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[MD/MAR] Amphibel - Vala of Light
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: Soom
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* Ordering period : From Mar.14th. to Mar.31st.2011.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, plz click the Related Product 'Removing seam and sanding' on the bottom of page.

Me and me(11-03-19 23:52 /
I will not buy her Modify Delete 
It will be interesting to see how she will look on men body!  Sorry for my english ^>_<^"
stikke(11-03-18 23:11 /
beautiful Modify Delete 
very beautiful. but I've had trouble getting onto your page and see pictures of her since she arrived?
please, fix it quick ;-(
ShinyaNoBaka(11-03-18 08:01 /
*__* Modify Delete 
she is soooo pretty ><
I musst have her .____. sueve's mother *___*
Kapiszonka(11-03-16 21:10 /
Hmmm no
Hmmm. I don't like her face. The Onyx Light and shadow is a better product.
Avery(11-03-15 04:24 /
Have to think it over... Modify Delete 
I REALLY like her, but very much dislike doll heads with human ears like that. Not a good idea on the ears as I was thinking about getting her because I like her head sculpt but the ears make me change my mind. Not having white skin as a choice is also off-putting. Please offer white skin in the future. She is a lovely sculpt and the dress and boots are amazing, just sad I may have to pass.
sywen(11-03-15 00:35 /
Normal Modify Delete 
i like the wing but is sooo dificult use for other doll :_(
Zelinas(11-03-14 23:31 /
Agrees... Modify Delete 
I also need money NOW!! T-T She is so beautiful!
SkylaRose(11-03-14 22:00 /
O_o Modify Delete 
Uh-oh...I need money. NOW!
lovelik(11-03-14 12:35 /
Please: not larged bust, not a pegasus Q_Q~~
sahoma(11-03-14 01:23 /
she looks gorgeous!!!
I hope I'll have money when she is officially released! :3
shadowchan(11-03-13 10:32 /
Oh lawd... Modify Delete 
If this is a centaur.. I'm beyond screwed :c 

sadface for no money..
Zelinas(11-03-12 13:01 /
Middle-Earth! Modify Delete 
I knew I recognized Vala! She is an angel from Middle-Earth! It has been so long since I have read the Simarillian that I had almost forgotten! Can't wait to see more! ^-^
Zelinas(11-03-12 06:45 /
O.O Modify Delete 
Oh, I wonder if she is a Valkyrie....
Rosaline(11-03-12 04:43 /
She's beautiful!
Oh god Soom, you might have me hooked.
Can't wait to see more.
SkylaRose(11-03-12 01:18 /
wow Modify Delete 
Oh wow! She is gorgeous so far, and I love her ears! I hate wing ears so much but these look so pretty X3
Panda(11-03-12 01:02 /
Beautiful Work Modify Delete 
She looks absolutely breathtaking so far Soom her face is very serene and beautiful. I look forward to seeing the rest of her.
Haro(11-03-11 23:38 /
Stunning!!! Modify Delete 
omg she is sooooo cute !!!!!
Whiskery(11-03-11 21:37 /
A dark counterpart? Modify Delete 
I think Amphibel has a dark counterpart, as SOOM's newest 2011 page says "Light and Dark" and she's in there. <33 I would instantly snatch her up if she has hooves and is a pegasus. :D
rabiruchi(11-03-11 21:16 /
<3~ Modify Delete 
She's REALLY pretty ^-^
And I'm glad her wings are better than Tuff & Sueve's (I can see joints! *0*~). I prefer much more to see you putting effort to the headmolds than to more hooves... She's really beautiful!
Muffin(11-03-11 20:06 /
Uuuuh :3 Modify Delete 
It's Tuff & Sueve mom! 8D
She looks really promising! ^^
I look forwrad to see how her "jonted" wings work : D And I luuuv her outfit! ^_^
Brighteyes(11-03-11 20:01 /
O___O she a pegasus?!?!, i can not wait to see more...*____________*
Pinkhazard(11-03-11 19:34 /
Stunning Modify Delete 
I think she is stunning, can't wait to see more!
Soomoman(11-03-11 19:15 /
Hmmm... Modify Delete 
Cass and Cuprit's sister?
She's gorgeous~