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* Ordering period : From Dec. 22nd. 2010 to Jan. 11th. 2011.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, plz click the Related Product 'Removing seam' on the bottom of page.

SugarFirefly(17-05-27 15:33)
Re-release him, please!
Please re-release Hyperon or Hyperon with the scar with id75 body and all skin colors <3 I love him so much and He is my Grail doll.
Sae(17-04-12 07:50)
Please re-release him and his clothes ! Modify Delete 
Hi Soom ! I love your dolls but especially this guy ! I love this outfit too, so please think about re-releasing him or at least his outfit please ? Thanks for considering it !
WillTaiga(17-02-04 02:24)
Please, release the outfit of this type of Hyperon another time!!! I love Dhampir and I love these clothes!!! *^*
pt83730(16-03-30 22:46)
Please Re-release This Hyperon in Tawny Skin~~~ Modify Delete 
Would you release him in TAWNY?! I love all versions of Hyperon, but this original one is my favorite! He's my best love!!! I will definitely get him if you re-release him in Tawny skin! Thank you for creating this such a gorgeous doll. I'm looking forward to the good news :))))
Ten thousand yuan ar(15-07-12 14:50)
Ten thousand yuan are looking for bronze hunter Modify Delete 
Ten thousand yuan are looking for bronze hunter QQ 270824869
InugomeSanku(14-08-06 17:33)
re-release, please?!
Please re-release him! I must have him; he is so beautiful!!
KiryuM(14-05-08 11:21)
No more other!!
Our dear soom, please answer me how cunning are you? Nowadays I can not see another one expect him yet, that only you can be responsible for that, and we will not give up for ever never⋯
disy5201314(14-01-08 00:55)
re-release.......Please!!!!!Please!!!  I want it!!!!!So Much!!!!  Please!!!!!!
13(13-10-06 15:41)
re-release Modify Delete 
please please please re-release him or another hyperon soom
yuanmdx(13-05-17 10:20)
wow...saw other people's Hyperon and he definitely looks better than in the pictures here!! Arrgghh don't know whether I like him more or Photon more.... *waiting waiting waiting* please include him in X-mas event...or any events...normal skin is good...but that special real skin on him... *drool* XD~
lylesenpai(12-11-01 18:03)
X-Mas Event Modify Delete 
Please, do add this guy again for the Idealian Line option for Christmas Event, i missed toe Free Choice Event recently.... Thanks!T^T
gigidollfie(12-09-26 21:58)
sexiest idelian hunk ever!!!! <3 Modify Delete 
must have!!!! he reminds me soo much of my favorite movie actor hugh jackman in his van helsing role!!! TY soom for  re-releasing this wonderful doll again and listening to your clients! we appreciate it so much!!!!  iam so exited that i will be able to get him during this special event!!! :D
Alexandra(12-09-08 18:38)
Special order! Dhampir normal skin. That would be gorgeous!
Please rerelease, SOOM. I without hesitation acquiring it.
LuckyXIII(12-08-30 00:47)
Special order please! Modify Delete 
Please, please, please, make a special order release of Hyperon! Bonus if he comes in bronze! I have been kicking myself for not buying him when I had the chance and would love to get my hands on him.
lylesenpai(12-07-14 12:04)
Re-sell Hyperon prz
Soom... Please, kindly re-sell this Gorgeous Hunk... He's been a Grail Doll of mine for Four Years already, can you please help me and some other fans of Hyperon out here to get him as our own please? How about a Special Re-sell of this guy in Christmas? That would be the best gift you can give us on that very special season.

