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Auber - Storm Sprite
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* Ordering period : From Apr.29th. To May.16th.2011.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, plz click the Related Product 'Removing seam and sanding' on the bottom of page.
* Please understand that it is not possible to provide 'Removing Seam Service' for transperent resin,dark resin-bronze,grey,brown tan,etc

chocobikies(13-09-26 21:06 /
Free choice event!
I really love his face and hope that u do a free choice event with the fairies one day. Normal or bronze skin would look beautiful on auber
evildemoncat(11-05-06 17:47 /
Absolutely amazing!!
He's so pretty! He's really the only SOOM that has SCREAMED, besides Ender but I couldn't afford him, to me. ^.^

chessapphire1214(11-05-02 14:45 /
Next time . . . Modify Delete 
Can't afford this time around, but please come out with more male faeries in the future! Maybe a lava faery :D Or a bone sprite, like a faery of the underworld.
Sonia(11-05-01 12:55 /
<3 Modify Delete 
He is absolutely gorgeous. I hope he's not the last male faery!
calliope13(11-04-30 04:21 /
You have outdone yourselves
I never thought I would see a male fairy. He is wonderful and so masculine. Thank you for offering skin tone choice. Can't wait to see the next creation. Hopefully there will be a fire female in the future (large bust I hope).
Vivianzwj(11-04-29 12:05 /
So expensive Modify Delete 
He's so expensive..........Grey skin should plus $63......He's so small.....
All set will be $600+...I could buy 65CM+ dolls by this price.....
Silver(11-04-29 09:24 /
WAAANT Modify Delete 
But waitaminute...he is up for sale but no other photos?  I need more photos to make a decision....but I am definitely considering him!  The idea of an itty-bitty man faerie is making my head explode.
nschroed(11-04-29 06:23 /
Auber is just awesome! Modify Delete 
I think I must have him!
Zetahadrian(11-04-28 23:12 /
OMG!!! O_O
Soom, you have just given us a whole new definition of faeries!! My determination for staying away from this line has been shaken!! Save me!!!!!!!!!
Sheleeta(11-04-28 14:47 /
Amazing Male Faerie!
I'm am getting him as soon as he's available. I never thought to see a male faerie... I think he's going to be my birthday present to myself... He is an absolute stunner.
Ginko(11-04-28 05:41 /
Oooh my.
I didn't ever plan on getting one of these little guys... But after seeing how gorgeous he is... Well my wallet is going to be mad at me for quite some time. Well done! <3 I can't wait to see more of the pictures of him.
mermaidjewel(11-04-28 01:24 /
Wow Soom, he's absolutely amazing and I too love the fact that he has a more mature, masculine look - please, please make more of these, as I'm sure they will be very popular!

PS - I know it's not strictly a fairy in the winged sense but a merman in this doll range would be amazing (I live in hope!)

