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[MD/Nov] Pyrol - The Magic Horn
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· Manufacturing company
: Soom
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* Ordering period : From Nov. 2nd. to Nov.23rd.2010.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.

* We plan to ship about 50 dolls of each type (Pyrol and Minette) before X-Mas to the customers who have fully paid their orders, according to a “first-come first-served” shipping order. The earlier customers pay their order off, the earlier the order will be shipped.

* The orders of the customers who could not be included in this first “Before X-Mas” shipping period will follow a schedule according to Soom regular shipping process.

* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, plz click the Related Product 'Removing seam and sanding' on the bottom of page.
* Please understand that it is not possible to provide 'Removing Seam Service' for Bronze resin.

IceVodka(11-07-28 00:16 /
Re-release of dolls
He is sooo cute. I hope that Soom will re-release him again, or other dolls. Cuz I see lots of ppl requesting for the old dolls, they look so gorgeous. I would luurve to buy him ! like the face up and the Legs!! ^^
Megan(10-11-04 02:44 /
YAY PYROL! Modify Delete 
I ordered an Unicenta Pyrol!  I am so happy that I will be getting him.  Thank you for making such cute and unique dolls!  :-)
Rosaline(10-11-03 05:09 /
Ohmygod Modify Delete 
Can't I just have the R.Head and the Human Head with the Human body? Oh god, Soom. What have you done to me.
Manna(10-11-02 18:24 /
Ohh Modify Delete 
So cute <3 I wish I could buy the unicenta body with the human head. Can't you make that an option too? I can't afford both unicenta and human D:
kymera(10-11-01 20:23 /
Eeep. Modify Delete 
Oh my gosh... baby-pony-butt! They're so cute. I'd like to see a pic of the blank head, if that's not too much trouble.

I'm glad you're giving the option of only purchasing the pony parts or only the human parts. I think a lot of your customers (like me) buy the dolls for/because of the fantasy parts.
T T(10-11-01 19:14 /
SO CUTE AND...SO SLOW........T T Modify Delete 
I can't wait!!!!T T
missimissi(10-11-01 16:48 /
another cutie?
MareOfNight(10-11-01 10:10 /
Great! Modify Delete 
I hope to buy one, and I hope that Soom will release an MSD centaur!
Thorn(10-10-31 21:40 /
-.- Modify Delete 
Body is super cute.. but whats with this face again...
DarkRu(10-10-31 13:50 /
Kawaiiiiii Modify Delete 
Oh my~ I can't miss this *^^* more and more~ XD~~~~
Xx8bloodlust8xX(10-10-31 06:19 /
so adorable!! Modify Delete 
one of the very few tineys that i've actually felt a need to get. too bad i am jobless :'( otherwise im 100% sure i'd get him!!
themasterjinn(10-10-31 00:32 /
Is this the case... Modify Delete 
His horsie half looks like the tan resin... while his human parts look like normal skin.... Minette's however look like she is all the cream white color. And the little boy looks like he has a fur/hair tail with the other darling lools like it is a resin tail. Any comments please... I know that soon enough all questions will be answered once they're released.
Mjjeje(10-10-30 01:45 /
*~* Modify Delete 
Haku(10-10-30 00:14 /
Now you're just teasing me. Modify Delete 
Oh SOOM. He's possibly even more adorable than Minette. Please hurry up and release these two so that I may buy them both.
ohh(10-10-30 00:13 /
cuuuuuuute Modify Delete 
very cute but the only things i don't like are the fat hands
lucky7(10-10-29 17:53 /
so cute kawayiyi!!!
FoxFace(10-10-29 16:25 /
<3 Modify Delete 
Beautiful job Soom ^^