And also, please do give us some Skin Tone choices like White and Normal Skin Tones... That would be very lovely.
Wish(12-03-28 10:42)
Please Soom Cream Skin Modify Delete 
Please re-release him in White cream skin, he is a vampire, he must be white skin!
vhdangel(11-07-19 23:51)
Such a gorgeous doll
Hyperon is breathtaking.  He's even more handsome in person!  I love my doll so much, all his little details are perfect and his outfit is exquisite.  Thank you, Soom, for giving me a chance to own such a wonderful work of art. :)
sunflowersea(11-06-13 15:17)
I'm a huge fan of Vampire Hunter D and this doll is basically him -- even the ears! I really hope I can get him someday! He is my DREAM doll.
Alana(11-03-31 17:09)
Arrival!! Modify Delete 
My Hyperon, Dashiell, is sitting on my lap as I write this. He is even more gorgeous in person than I thought! I LOVE The IDealian EVERYTHING! He's simply amazing. THANK YOU SO MUCH SOOM! :3
alezi(11-01-25 08:57)
...Hnnng. Modify Delete 
The VHD similarity would have been 85% of the reason I would have bought this guy, got to say.
Haruhi(11-01-15 19:25)
I fell in love!
Damn ... did not have time to order * cries *
Dear SOOM, if we can agree, then I'm ready to buy it more. I need only one.
sakuya(11-01-06 15:56)
It's lucky that I can meet him.  I know it's background setting is from hunter D, but his image isn't so D, that's why I fall in love with him in the first sight.  One thing need to clarify, the word "Dhampir" is a specific word for all vampire and human mixture, not only for hunter D. It's NOT a copy!!!
ymglq(10-12-28 12:49)
This is a precedent, I love him Modify Delete 
As far as I know, no other company has launched the vampire hunter.
 I know that many people suspect that you copy the "D" of the image, but I see them differently. I believe you have been drawing on other things, for inspiration. But your work is great. You know, A person of high position is liable to be attacked.
 I will meet the Hyperon, he will Gluino together  - in my doll family.
Alana(10-12-28 06:09)
Wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL! :) Modify Delete 
He may look like D, but he's not a clear representation or "copy" of him. There are distinct differences, one being his eyes are not red. And we do not know if he has a face on his left hand, which I doubt he does. Also, the outfit and sword are not anywhere near close to D's. Being a HUGE VHD fan, I absolutely adore the fact that he is normal skin. He looks so much better than he would be in white. Soom, I think you're wonderful and I cannot WAIT to have this wonderful hunk of man-resin home!
isabella(10-12-26 05:15)
hm Modify Delete 
I used to love soom, but I am sad and disappointed in the company now. It is clear that he is a copy of Vampire Hunter D without permission from the original creators :(
Phin(10-12-25 19:31)
Wow... Modify Delete 
Overall he looks great but I want to see his chin. We get to see his entire face on the last picture which is too small. Also want to see his entire face in different angles.
roxy heart(10-12-25 02:15)
No WS Please Modify Delete 
I actually prefer him in NS. White skin looks ghastly imo so please keep this normal skin option :) He DOES look aLOT like D but I cant bring myself to hate such a beautiful sculpt...*starts looking for a bank to rob* He's a must-have! :D
nightweaver(10-12-23 16:05)
Don't see him labeled as D Modify Delete 
He does look a bit similar to Vampire Hunter D, but he isn't labeled as such, nor has he this special hand of his. He also does look a lot like Van Helsing (the one Hugh Jackman), so what gives? The word Dhampir is also universally usable. I don't see really what this ruckus is all about.
kizu(10-12-23 15:59)
Copyright Modify Delete 
I love him but...
I'm not sure that you request from the copyright owner of Vampire Hunter D ??
Because it is so similar as to be called at all.
namine(10-12-23 08:04)
;pveeeeeeeeeeee Modify Delete 
i am in love!~!!
zirconmermaid(10-12-22 23:07)
Lovely doll!
I am seriously tempted by this doll - I love the sculpting on the face - very nice.  I wish you had pictures of the head alone, from the side and the front.  I like to see the dolls profile.  Thank you!!
Vermilion(10-12-22 12:32)
Hooo boy... Modify Delete 
He is... I mean... Pffft.
Please excuse me as I SWOON.
Saia_lolita(10-12-22 03:44)
:D Modify Delete 
White, black, NS, or purple, he's georgeous! Usually the Idealians are too expensive for me but I may have to find a way to bring this boy home~
fransyung(10-12-22 00:04)
Love him... ^^
Soom always kills me with beautiful men... This time it's no exception. ^^ I love his face and the make up so much. And he has this wonderful naughty smirk as well! XD I already feel that I'm going to bring him home... Please let me have him home! >.<
Royce(10-12-21 21:06)
GREAT Modify Delete 
He is killing me! so gorgeous! I'm fine with this skin color, but if there is a white skin version, I'd love to see it! However I was so sad as I miss the vampire.....They should be a pair..TT^TT..... Hope to see more details and pictures as soon as possible !!!!
nightweaver(10-12-21 16:52)
OMG Modify Delete 
^_^ He's stunning!! I want him... never mind the skin colour.. I already have two Idealians in CW. Whatever he comes with... he's just great!! Good Work!!
Byakko(10-12-21 14:08)
XD Modify Delete 
2 kesschan & derp - thank you, Captain Obvious! XDDD

Not that I mind the resemblance. =)
But he must be whiiiiite, if he's not white I'm gonna cry! >.<
wanww3023(10-12-21 13:04)
I hope he is in white skin. And he will be perfect.
I'm looking forward to more pictures.
derp(10-12-21 12:11)
Vampire Hunter D all over Modify Delete 
Goddamn this
Image rights lol?
kesschan(10-12-21 11:12)
He looks so much like Vampire Hunter D in my oppinion...
Azraelita(10-12-21 10:06)
White skin Modify Delete 
He NEED to be in WHITE SKIN!

Otherwise gorgeous face <3
Byakko(10-12-21 07:48)
O.o Modify Delete 
SOOM, please, PLEASE make him in white skin. He has to be white, he must!
The promos looks more like NS and that makes us "you-know-what" fans frustrated. >.<
He must be pale and gorgeous, then he'll be perfect.
If he is not white, it'll be no good. =(
animemom(10-12-21 07:13)
Oh My!
He is awesome., I have been wanting one of these boys since you began to make them and this is the first one I really could go for compared to the last 4 you made. This is bad, really bad for my wallet.
jaideen(10-12-21 02:39)
Holy marching moose!  Your killing me here with the amounts of monies I need to keep up with your beautiful creations!  We need more pics!  He is totally fantastic!
kozee(10-12-20 15:20)
no words......

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