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Aloa & Sov - Wood Centaurs
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* Ordering period : From May. 2nd. to May. 25th.2011.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, plz click the Related Product 'Removing seam and sanding' on the bottom of page.

RedOrchard(12-04-27 13:45 /
Please Make More!!!!
Oh, please please please, I want one of these little cuties SO BADLY!! Please open them back up for order again. I missed them the first time!!! Please!
DragonMaster(11-05-21 19:22 /
Sweet lil' things...
Dear all, why won't you release a female centaur? These sweeties need a Mom, I guess... ^_^ I've already ordered one and I wanna more centauroids. Among all the bjd-centaurs I've ever seen yours really are the best. You created Epidos - pleeeease, pleeease, think about centauroid woman =)))
chocobikies(11-05-17 20:39 /
so cute XD
I'm so glad you release some more centaur cuties
I was new BJD's and never did get the chance to get pyrol/minette/epidos - i'm so happy ou released another - fill your centauroid section already!

i want an epidos centaur body! (make another special with the other horse body *___*)
mukusan(11-05-15 02:30 /
Love the doll with lots of imagination~ Well done …
My first doll.. hook up with Soom immediately~ amazing doll, half human half animal... what a super Wood Centaurs running in the Green forest~ Love it~!
DireWood(11-05-09 09:06 /
Elf ears! Modify Delete 
I love this beautiful boy but I really want a human body with the elf ears! Please make this come true Soom!!!!!
kirika20(11-05-06 04:29 /
human body please! Modify Delete 
SOOM please release a human option for this beautiful boy, his face is perfect! I want him so much but as a human, please, please, please!!! I beg you!! *___*
Mimi(11-05-04 16:44 /
Human body..? Modify Delete 
I really love these dolls especially the green skin, but I really hope you would add a human body besides the centaur, PLEASE ^___^ ?
Mizuno(11-05-04 12:34 /
Really want the exact head on human body Modify Delete 
As many of us would love to get the exact mold with ears on a human body. The elf ears are a great selling point for us who love elves. Please make are wishes come true.
EilonwyG(11-05-04 02:28 /
A Little Bummed Modify Delete 
I so love these guys, their faces, their eyes, their awesome ears, but as much as I love the idea of a centaur, I really would have rathered a human option.  I would have loved the green one with a human body so badly.  I expected that like the Minette and Pyrols there would have been a human option and as I love these so much more than the unicentas, I'm bummed there's not that option.  Sadly, that means I won't be ordering one.
myers551(11-05-04 02:18 /
Human option Modify Delete 
Dearest Soom, please offer the green skin and elf ears when the human option is released.  I just love these little guys so much and will be crushed if I cannot get the green skin/ears with the human body.  Thank you in advance!
ayperi(11-05-03 23:44 /
ugh ...can't resist ; ;
Ugh, despite that I have two other dolls I just paid off, I went and ordered this ><;; This is too cute. Darn you, lol, I already have so many of your lovely teenie dolls. The face is adorable and I'm glad to just get the centaur as I have too many human parts already ^^;
Megan(11-05-03 07:16 /
I love them! Modify Delete 
Aloa will be a perfect friend for my Unicenta Pyrol.  :-)  I'm just waiting for the outfit!
mizuno(11-05-03 04:52 /
>_> people need to find the Q&A Board than t… Modify Delete 
to Rabiruchi
I'll answer because you might NOT know. There is enough pics on here, what else do you need pics of?

Is it a centaur body+one head only? YES

Is there anything else included? NOTHING (option of blushing or face-up is up to the buyer.

Is it Yo-SD? Teenie Gem are YO-SD's
What is it size? Is it smaller than usual dolls (like Epidos is)?

I just can't undestand a thing... please Soom, MORE INFORMATION.

USE the Q&A section for more info and look up DOA Den of Angles there is tones of information regarding them as to people buying the other ones. They have release Pyrol and Minette. They're the MD November dolls.
pendrith(11-05-03 04:48 /
:( Modify Delete 
I looove the little green guy Sov. But I'd only be interested in a human one, I was hoping that human parts might at least be an option or extra parts. Well done on the head sculpts, but centaurs aren't for me.
Rabiruchi(11-05-03 04:07 /
I'm quite disappointed with the lack of pics and mainly INFORMATION.
Is it a centaur body+one head only?
Is there anything else included?
Is it Yo-SD?
What is it size? Is it smaller than usual dolls (like Epidos is)?

