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York - Time Voyager
   · Price :
   · Points :
· Manufacturing company
: Soom
   · Monocle :
   · Skin type :
   · Face up&Body blushing :
   · Eyes :
   · Wig :
   · Outfit & Shoes :
   · Quantity :


* Ordering period : From Mar. 4th. 2010 to Mar. 24th. 2011.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, plz click the Related Product 'Removing seam' on the bottom of page.
* Please understand that it is not possible to provide the Removing Seam service for transperent resin and dark resin-bronze,grey,brown tan,etc...
* Slight color gaps due to a sanding work on the edges of some parts during production process may appear on dark-colored resin dolls.
Thank you for your understanding.

Katy(13-07-09 09:56)
Again please!
Please sell him again like the hyperon!~~

He is so gorgeous!!!
Jiji(12-01-06 21:18)
wow Modify Delete 
I just saw this today.. its a shame he is limited..  He is gorgeous.. and by far my favorite out of what is currently on this site.. good job on him.
Grendel(11-10-23 07:09)
I regret not getting York.  I didn't realize it until he started modeling wigs!  IDW1112 picture is Killer.  :(  Congrats to all who got him!
Grendel(11-10-10 07:15)
Artists Modify Delete 
I am curious who the artists of the faces are on the Idealian dolls - It would be nice to see this in the description.
sunflowersea(11-06-13 15:15)
I'm so sad that I can't buy him. I hope you release him again!
Ellie(11-06-06 12:18)
wish the ordering period was extended. Modify Delete 
I've just recently found out about bjd and came upon York. Unfortunately, I found a little too late and now it's past the ordering date T^T. His face is so gorgeous and I MUST have him! please please please extend the ordering date once more
Asbelial(11-03-27 06:52)
You got me! Modify Delete 
It wasn't the best time for me to buy him... but I couldn't resist! Can't wait to have my boy home
Aoede(11-03-12 22:27)
Pretty face Modify Delete 
His face is so adorable. Every single part of it is perfect. I would buy him immediately, if he wouldn't be so musculous. Face and body don't match at all. I know many people prefer so manly bodies, but it would be nice if it would be possible to buy such pretty dolls with a less musculous body.
Leann(11-03-07 13:57)
I'm in Love Modify Delete 
Yeahhh I bought him yesterday and I can't wait to hold him in my greedy hands wahhh ha ha ha He is so handsome and awsome, just all about him. His body sculpt, the face and such nice clothing...simply breathtaking. I had to have him ><

HARRRRR says the Pirate !
Phin(11-03-05 12:42)
Wow!! O_O Modify Delete 
Agree about the outfit! Hyperon will definitely look smashing in it. I want York outfit for my Hyper guy too!
Kitori(11-03-05 01:12)
out-fit Modify Delete 
I have already buy the last doll...but I am in love with York's clothing.....I want it so bad!!! Please consider to sale their clothes~
Lula(11-03-04 21:46)
Did York get lost in time? Modify Delete 
Where is York Soom??? We've all been waiting for his release on
DOA since the wee hours!!! He looks amazing and I would love for
him to be my first IDealian. I still hope he'll be released today and
we won't have to wait until next week to see him :-)
Vero(11-03-04 21:29)
Lost and forgotten Modify Delete 
Hm, the day is almost over...
It seems, you have forgotten to put York on sale or he is lost in time =)
Annoyed(11-03-04 18:41)
steampunk Modify Delete 
Hmm.... more steampunk goggles.  /sigh.  Vampire Hunter D... I mean, Hyperion, was better.  I'd like to see more than a mouth and nose. 

I wish the website were less artsy and more navigable.
Alana(11-03-03 10:25)
Oooooohhhhh Modify Delete 
AAARGH! WHY DO YOU ALWAYS RELEASE SOMETHING BETTER AFTER THE LAST ONE! Hahaha. Seriously, though.. I think I like him better than Hyperon. ><; OH WELL... I want his clothes! :3
LindaLee(11-03-02 22:02)
Love the theme!
Can't wait to see the while outfit!
Phin(11-03-02 18:00)
OMG! Modify Delete 
I'm super excited!
sakuraharu(11-03-02 14:59)
Gorgeous! Modify Delete 
He's tan!  Thank you, Soom!

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