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Vesuvia - Harem Dancer
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: Soom
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Vesuvia – Harem Dancer

-Special Order-



1st. order 50 dolls


Release date : Apr. 20th. 2011. 10:00 AM (KOREAN STANDARD TIME)


Skin type : Normal


* Including:

+ Vesuvia Human type

+ Heel parts

+ Owner's guide

+ Certificate of authenticity


* Option:

+ Face up

+ Body brushing

+ Eyes


* Availability: This item will be shipped after 30~50 working days from the day you get confirmed your payment.

(If there is any problem with manufacturing process, the shipping will be delay without any notification.)


The doll pictured is a sample. Please understand the actual Face up and Body brushing may vary the color and brush touch.

Frequent movement of a ball jointed doll can rub or damage the ‘body brushing’.

’Removing the seam’ is not included to ‘Body Painting’ option.

Someone(11-04-26 22:55 /
Whiner babies Modify Delete 
Whoo a Vesuvia, in all honesty I didn't really want her to come out due to the fact to many people whined 'Oh, this isn't Vesuvia!' Well, least she's out, maybe all the drama will calm down but seriously, alot of the complainers are flippin' brats, SPOILED ones too, i doubt any of them was SOOM's boss, so what the heck? *shakes head*

In any case SOOM, wonderful job as always.
krikitn(11-04-22 02:02 /
W00t! Modify Delete 
Congrats to all those that got her! I've been waiting and wishing for her to come out in SO.
Too bad i missed out! So glad there are going to be more of these girls. Hopefully i'll be able to snag one the next go around :3

Wonderful job, Soom. Please give a white skin option next time!

Rosaline(11-04-21 16:08 /
Dodged a bullet there!
For my wallet's sake, I am glad that she sold out as quickly as she did but I just adore her! Vesuvia is beautiful, I think, in any skin tone given to her.

I can't wait for the next round of 50 for her, hopefully there is a second batch!, and have the money to take this beautiful girl home.

Thanks for re-releasing a beautiful limited into NS SOOM. One day, she will be in my collection.
tallenvyaere(11-04-21 06:52 /
Idiot Modify Delete 
Angelica: You my dear are a brat. Sorry, but true. I absolutely adore Vesuvia, but this release was seriously tainted for me due to the bitching in Every. Single. Recent. SO. Release. I mean, FFS there was practically a hate war in the Chalco SO page because ZOMG he wasn't Vesuvia! :O I'm sorry, but what I said does not ruin the fun in doll collecting, being spoiled brats and harassing a company that DID NOT have to release this doll however DOES ruin the fun in doll collecting. Thank you ever so much for proving my point with your comment. Makes my day that someone responds to my post about prople acting like children by acting exactly so. :)

Doraemon: Thank you.
brenda(11-04-21 05:50 /
vesuvia Modify Delete 
Thank thank you for bringing her out I have the original grey skin one and was one off the lucky ones to get this one as well.
love her cant wait to get her.
thank you soom
Cloudedmind(11-04-21 03:16 /
More please? Modify Delete 
Now here's to hoping we can get another Vesuvia SO and fast, considering how quickly she sold out. ^_^
ikaru(11-04-20 10:21 /
can we see Chrom or Epidos next time?
I got her in the cart only to get the "sorry no more stock" pop up at checkout, really sad....+1
Naranja(11-04-20 10:16 /
Me too Sakhmet
Sakhmet(11-04-20 10:11 /
...jeez, she was only up for like a minute.  I got her in the cart only to get the "sorry no more stock" pop up at checkout.  Sad day for me.
Doraemon(11-04-20 10:08 /
hmm. . . Modify Delete 
I think it's lovely of soom to release her, but I really hope that the people who were constantly ranting and being aggressive with Soom don't think that their aggression and rude persistence were what brought her to be released. 

In all honesty, I assume that it was more because people politely requested that Soom release her rather than the people who were angry and saying that the dolls weren't as good as Vesuvia on the other Special Order threads.

@Angelica-- I think that the reason they are feeling negative started with people who were constantly complaining on other SO releases that it should have been Vesuvia instead in very rude wording.  That negativity began with the Vesuvia fans who were angry, not because of people who were getting irritable from it.  So calling them "DOUCHEBAGS" just seems immature to the point of proving them right.
Angelica(11-04-20 09:48 /
OMG.....OMG!!!!!! Modify Delete 
I'm so freaking happy I could die!!!!!!!!!


