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[MD/Nov] Minette - The Magic Horn
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: Soom
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* Ordering period : From Nov. 2nd. to Nov.23rd.2010.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.

* We plan to ship about 50 dolls of each type (Pyrol and Minette) before X-Mas to the customers who have fully paid their orders, according to a “first-come first-served” shipping order. The earlier customers pay their order off, the earlier the order will be shipped.

* The orders of the customers who could not be included in this first “Before X-Mas” shipping period will follow a schedule according to Soom regular shipping process.

* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, plz click the Related Product 'Removing seam and sanding' on the bottom of page.
* Please understand that it is not possible to provide 'Removing Seam Service' for Bronze resin.

Soapbar(13-02-03 23:58 /
So sad...
If these centaur dolls were available now I'd buy them in a heartbeat. T_T
bearsnbags(10-11-23 20:33 /
Payment for Minette...

Hi, sorry to address this to the general group but I just wanted to check my credit card payment went through for the above order?? It still says unpaid on my status update.... just let me know and I will put it through again!
Thanks tj
Kelsey(10-11-10 00:12 /
very cute Modify Delete 
This doll is so cute. If I could get the centaur body with the hornless head, I would be all over that. But I really dislike dolls with single horns and I dont want 2 dolls so I guess she is not for me. Very cute though!
sara(10-11-03 17:48 /
Faceup options wrong. Modify Delete 
Please fix the faceup options!

Avery(10-11-03 03:20 /
Offer both heads please! Modify Delete 
Buying both dolls to just get the open-eyed or horned head is way too expensive. Please offer a choice of head next time!
nekopoychan(10-11-02 20:36 /
Wow !!! That so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee XD
I love human head and Unicenta body a lot LOL
CloudedStrife(10-11-02 11:12 /
DDDD: when will they be released?


T T(10-11-01 19:16 /
SO CUTE AND...SO SLOW........T T Modify Delete 
I can't wait!!!!T T
Yurichan(10-10-30 22:32 /
I want the Little Zentaure
OMG  so Cute<3<3<3<3<3 THANKS
Dobs(10-10-30 05:15 /
Oh I am in trouble again Modify Delete 
I just promised I would stop buying new dolls for a while but this...I ma have to break my promise....I should just stay away from this website haha >.<
sara(10-10-30 04:55 /
Cute but Modify Delete 
Where is the girl??
shadowchan(10-10-30 01:38 /
I hope you release these bodies for regular sale.. my soom Ai Deer head needs a cute body like this!
mizuno(10-10-29 10:49 /
it would be awesome if we were given a choice to get Uni head on a human body or a Human head on a Cantor body.
Kelly(10-10-29 05:39 /
Ahhh so cute Modify Delete 
What a little cutie pie. Way to go soom. nice job.
Venx(10-10-29 05:12 /
O 3 O Modify Delete 
This is SO CUTE!
I hope you offer the fantasy parts separately!
violetpoof(10-10-29 04:38 /
SQUEE Modify Delete 
Oh my gosh its so cute, I want one!
missimissi(10-10-29 03:52 /
Crossing my fingers...
lunchboxx(10-10-29 03:51 /
OMG! Modify Delete 
definately getting this....its too cute...cant wait for more pics and when it goes on sale ^_^
themasterjinn(10-10-29 03:47 /
A SQUEE rate that's off the charts! Modify Delete 
Simply adorable... will there be both HUMAN and EQUINE parts for the little darlings or just the horse body? Can you say when the release date is....???? please!
jagwebbie(10-10-29 03:46 /
Soom!! I just finished my last layaway with you!
You hooked me with one photo! I will be starting another layaway!! ^_^
Kateness(10-10-29 03:04 /
Soom, you bitch. Modify Delete 
Do you even REALIZE what you're doing to the second-hand market?!
Aisu(10-10-29 02:46 /
Dies.. Modify Delete 
It killing me.... Too hard to resist!!
Shuga Youko(10-10-29 01:50 /
Little Pony <3 Modify Delete 
For some reason the My Little Pony opening song came up on my mind xD This little guy gives me so many ideas *-* But at the moment, Idrial is on my mind, need to get money for her =/ But he's truly cute >3<
Kitkaze(10-10-29 01:40 /
Well Modify Delete 
You trolled me last time, with a big fox and then tiny CATS, and I thought you would again with a BIG Taur, and like tiny frogs or something. BUT YOU CAME THROUGH!! I will be SOOMed for the first time this November! THANK YOU!!!
Brighteyes(10-10-29 01:08 /
*____________________________*, i just can not believe it, omg, what a cutie!!!!!!!!!!, i can not wait to see him!!!! Soom, you are the best!!!!thank you^^
Jaideen(10-10-29 00:46 /
Stunning! Modify Delete 
Once again you have stunned us with your wonderous dolls and turned our credit cards into fried mush.  A must have!!!
Repulsive333(10-10-29 00:30 /
Oh my SQUEE! Modify Delete 
i cannot believe you tempters!
Just bought the Unikenta, and now you are tempting me with cute little tiny ones...
I never have liked a Yo-SD before now... but i think  this might be my breaking point.
now i just have to find a way to fit them into my family...
Megan(10-10-28 23:34 /
YAAAAAAAAY! Modify Delete 
I'm so excited!  How long do we have to wait for more pictures?  I can't wait to see more of this little one!
ivrom(10-10-28 23:32 /
I seriously have no money right now, but I'd literally KILL for one of these. They are sooooooooo adorable.

Here's hoping one's WS and one's NS, or maybe one's a fantasy color? I'll be safe from buying if there's only WS... I hope.
Haku(10-10-28 23:29 /
-squee!- Modify Delete 
I think I just died of squee. DO WANT, SOOM. They're so adorable!
Nightweaver(10-10-28 23:08 /
o_O!! Modify Delete 
Usually I am not into small dolls but this one looks definitely tempting, so sweet.
PandaQueen(10-10-28 23:04 /
Impressive! Modify Delete 
Beautiful work Soom! This little one is definately a little masterpiece, and the face is just precious. Overall i am very impressed, wonderful work~
russellbaby(10-10-28 21:59 /
He is so very sweet.  You have worked your magic once again.  One never tires of Centauroids!
evenstar1(10-10-28 20:35 /
So Cute!
Yep I'm totally soomed again and will definitely be bringing one of these home ^^ Great job again soom!
erissa(10-10-28 19:58 /
Too cute!
I love what I see so far, and this is just the preview!  Simply precious and beautiful, can't wait to see more pictures!
fransyung(10-10-28 19:54 /
YES! XDDDDD They are so cuteee!!! I've been waiting for this! *(^^)* Thanks, Soom!