I just can't undestand a thing... please Soom, MORE INFORMATION.

kuren(11-05-03 01:28 /
Both of these are lovely, and I adore the headsculpt! But I have to agree with some of the others in wishing there was a human body option for them, especially that lovely green one!
mizuno(11-05-02 23:54 /
aww Me want Modify Delete 
I do hope you'll offer a human body as an option. So hoping for a human version of him T_T. He's a really awesome mold.

You guys did an awesome job on them. Please offer a human body option, please
PeggyBoo(11-05-02 21:30 /
When will his clothes appear? I really want it *O*
misatochels(11-05-02 18:56 /
Thanks, Soom!
Dear soom,
Thanks again for this beauty, he is so beautiful, and the skin color too >////<, I only hope you please offer the human option as well, and not only the centaur, please that would be wonderful for those of us, that do not like so much the fantasy parts. THANKS AGAIN for hearing always to your customers, that makes you the number one for us! ^___^
PeggyBoo(11-05-01 21:54 /
So cute! *_* I like his skin color *_* Want more pictures! And I want to know the price Т_Т
misatochels(11-05-01 19:14 /
OMG, >////////////<
Oh! so cute and beautiful, please do not release only 50 of them, please, please!! I would really like get them.
Thank you so much for this new beauty!
OMG, >////////////<
Sakhmet(11-05-01 16:43 /
Those eyes...<3 Modify Delete 
As silly as it is, I'm loving the eyes shown on this little one.  Are they limited, or am I just not recognizing them from the current lineup of Soom eyes?

Either way, very cute face on this one Soom.  And I'm hoping that's some fantasy colored resin I spy, the 'odd' colors just make the dolls that much more striking.
chessapphire1214(11-05-01 16:35 /
Adorable Modify Delete 
This little guy looks like such a cutie^^ I just hope SOOM comes out with an MSD centaur or a centaur with a more realistic body than the current tiny. And a TALLER centaur body! Horse legs aren't shorter than human legs, so why are the centaurs aways shorter??
Anyways excited to see more pics of this guy :)
hmmm(11-05-01 16:22 /
msd theory Modify Delete 
i think they'll be msd, i have alot of soom yo sized dolls and none of them have a elbow peanut as big as whats on this doll
beanyxoxo(11-05-01 16:05 /
So cute..but
He looks so cute but i wish they werent special order : (
~cloud(11-05-01 08:55 /
Extras? Modify Delete 
I do hope you have some extras with these centaurs, if you are going to do the same as last time and sell a human version.. I found the last lot dissapointing for price. For almost the same cost of getting a human minette as just body and a head, i can get a dolomi with extra head, tail, feet and horns! The sculpt here is lovely ofcourse! But i do hope the price isnt as high if you dont get any extras.....
camael(11-04-30 22:53 /
sooo cute Modify Delete 
wooooooooo, it's absolutely cute. i can't wait to see more!!!!!!
Sywen(11-04-30 21:47 /
I lovely Modify Delete 
Omg i wanna to see soooo much picture i really love
Brighteyes(11-04-30 19:03 /
Amazing! *________*
Dear Soom,
you are always working so hard to keep us happy, THANK YOU! i can not wait to see more, i really hope you are not going to sell only 50 of this one, please, it would be very sad to lose him/her

For those who think that they are MSDs,I am pretty sure, that he/she is a Teenie gem, you can see it in her/his arms, they are too short for a MSD, and if you look to his/her hands, you will see, they are the same like of my little Taco^^. I do not know if this is green color, but it would be great to have the choice of this color skin too, together with white skin^^. So beautiful!! *_________*
nekopoychan(11-04-30 17:06 /
So cute Modify Delete 
Wow !! So cute >///<
Can't wait to see Centaurs body.
Does he is MSD size ?
Is it Special Order ??? Not remaining story ??
jenkat(11-04-30 15:52 /
Minty Centaur? Modify Delete 
Ooo...gorgeous! Could that possibly be Taco's perfect pale mint green resin I see, or is this a new shade of green resin. I've been waiting for more little centaurs, and that's one cutie of a face sculpt.
Rabiruchi(11-04-30 15:38 /
OMG Modify Delete 
SO cute I can't even beare T_T
Ahrun(11-04-30 14:53 /
WHAAT Modify Delete 
When is he being released?! I think I may need to bring this little one home @__@ That face! <3

