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Galena-Sweet witch
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1st. order 50 dolls


Release date : Jun. 8th. 2011. 10:00 AM (KOREAN STANDARD TIME)


Skin type : Normal


* Including:

+ Galena Human type (Super gem female)

+ Heel parts

+ Owner's guide

+ Certificate of authenticity


* Option:

+ Face up (LE)

+ Body brushing (LE)

+ Eyes (CL19-14mm)


* Availability : This item will be shipped after 30~50 working days from the day you get confirmed your payment.

(If there is any problem with manufacturing process, the shipping will be delay without any notification.)


The doll pictured is a sample. Please understand the actual Face up and Body brushing may vary the color and brush touch.

Frequent movement of a ball jointed doll can rub or damage the ‘body brushing’.

’Removing the seam’ is not included to ‘Body Painting’ option.

* Model design & sculpted by : sOom workshop

* Make up : sOom styling team

kateness(11-06-11 03:41 /
<3 <3 <3
Oh GOD I must have her. I'm surprised by the lack of excitement around her rerelease! My wallet will hate me forever but I just might have to splurge on this one. I wanted her in WS for a different character for the longest time, but could never find on in the mp, but seeing her in NS, I know who she has to be. Thank you Soom for this amazing beautiful girl!
karleecakes(11-06-08 00:40 /
So Tempting
She looks so beautiful, and so tempting! I absolutely love the outfit so far. I'm excited for her release!
bandit1971(11-06-07 12:09 /
Oh SOOM you kill me. I was just thinking about how I should find a way to acquire her in CW the other day, and then you go and toss out THIS lovely thing.
Pity I have no money for her.
Such a pity though. She is lovely... Maybe I'll try and catch her on her next go around (if you end up doing that) or finding her on the MP on DoA later...

I wonder who you'll release next? I think the tiny gem's don't get NEARLY enough love. So many SDs, and almost no YOs....