On a sidenote, to the negative people out there(tallenvyaere and hadenough) you guys are mean spirited and spoil the fun in doll collecting by posting such comments.  In short, you guys are DOUCHEBAGS!!!
UU(11-04-20 09:46 /
... Modify Delete 

Why don't you just write you will ship her after 60 days
chipr(11-04-20 09:29 /
I know it was bothersome to have people yearning for a different doll in other doll threads, however, it doesn't look much better to complain in Vesuvia's thread here, either. Vesuvia has always been the "one that got away" for many doll owners, and it was rumored near the beginning that the dismal sales of the original Vesuvia--followed by the botched one-offs for that one contest--might prevent Soom from giving her another go. I don't agree with complaining in other doll threads, but complaining about complaining in their thread is two wrongs. I appreciate Soom going to bat again for Vesuvia, even when it seemed like she was a failure in the beginning.
hadenough(11-04-20 07:38 /
well... Modify Delete 
..i personally hope the idiots that have been complaining miss out..just sayin...It'll be great to see this one come and go drama will hopefully leave the other doll releases be now
tallenvyaere(11-04-19 18:53 /
Thank Fracking God Modify Delete 
Now everyone can finally shut the hell up about Vesuvia and stop being whiny little children! My goodness... anyone who looked at you guys would think that you're all 3 years old!!!!
FYnM(11-04-19 13:36 /
Still in love...
Yes yes yes. *____* I made the stupid mistake of not getting her so long ago and have been regretting it ever since. I don't care what color she is, she's beautiful no matter what. Thank you so much Soom! You've given us the chance for 50 more dreams to come true!
Kateness(11-04-19 04:33 /
Ha.... Modify Delete 
She.... she.... she's a Harem Dancer! AHAHAHAaahaaa.... That's, that's just WHOREIBLE. I'm.... I'm going to stop making puns now. I'm not making fun of her, I just thought it was a little silly for Soom to give her that name..... Perhaps they mistranslated something into harem, I dunno...

Okay so yeah, all y'alls who wanted her so badly and made a fuss about it, you can be happy! However, I saw at least one person say that this shows that persistence pays off, which implies that bitching and whining enough is what made this happen. I think that Soom had plans to release her after Chalco BEFORE everybody complained, I really highly doubt they're releasing her now because of complaints, but hey, I could be wrong. I just doubt it is all.

Luckily I don't personally like Vesuvia very much so I guess that's one less down for the competition! ~_^

But I do hope that everyone who gets her loves her as much as they hope, and I AM curious to see the rest of the pics, very curious indeed!
Phew(11-04-19 01:31 /
Thank. God. Modify Delete 
Thank god she's released so now all of you can shut up and SOOM comment boxes can go back to normal.

Personally I'm not a fan of Vesuvia and seeing her in NS doesn't do it at all for me.

Also, I do wish SOOM you'd show the faces of the dolls, since the limited ones sell out before you can even get the full pictures up.
Carina(11-04-18 23:46 /
The same look Modify Delete 
The same look like Iple House's Carina... very dissapointed.
Shadowchan(11-04-18 23:41 /
Freaking finally :l Modify Delete 
Oh boy, Vesuvia's out :3
I'm loving the Gypsy outfit, but I'm actually quite curious if that material will hold up. seems kinda flimsy ><  crinoline is a bad choice :c 
Doll-wise.. I want the long nails like Cuprit and the old Vesuvia. THAT makes the cake with your dolls, the other hands look too manly and not girly :c like they all bite their nails.

..Now which one will you guys complain for next? I hope it wont be as frivolous as with whining about them on her page. Ladies need to grow up :c
Bix? Uyoo? the bride/groom couple from WAY back?
Tracy G.(11-04-18 22:34 /
Exquisite Exotic Beauty Modify Delete 
I am impressed Soom!!
Thank you very much for releasing the Ultimate Fan Favourite!
I hope to be one of the lucky ones to own her!
She will definitely sell like hot cakes!

**BOOOO TO ALL THE HATERS OUT THERE! Goes to show you persistence pays my friends!!**
Sune(11-04-18 21:51 /
Thanks Soom Modify Delete 
I'm not going to buy her, but finally the Vesuvia dispute will end (I hope xD).
Ivanka(11-04-18 20:04 /
Most beautiful Goddess!! Modify Delete 
I am speechless! SOOM you have done amazing!
All the writing to you asking for Vesuvia pays off!
We finally have doll of our dreams!
So never give up and when you ask SOOM you shall receive!
SOOM you are the NO.1 and excellent doll company among all others!
Lidya(11-04-18 19:52 /
Dear Soom,

Thanks a million for listening to us Vesuvia fans!!

She is very beautiful and you have done the most amazing job on

She is gorgeous in normal skin and I love everything about her!!!

Aeda(11-04-18 18:44 /
I think she will be very beatiful (off-top: I want her in tan and white skin too))))
HerrZog(11-04-18 18:32 /
Great look! Hope sometimes I'll get her in tan or white skin =)