Soom, I love you.
Leann(11-04-30 13:52 /
Green Resin Fan Modify Delete 
Dear Soom Doll,

This little guy is absolutely amazing looking, I love it and the cloth looks so nice too ^__^ but my favorite part is that the resign has that greenish to it,its sooooo lovely and just perfect. I really hope you guys will bring out a super gem that has this kind of resin too, because its just so unique and amazing. That doesn't mean I don't like this centaurs baby, they are as special as all the dolls you guys bring out.

Thanks soooo much for the hard work, love you guys
Zelinas(11-04-30 10:05 /
Agrees... Modify Delete 
Looks amazing so far! Really happy to see different things and colors. I am looking forward to/hoping to see some amazing different color resins in the Super Gem sizes as well. Either way, your dolls are beautiful!
Ravenlunaloo(11-04-30 08:19 /
Green resin o.O Modify Delete 
I love the green skin tone! I don't buy the small dolls but that is so cool of a skin color idea! I hope to see more of these cool color ideas on the bigger dolls too! I hope these cute little gutsfind great homes!
Falcon(11-04-30 06:46 /
More information? Modify Delete 
heyy! I'd really appreciate some more information on these centaurs! like... are you only going to sell 50? like the other special orders. I am totally confused with these ones as you haven't stated what you are doing with them. That means I cannot plan at all >.<

The promo picture looks beautiful though....
Rishim(11-04-30 06:05 /
Special Order? :( Modify Delete 
Not thrilled they are special order..they are gonna sell out so fast..and if they are an MSD I'm gonna cry forever.

Still, they are adorable and I really hope you will release some standard edition centaurs soon!
Dragonmagic(11-04-30 03:52 /
Oh, he looks amazing. Can't wait to see the other one and more pics. So happy you're doing more centaurs. :)
Shadowchan(11-04-30 03:09 /
Release the bodies ! Modify Delete 
I have heads galore at home that need centaur bodies from teenies, gems, and super gems!  release the bodies, not more heads!
Jaideen(11-04-30 00:29 /
Give us a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Modify Delete 
Come on, slow down the doll releases!  You're killing some of us with the rapid release of a doll every three weeks it seems.  While you guys at Soom may be zillionairs the rest of us are working folks and your stomping our wallets into the dirt here.  Really cute doll but right after the male fairy?  I'm not alone in the admiring but saying no can afford.
fransyung(11-04-29 23:40 /
Special Orders? XD Modify Delete 
Argh... Why special order!!! ^^ Why not make them MDs?! OMG this one looks so cute! *^^* I'm dying dying!!
sywen(11-04-29 23:19 /
i love !!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna to buy!!!!
ifuturelist(11-04-29 21:03 /
o.o Modify Delete 
Now he is cute.
Neffy(11-04-29 20:41 /
CUTE! Modify Delete 
AWwww so adorable! So cute cute cute!
SakuraLH13(11-04-29 20:06 /
Noooooo!!!! Modify Delete 
Noooo!!! Please Soom don't do that! Not just after Trachy and Lami! I am sad I missed Pyrol and this little one is just the cutest centaur ever! We would look so cute with Trachy! Oh now I am in the need of money!

He seems to be green resin! I wonder about the other one... WS maybe? Anyway good job with the resin colours! Please release the photos soon!
Akela(11-04-29 19:58 /
Really? Modify Delete 
Why are they in Special Order? Are they not the new dolls? o_O
Brighteyes(11-04-29 19:51 /
OMG!!! *___________*
OMG, this is so beautiful....., i can not  wait to see more.....OMG OMG OMG ***___________***, as always you are the best soom!!!