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[MD/APR] Trachy & Lami - Raucar of Anger
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: Soom
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* Ordering period : From Apr. 8th. to Apr. 26th.2011.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, plz click the Related Product 'Removing seam and sanding' on the bottom of page.
* Please understand that it is not possible to provide 'Removing Seam Service' for Brick red resin.

xelacosplay(11-11-29 03:30 /
<3 <3 <3 but...
I love these soo much but I think you should have also used goat feet
fiore(11-09-15 14:47 /
Love these guys so much!
These are my favorite bjd'S in my collection! I adore everything about these guys, from there open mouth features, to there little prince like outfits! The whole image concept fits so nice. I hope to see more cuties like them in future! Thank you,SOOM!<3
Roxyk630(11-07-20 00:20 /
I love them!
I'm so sad I couldn't get Trachy. :(
mukusan(11-05-15 16:11 /
Miss out!! :I
I really love the gorgeous red!!! I simply miss out~~ :****<
Noonetells(11-04-27 05:39 /
I WANT! Modify Delete 
God I LOVE his surprised face! It is just to perfect. I WANT IT SO BAD!!!! I've been saving and scrimping and I am still a little short T.T I'm so sad I can't get him :( PLEASE SOOM do another face like this soon!!!
Raziel(11-04-25 06:50 /
Is it here yet? Modify Delete 
But it doesn't say how long it takes to ship and receive *sadface*

First doll..very excited. ^^
Zelinas(11-04-23 13:19 /
Can't believe it... Modify Delete 
Well, I am definately eating my own words now... When the teaser pic was released of these two I said I was safe this month, that I didn't want them... but now, it turns out that I will be getting BOTH of them! O.O When the full pics came out I just fell in love with their little faces... Can't wait to see them in person! ^-^
Tee(11-04-12 03:41 /
Adorable! Modify Delete 
The surprised face made me squeal inside. x3 Very sweet. The red resin is awesome; great to see some unusual colors again!
freefall55899(11-04-12 03:27 /
so cute!!!!!!!!
I Just ordered trachy hes so adorable i cant wait until i see him.cant wait to see the rest of the collections
kokian(11-04-11 10:02 /

Harumi(11-04-09 08:49 /
Surprised Modify Delete 
I cannot resist that surprise head.. Its tooo ADORABLE! <3
Jaideen(11-04-09 01:00 /
Stunning! Modify Delete 
They are so cute it's stupid!  I love them, can't afford them but I love them!!
AnnoDomini(11-04-09 00:00 /
They're cute tails and faces XD Modify Delete 
I love their story Soom! I think it's so creative
and cute! It also gives them a lot more dimension
and depth and kinda makes me want them more!

That surprised face is to die for! I love their
little teeth and the tongue! And their tails..I just
want them!!!
Kirsty(11-04-08 23:02 /
<3 <3 <3 Modify Delete 
OMG! I love them <3 They are amazing! I adore their lil outfits ^^ And they have my new fav sculpt! finally! A face that pulls my heart more then glot and glati XD

BUT! sorry to be a both heads have pointy ears?
hayde(11-04-08 13:28 /
OH GOD. Modify Delete 
I have never liked a tiny doll in my life, and now I want that glorious little red pepper of a doll! Seriously! I think this is one of my favourites in a long time! I'm gonna have to watch out now!

 Please release some bigger red Gem or Super Gem sized dolls! I've never seen a Gem monthly yet! That would be neat!

 THANK YOU SO MUCH for the beautiful ruby resin! I am so excited I can barely contain myself!
Dragonmagic(11-04-08 12:27 /
Love them <3
So cute. I love the pouty little faces. That alone makes me fall head over heals for them. Love the slit eyes and the double horns. The red resin looks amazing, love how deep and vibrant it is. Can't wait to see more pics of these two, another amazing sculpt. :)
luvenstyr(11-04-07 14:03 /
can't wait
when are they coming out? it should be today right? can't wait!!
Kati(11-04-07 05:55 /
white skin Modify Delete 
Please please let one of them be white skin!! They are adorable!
Holly(11-04-07 05:20 /
Cute! Modify Delete 
Awwww baby Tieflings! How adorable!!! They look to sweet to be anger...
yuu(11-04-07 03:18 /
PERFECT Modify Delete 

im so geting him
Yamila(11-04-06 23:51 /
i love Lami!!! Modify Delete 
i hope Lami have NS ^^ she is awesome :D
PandaQueen(11-04-06 22:59 /
Well Done!
Well done soom, im absolutely thrilled that your moving into more fantasy colored resins. Beautiful work i cant wait to see them when their released! Bravo!
Marina(11-04-06 21:06 /
Nice colors Modify Delete 
They are so cute! But I wish the one with normal skin was brown tan instead...
fransyung(11-04-06 20:44 /
Is that a shoe? XDDDD They look so cute! Devilishly cute! You know I'm saving for your teenies! Thank GOD I am! XDDDD
Fenatina(11-04-06 19:53 /
They're so cute! Can't wait to see more pics! : )
JenKat(11-04-06 19:00 /
Gorgeous Red!
Wow, what a gorgeous red! Cute little boyish face sculpt there on the fair one too, and love those slitted pupils on the eyes! Looking forward to seeing more of these 2.
Kateness(11-04-06 14:48 /
Oh! Modify Delete 
I love the double-horns! Little devils, or imps, whatever you prefer. I do wonder Lami (the light one? I am assuming the light one is Lami, I could be totally wrong) is NS or WS, it's hard to tell with the blushing and that red guy next to him! ~_^ Also congrats on making a less-generic face with time, I know a lot of people were kind of bugged by that.... Personally I just like to see diversity within a company. ^_^ Though they don't call out to my heart, I can't wait for more pics!
Tygati(11-04-06 14:35 /
Colors! Modify Delete 
What a beautiful red. I'm so excited to see Soom doing fun colors again. Can't wait to see more pictures.
Shuga Youko(11-04-06 14:31 /
OMG! O__O Modify Delete 
The red one is TOTALLY AWESOME! Perfect for my character... can't believe it! O___O The bad thing is that I don't have money to order one T____T I miss him from the bottom of my heart T____T