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[MD/Oct] Nephelin – Sacred Vow
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: Soom
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* Ordering period : From Oct.7th. to Oct.29th.2010.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, plz click the Related Product 'Removing seam and sanding' on the bottom of page.
Mariah(10-11-23 00:58 /
Uggh Modify Delete 
Beautiful doll but i do not like the wings at all! their too... tight?
Jack(10-10-29 15:22 /
Beautiful. Modify Delete 
Wow. If this face had been on Beryl way back when, it would have been the most beautiful doll ever.. and I would have bought her immediately.

Her wings are horrible though, lol.
Rogue(10-10-25 09:53 /
EEP!! Modify Delete 
Trying to put her on layaway, but having some problems getting the credit card payment to go through. *cry* Someone help please? D:

My GOD is she GORGEOUS! She will be PERFECT for the Celtic Goddess Danu, that I intend on adding to my collection!

MY FIRST SOOM! :D Ive been waiting for the best doll to come along for me to be Soomed at last!:D

I wasnt expecting to be able to get her, been pining after her since she was first released, but my friend came through for me and helped!

Soom! Your dolls are GORGEOUS!!

Now...could you work on making bigger Faeries? Instead of just lesser fae, but Gentry? Like Tuatha de Dannan and Fir Bolg and Formorians?

Thanks for your beautiful works!
yellowbee(10-10-19 02:04 /
^_^ can't wait
Just put her on layaway XD ahhh i can not wait to have her home ^_^
London(10-10-17 14:05 /
She is coldly angelic... Modify Delete 
Her face...reminds me of the Madonna. This is one of SOOM's most fantasic, superbly worked pieces ever.
Umbra(10-10-15 06:46 /
Stunning Modify Delete 
I must have her!
She forces me to look at her. since Amber releace I haven't felt so much I had to have a doll!!!
She is uniqe!
She is so perfect!
I hope I will be able to gather money for her till the 29th deadline.
I'm so in love with her!
IJK;H;IH(10-10-15 03:11 /
blaire(10-10-10 02:38 /
Beautiful except... Modify Delete 
Those WINGS... oh god xDDDD
Everything looks great, except for the wings :P
Thorn(10-10-10 01:34 /
;o; Modify Delete 
Oh my god... This... Its just Perfect... The first Doll on all the doll sites in internet, where i can say its all perfect! Im so depressed right now .__. Why dont i have a job right now... F***
Carolyn <3(10-10-08 03:19 /
So pretty! :D Modify Delete 
She's so amazing! I love her unique horns and wings, and her outfit is stunning. And that face? <3333 SO MUCH LOVE~ Too bad I'm not in to the bigger ones, or I'd be putting her on layaway in an instant.

I do hope this means you have plans to do tiny dragons!!!
Crionigirl(10-10-08 00:09 /
:3 Modify Delete 
She's quite beautiful :D
Muffin(10-10-07 19:01 /
Not the best... Modify Delete 
Her face is stunning!
But you could have made the dragon parts alittle better.. Like the wings, really... The feet are okay, but I would never use them, if you have made a combo of Monzo and Sphalers feet maybe...
Micchi(10-10-07 13:27 /
<3! Modify Delete 
Oh my, SOOM. What a beautiful girl!
Megan(10-10-07 11:24 /
Wow! Modify Delete 
She's really pretty!  I love her soft, calm face.  :-)
beanyxoxo(10-10-07 11:10 /
Totally just put her on layaway
cheshirepanda(10-10-07 11:09 /
STUNNING Modify Delete 
Soom, she is absolutely gorgeous. Too bad you already made me broke lol!! My one Personal nit-pick is the wings, dragon wings (to me) are giant webbed hands. My mind can't seem to wrap around how this one would work.

But if I had the money, I would still buy her <3
(I absolutely love the 5th pic up <3)
Myaje(10-10-07 10:58 /
Beautiful! Modify Delete 
I love the doll, especially her face, she reminds of Topaz.

Are her boots made for high heel, or flat feet?  Because I don't see a heel on the boots at all.
Meagain(10-10-07 02:46 /
Lovely! Modify Delete 
What a beautiful girl. You have managed to pleasantly surprise me again soom :)
karleecakes(10-10-06 06:48 /
Beauty Modify Delete 
She is stunning! I love your MD's and this one is no exception. She is so elegant and soft looking. She is a definite must have!
jael(10-10-06 04:32 /
Wow! Modify Delete 
I normally dislike SDs, but she's absolutely fantastic. She looks so delicate and soft...<3 I can't wait for more pics!
Lucidity(10-10-06 04:24 /
Ahhhh! Modify Delete 
Soom, do you sleep much? 
The gorgeous dolls keep appearing...thank YOU ALL so much.
Her countenance is calm yet stunning!!!
Everything...just beautiful.
jenkat(10-10-06 04:15 /
Gorgeous Modify Delete 
Wow... can't wait for more pictures... she looks absolutely stunning. Gorgeous soft ethereal colour palette, from what I can see a soft gentle face and those wings!!! I'm a sucker for wings! Thank you Soom!
kateness(10-10-06 00:33 /
Oooooh Modify Delete 
I see some wiiiiiiings!
midstar7(10-10-05 23:32 /
Oh WOW. Modify Delete 
I never comment in these user opinion areas but I feel the need to do so this time.

From what I can see so far she is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING.
She's the first doll since Cuprit (who I brought home) who has completely taken my breath away.

Thank you for saving the best super gem female until last! *^_^*
tonhigh2002(10-10-05 22:46 /
Goddddd ^_^ Modify Delete 
1st photoshoot of her is make me die. She so pure beautiful and so gentle. I love her style espiceally white color tone. Great job always. Soom, I Love you. ^_^

I can't wait to see full photoes. ^_^

Thank You So Much
enki(10-10-05 22:20 /
Excellent. ♥ Modify Delete 
Love the outfit, the horned crown, the jewelry, the wings.
Marha(10-10-05 18:56 /
Omg! Modify Delete 
Ever since I got active in the BJD world, I never seen a doll I got more excited over then her!
I really look forward to seeing more pictures! :3
Is she a dragon? : D
Brighteyes(10-10-05 18:49 /
OMG!!! what a beautiful face, i can not wait to see her!!!!! as always, you are incredible soom! THANK YOU!!!!