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Cuprit – Wish upon the north wind
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: Soom
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Cuprit – Wish upon the north wind

-Special Order-



1st. order 50 dolls


Release date : Nov. 17th. 2010. 9:00 AM (KOREAN STANDARD TIME)


Skin type: Normal

* Including:

+ Cuprit Human type

+ Heel parts

+ Owner's guide

+ Certificate of authenticity



* Option:

+ Face up

+ Body brushing

+ Eyes  (nighthag n07 14mm)



* Availability: This item will be shipped after 30~50 working days from the day you get confirmed your payment.

(If there is any problem with manufacturing process, the shipping will be delay without any notification.)


The doll pictured is a sample. Please understand the actual Face up and Body brushing may vary the color and brush touch.

Frequent movement of a ball jointed doll can rub or damage the ‘body brushing’.

LinesOfNines(10-12-12 17:14 /
I want her so much, I'm at war with myself.
giftlek(10-11-18 13:28 /
You do trying to kill me !!!
i just paid of your MD minette and now trying to pay off your RsoD violet and you re-release her !!!!????

you know i have to have her !!!!
i will be broke forever !!!
Anneke(10-11-18 10:41 /
Elbow Joints? Modify Delete 
I see she has the old elbow joints in these pictures. Will she come with the new ones?
Sakhmet(10-11-17 17:50 /
<3 Modify Delete 
Ah Cuprit, pleased to see her again Soom.  She's just as beautiful in normal skin.  Now get Vesuvia into the re-release lineup!  lol
Rosaline(10-11-17 04:10 /
Oh my gosh. Modify Delete 
I've been SOOMed.
Cuprit, you're mine.
saskha(10-11-16 22:25 /
*__* Modify Delete 
awww is very beautiful!!
the corset too X3
Marcin M(10-11-16 21:33 /
Hate Modify Delete 
I wish some meteor would hit You Soom!
How am I going to get money for her if I have just bought Nephelin?!?!?! Have You thought about it when You decided to release her now?!?!?!?
lydiawalker(10-11-16 13:40 /
OMG LOVE her in normal skin!
chibihaku(10-11-16 13:23 /
Gorgeous! Modify Delete 
Jeez, anon, at least have enough bravery to post your name.

I have so much love for Cuprit - she's my absolute favourite of the SOOM girls. She's so pretty in the normal skin, but please release her in tan at some point?
Anon(10-11-16 12:49 /
Looks better! Modify Delete 
Cuprit is one of the least attractive doll I have seen from Soom. That being said, I do like her more in NS.
Tygati(10-11-16 11:28 /
Breathtaking Modify Delete 
Oh wow, I think she may be even more beautiful in Normal Skin than she was in White Skin. *__*
karleecakes(10-11-16 11:00 /
Stunning Modify Delete 
She is so beautiful.  I think she looks wonderful in Normal Skin.