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dia_male type
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Kiradyn(12-07-11 20:05)
About body type Modify Delete 
Will male Dia come with the new Super Gem body or the old type?
Kahdrill(12-02-24 04:51)
About faceup
SOOM told me to look at this picture of Sard as reference for the makeup. I don't know if that means that Dia will get the Sard-eyebrows (as I call them) or normal ones.
KatyLeigh(12-01-18 16:31)
Face Up Pictures Modify Delete 
Would like to see pictures of face up before I make a purchase, please. :)
Prometheus(12-01-12 15:17)
Face Up Pictures
Is the male Dia face up the same as the female? Please post pictures ^^
mangamania4(11-06-09 22:26)
Pictures pleace Modify Delete 
It would be awesome with some pictures <3

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