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Bygg - Starlight Prince
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: Soom
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1st. order 50 dolls


* Release date : Feb. 25th. 2011. 10:00 AM (KOREAN STANDARD TIME)


* Skin type: Normal

* Including:

+ Bygg Human Boy type

+ Owner's guide

+ Certificate of authenticity


* Option:

- Face up

- Body brushing

- Eyes (N20 Gaslight 14mm)


* Availability: This item will be shipped after 30~50 working days from the day you get confirmed your payment.

(If there is any problem with manufacturing process, the shipping will be delay without any notification.)


The doll pictured is a sample. Please understand the actual Face up and Body brushing may vary the color and brush touch.

Frequent movement of a ball jointed doll can rub or damage the ‘body brushing’.

’Removing the seam’ is not included to ‘Body Painting’ option.

drea(11-02-25 17:35 /
.... >.< .... Modify Delete 
too bad, I have gotten no more. ;(
will give it a second order period?
I hope soooooo!
lovelik(11-02-25 00:24 /
>w< Modify Delete 
omg omg omg omg
so sweet ToT <3
AnnoDomini(11-02-24 05:31 /
Oh, he's so cute! Modify Delete 
Oh I was just looking at how cute the gray skin Bygg was with
his little horn!! OH GOD HES SO CUTE.

You make the most adorable tinies I've ever seen Soom!
If you re release gray skin Bygg, I may look at you a bit funny. lol XD.
Kateness(11-02-23 16:12 /
Wow! Modify Delete 
So cute! I've already got a perfect little Beyla in the family, but this guy is so cuuute! The crazy hair, the eyes, that pose, THAT OUTFIT, maaaaan, I wanna see some more pics of that outfit. I hope everyone who's got their eye on him enjoys him.... (I love having a Beyla in the house. Bygg must be great!)
fransyung(11-02-23 15:02 /
Yes! At last, BYGG!!! XDDD Thank you, Soom!
Avery(11-02-23 12:58 /
Darling! Modify Delete 
Oh he's PERFECT! What a gorgeous boy--everything from the name to the outfit and style is great! Very tempted to add him to my family!