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IO - Keepin it real
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IO-Keepin’ it real

-Special Order-



1st. order 50dolls



Release date : Aug. 6th. 2010. 9:00 AM (KOREAN STANDARD TIME)



Skin type: Normal


* Including:

+ IO Human type(elbow joint upgraded body)

+ Owner's guide

+ Certificate of authenticity



* Option:

+ Face up

+ Body brushing

+ Eyes (14mm RT25 Burlywood)

+ Full b.j.hands UA KIT (Unassembled Kit) : Tension strings and Assembling guide included



* Availability: This item will be shipped after 30~50 working days from the day you get confirmed your payment.

(If there is any problem with manufacturing process, the shipping will be delay without any notification.)


The doll pictured is a sample. Please understand the actual Face up and Body brushing may vary the color and brush touch.

Frequent movement of a ball jointed doll can rub or damage the ‘body brushing’.

’Removing the seam’ is not included to ‘Body Painting’ option.

mellaney(10-09-01 03:47 /
Is he already sold out?? Modify Delete 
it seems that he's already sold out is it true???
kissxueyuan(10-08-26 15:18 /
kissxueyuan(10-08-25 13:30 /
HOW?!50 or MAX???
SEXUALSSSS(10-08-14 06:54 /
ladyhimiko(10-08-06 07:42 /
the supergem standard body is 65cm tall.
they wear SD17 outfits.
manscan(10-08-06 00:51 /
How tall is the doll Modify Delete 
Hello  I love this doll.  I wonder if anyone knows how tall he is?  I dont see it posted in the description.
Jolanta(10-08-05 20:03 /
So do I vote for Vesuvia! Modify Delete 
I would liek to see vesuvia Too!!
Great job^^
Raven(10-08-05 15:14 /
♥_♥ Modify Delete 
Oh my gosh, I want him, he's gorgeous.

I don't think Soom is here to be friends and people pleasers, so maybe some of you should chill out. They're trying to make money and they seriously can't please everyone.
LadyRosella(10-08-05 12:05 /
Stop Insulting Modify Delete 
kateness(10-08-05 11:29 /
maaaaaan Modify Delete 
I'm so hoping for a little human Yrie! I frikkin LOVE that face sculpt, but I don't want the elf ears or the wings, and NOBODY on the MP is ever willing to split for just the head.... sigh...

I guess I'll wait and find out, eh? I personally think it's great to see you give people a second chance, even if about half the comments are pissed-off people. Silly pissed-off people! If you don't like it, don't buy it! Simple as that!

Go Soom!
Nade54(10-08-04 15:39 /
He is so handsome!
I love this human version of him. Wish I could afford him, but alas, my wallet is hurting. I did manage to snatch Beryl Love Me or Die, and I must say that as a new BJD collector, I find it fantastic that soom is giving newbies a chance to buy those amazing molds once again.

Love the outfit! Love his lips!
Koko(10-08-04 14:01 /
Hm. Modify Delete 
Well. I'm indifferent. It gives people a chance to re-buy the sculpt, but no offense that's what makes SOOM so good is that their fantasy dolls are limited. It's always fun looking through the market place to see what you can find! Personally, I don't think I'll buy any of the releases, humans don't really do it for me. Perhaps if SOOM spent less time kicking out old sculpts and more time focusing on their new dolls their new monthly wouldn't be pushed back for two months. >.>
Sakhmet(10-08-04 11:09 /
Very cool Soom! Modify Delete 
Soom, I vote for a Special Order of Vesuvia!!  White resin would be amazing, but just get that girl on the schedule!

Great to see a reimagining of Io though!
fransyung(10-08-04 09:20 /
the outfit!!!
The more I see it, the more I'm falling for the outfit... T.T I hope this will be a regular outfit? Or biweekly?
Mouse(10-08-04 09:04 /
Awesome! Modify Delete 
I hope this boy is released in larger quantities than the gorgeous Beryl re-release. Here's to hoping for an Amber or Euclase re-release.

Haters to the left!
Xx8bloodlust8xX(10-08-04 08:12 /
YAY!!! Modify Delete 
I'm very happy that you are deciding to release the MD's as a special order! I'm new to the hobby and i adore all of your dolls!!
treehugger(10-08-04 06:46 /
Super Soooom!
Oh I love these re releases!.....are you gonna release Bix  as well Soom?
tallenvyaere(10-08-04 06:41 /
Gorgeous! Modify Delete 
I absolutely love this more modern look you've given IO! If I was collecting larger dolls at this time, I'd totally buy him!

