this is exactly what I asked for in my comments - I like her!  but I have fallen for another (Oh, lovely tiger boy - Phonolus!) I am passing on both the Aviatrix and this girl, though I love them both!  Phonolus is Sooo expensive & I am buying the extra body for my Anubus head.  Sorrrryyy.  Alex needs a sword slung across her back!  OOOOh - I may have to get her too.......  Blessings on the artist & the clothing designer!
azraelita(11-10-12 21:22 /
White skin
I love Elves!
She has lovely face and ears, I hope she'll be in white skin too!
Beatrix(11-10-12 11:02 /
Ok so. . .Shes perfect, and her name is Alex, my name is Alex :D.
carmen(11-10-12 03:01 /
Its very prety, please i need her in grey skin, i love drows.
britt7399(11-10-12 02:48 /
Once again you have given us another beautiful girl! I think I am falling in love ;)...those ears are so cute!!!! ♥
anchixdpx(11-10-11 23:48 /
Oh my goodness she's beatuiful. And those ears! I can't wait to see more pictures!!!!
SkylaRose(11-10-11 18:22 /
Omg! She is so beautiful! And those ears are adorable! I can't wait to see more pictures X3