Well done again Soom!
shayxue(11-04-28 00:01 /
Appearance is very handsome, this design has sprouting point oh ~ ~ Expect full pic.but the expectations of a more handsome ~ ~ ~!!
Chibihaku(11-04-27 16:13 /
Does the Fair Folk justice. Modify Delete 
As one who hates what Disney did to the concept of Faerie, I must say I'm very pleased to see a male, strong-looking fae. He's really beautiful and represents the historic power that the Fair Folk had. ^_^ Great work, Soom!
namine(11-04-27 12:22 /
OMFG Modify Delete 
Rinse(11-04-27 09:25 /
Soom, just as I was holding out for a faery (after sadly saying no to the others), you release one when I am in the perfect mood to put one on my shopping list. I have to say, I'm so glad you seem to have created a manly male (for a fairy), and cannot wait to see the rest of this boy, so please put up full body clothes-less shots ASAP! along with measurements <3
myers551(11-04-27 08:56 /
Love the sculpt Modify Delete 
Oh, how I wish this head was for a Super Gem.
aprillee(11-04-27 08:35 /
SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Modify Delete 
He is lovely!  Very magical!  Soom designs and makes the most amazing dolls!!!
Lucidity(11-04-27 06:10 /
He is... Modify Delete 
.... Faery Divine!!! 
Love his face, his wings and l@@k at those arms!
YOU are fabulous dollmakers SOOM :)
Looking forward to more pictures!
ravenlunaloo(11-04-27 04:11 /
I love the skin tone Modify Delete 
I normally don't buy small dolls because I like the supergems but he is very gorgeous! I am a fan of the "not human" looking skin tones like the purple and the grey. I can't wait to see if you do anymore of those funky colors. He's an awesome looking male sculpt too! Great job!
teja(11-04-27 03:35 /
wow Modify Delete 
Oh wow Soom, you are getting more and more creative! I have never even thought that you would release a mail fairy! :)He looks wonderful. love his color! :) You always are so creative. lovely work!
shadiraleara(11-04-27 01:56 /
wolf whistle
ooh i would totally get him!! put him in my garden to attract all the girl faeries, and the boy faeries too
tygati(11-04-27 00:26 /
Oh my goodness, he's gorgeous. I don't normally collect small dolls, but for him, I might need to make an exception.
Stormlight(11-04-27 00:23 /
Amazing! Modify Delete 
Oh, wow, he is AMAZING!  1/6 sized MALE dolls are so rare, and this guy is an elfy faery to boot?  He's perfect! I'll definitely be trying to get my hands on one of these.  :)
chessapphire(11-04-27 00:14 /
Incredible job! Modify Delete 
Just wow--this little guy is amazing!! If I didn't already have two dolls on layaway . . . Ooh, I want him so bad! He is so perfect for the faery line, I think you guys are doing a great job :) I love the dark tone to contrast the bright girl faeries!
Jaideen(11-04-27 00:12 /
He's fantastic!! Modify Delete 
Ignore the haters.  This guy is cute as a field of daiseys.
Scykyill(11-04-26 23:12 /
He is so gorgeous! He would make a great friend for my Haidi. ;D
I hope I will be able to bring him home.

Thank you for making a male faery, Soom!
anzha(11-04-26 22:41 /
SO HAPPY! Modify Delete 
You actually made the boy fairy from the letter I sent! He looks wonderful and fierce and manly, just like I always wanted! Oh my God, I'm so so so happy XD XD XD

Thank you Soom!!
Mirren(11-04-26 20:48 /
Gorgeous Sprite Modify Delete 
What a beautiful sculpt. I love his colour too, and his gorgeous wings.
fransyung(11-04-26 20:43 /
Awww TAT Modify Delete 
He's gorgeous, VERY manly... But he's small!!! TAT I wish you would make these in bigger size. Super gem, maybe? I miss your Super Gems. ^^;
Lila(11-04-26 20:38 /
.. Modify Delete 
I said that this "boy" isn't good and you delete my comment? No good, dear Soom.
Please come back, gorgeous 2009 year models.. They was interesting, stunning... But what we have now? BORING!!!
lunaria1(11-04-26 19:35 /
wonderful surprise!
I didn't expect to see a faery, less said a male faery... so male and so gorgeous!
the outfit look particularly stunning in the upper part.
I just hope, sorry to say, he doesn't take part in some kind of "price increasing policy" as the other faeries seemed to...
Hope to be able and willing to take home this little but gorgeous beauty!
mah(11-04-26 18:57 /
something isnt quite right.. Modify Delete 
dear soom, i think u've changed your sculptor because lately all ur molds are getting soo plain and soo common, as things already seen.
your last best work was the shoshon, but after him, everything u did  its a big falldown.
please change back at old style that was a LOT better D:
Doyle(11-04-26 18:46 /
Fairie~ Modify Delete 
He's probably the same general size as the other fairies, which is eh... SMALL. xd
Neffy(11-04-26 18:46 /
Gorgeous! Modify Delete 
Aww he looks amazing! Love everything about him!
nekopoychan(11-04-26 18:39 /
He look gorgeous ^^b
If he super gem, I gonna die XD
(elf ear, grey skin, handsome face gonna kill me lol)
Hope next MD will gorgeous like this too !! ^^