To those complaining, PLEASE review what actually is and is not limited. You'll realize none of the actual sculpts are LE, so quit complaining, or get lost. No one wants your negativity! Thanks! <3
fayetality(10-08-04 06:28 /
Stop moaning! Modify Delete 
I wish people would stop moaning about the re releases get a grip! They're a good idea for those of us that missed the first versions, if you don't like it then tough shit! It's up to soom what they release and when and if they can make xtra money on old sculpts by re releasing them then good luck to them!
Chibaraki(10-08-04 06:26 /
Yeahhhhhhhhhh babbbbby Modify Delete 
Uuuugh having an orgasm to this!
Nanuki(10-08-04 05:56 /
Great, Soom, you dissapointed me again Modify Delete 
Yes, Soom, you dissapointed me again. None of us is here to see u making easy, fast money out of re-releases of mols that where supposed to be LIMITED and NOT TO BE RELEASED AGAIN. It's not for the second hand market -I don't care about it, to be true-, it's about your loyal customers. A limited edition is DUE TO BE LIMITED forever, and not re-done.
ladyhimiko(10-08-04 05:48 /
a very lucky day.
I'm so f*cking lucky!
Just some days ago I asked to a guy to sell me his Io head, since he want to buy a Cass head… He was late on the decision and…
In perfect time! I hope to not miss the chance!

ps: I also bought a MD on second marketplace and I was aware about the high cost. I simply chosen to risk (:

… thank you Soom!
xxbrittox(10-08-04 03:35 /
Yay! Io! Modify Delete 
I'm so happy. :3 I love IO and I never got a chance to get him <3 He looks just as gorgeous. <3
Shizume(10-08-04 03:23 /
Oh, goodness, I love him. Keep up the good work, SOOM!
faye(10-08-04 02:51 /
- Modify Delete 
I hate when people get cranky that they paid too much for secondhand dolls...which they're not supposed to do anyway. If you want to choose to buy preowned dolls that's fine, but it's not some great feat, and you buy at your own risk - inflation is one of those risks.
lukasagitta(10-08-04 02:23 /
Ooooh~ Modify Delete 
He's perfect for my character Sasha! I just hope that he'll be available in Cream White.
sharnofshade(10-08-04 01:08 /
MD Sculpts were never sold as "Limited Edition" Modify Delete 
Soom never promised that they wouldn't re-release the MD human sculpts. In fact, if you actually read the ads for their MDs, they have never, for ANY MD, stated that the sculpts for the fantasy parts were limited, either. For most MDs the only explicitly 'Limited Edition' parts were the clothing, eyes and face-up/blushing.

People complaining about the re-released sculpts should have read the fine print before spending their money on non-limited sculpts. Soom certainly didn't make anyone pay inflated second-hand market prices, and 'working hard' for a Soom MD isn't exactly some Herculian feat, worthy of praise and respect. It all seems like incredibly sour grapes to me, and I own multiple Soom MDs (and paid second-hand prices for quite a few of them).

For those of us not bitter that Soom has ruined the resell value of our 'investments', these re-releases are simply awesome! Kudos, Soom, for giving a new look to your lovely past sculpts! I hope Io and Glati will be available in slightly larger numbers than Beryl was, though, as she sold out so incredibly fast!
jan3x(10-08-04 00:12 /
Enough with the silly comments. Modify Delete 
People don't want something new.
They just don't want to see the dolls they worked hard to afford become re released in this way.
It makes sense if you think about it so try not to be so insulting next time.
Jaideen(10-08-04 00:07 /
It's a boy! Modify Delete 
He's pretty, and be nice folks. Money is tight for everyone including doll companies and it's cheaper for them to re-release an old mold than to create a new face.  If you want something new go check out the dozens of other doll makers.
sara(10-08-03 22:33 /
Uh Modify Delete 
If you're going to re-release old MD, the least you could do is release the original versions.
Human dolls are boring, and is is very unfair to the people desperately wanting the original versions.
bubastis(10-08-03 22:23 /
This makes me hope that Bix will return also...
great= =+(10-08-03 22:09 /
Come on, Soom Modify Delete 
Oh come on, Soom.

If you wanna re-release, release the scar one too. This is not fair for those who bought the previous "normal" IO but not the scar one. = =
SAKURAFLOWERS(10-08-03 22:03 /
Soom is keepin' it real alright! LOL They are re-releasing the molds! I can see some people infuriated hahahahaha
CCLollypop(10-08-03 18:57 /
These re-releases are awesome, I hope you re-release Heliot!
Xuen(10-08-03 18:50 /
Oh! Modify Delete 
Nice but, Soom, this Io is exactly the same that the one you released as the MD. I though this re-releases were different because of the fantasy parts and so ;__;
yiu(10-08-03 16:36 /
Great! Modify Delete 
I hope this means you'll be re-releasing Amber and Heliot sometime soon! :D
Tina(10-08-03 15:34 /
handsome guy Modify Delete 
fransyung(10-08-03 14:55 /
awwww ^^
IO... so gangster style... XDDD