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Gluino – Vampire Alchemist
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* Ordering period : From Jul.23th. to Aug.11th.2010.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
Herkster(17-04-02 20:35)
I love him, I just can't say enough about him. He's absolutely beautiful and I'm so glad to have mine.  He definitely gets five stars from me
smilyjean(17-03-09 10:58)
wow! Modify Delete 
He is gorgeous! I like him as much as Photon. Sexy, strong and handsome as all get out. Yummy.
yuki132457(16-10-24 11:56)
Please Re-release him!!!! This is my dreamt_t Modify Delete 
If soom can release him , I will very very happy! This is my first love of bjd doll , please let me take it home !pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee
gluino(16-06-12 09:58)
I LLOVE HIM Modify Delete 
Re-release him!!!
siki(15-05-26 01:42)
Make more vampires, please! Modify Delete 
Make more vampires, please!
I'm so sad because I can't buy him, he's sold out! :(((
Both human & vampire faces are gorgeous!
Please release more beautiful vampires with 2 faces like this, Soom! I love your vampires so much!
vampirevich(12-10-17 00:23)
Hello. I found the solution for my trouble replacing the free choice for an available skin tone color. Now we can cancel the old “sould out” order and I will have my lovely vampire in normal skin. :)
kuroshi666(12-07-18 00:06)
Re-release him!!! Modify Delete 
Dear Soom, this is even not a request, this is begging on knees to make event with Gluino. He's so vampire-gorgeous and beautiful!!! So, please,'s one more voice add-up to those who have already asked for him.....It would be so wonerful and kind of you!!!!
Yolanda(12-03-09 20:17)
I like it very much Modify Delete 
I like it very much , now Gluino in China can not be founded,  many of us are findig it. maybe you can make it once more, please
nightraven(12-02-23 12:08)
OMG, Soom please re-release Gluino many of us are begging for this second opportunity.... I'm sure the mold is still available and ready for the pour!!  :)
Alexandra(11-11-22 05:02)
Dear, dear, dear SOOM!
My beloved! He is beautiful. Join the rest of the comments, please release it again. In the same form. This is a dream! Do it... please. I will be very happy!
hwoarang(11-11-11 02:07)
please please re-release
he is my ultimate dream doll I loooove him sooooo much
please soom re-release him again *^*
Request.(11-11-10 13:21)
Re-release! Modify Delete 
Please re-release Gluino as a special order second chance. He has many fans, all over. He is the most wanted of all Idealians. He is as popular as a Soom Monthly Sard.
VampiricKoi(11-11-08 05:36)
sahoma(11-11-04 02:48)
special order!
please, re-release him as a special order! maybe even with a different skin colour, I don't mind! I just want that pretty face home ;_; (well, THOSE pretty faceS)
I really wanted to buy him when he was released but didn't have any money </3
Gluinogirl(11-09-23 02:38)
I need the vampire version white skin!!! I am so very sad I missed him.
cdgblack(11-09-11 07:09)
Waiting for RE-release!!!
I never see such a perfect guy before, he means the one for me!!
Please !! release this vampire again !!!
naeru(11-08-30 23:34)
RE-release Please Modify Delete 
He's so perfect, that there is no other doll who would be perfectly!
Phin(11-07-11 01:07)
RE-release Please Modify Delete 
I love everything about Gluino. I'm waiting for you to rerelease him (preferably with vampire face). Love him in CW skin!! Now he's my dream doll. So gorgeous.. he looks good in all wigs you put on him.. what a doll!
mayichan(11-07-03 15:54)
omg *o*
I love this boy so much, please release again please
Childe(11-03-23 23:37)
Please Release !!!!!!!!!!!
I really want to buy him !!!!!!!!  Please sell him again right now!!!
It's the biggest wish of me!!
Gotika66606(11-03-08 03:09)
re-release Gluino, please. really want to buy it. it's great
noodle(11-01-14 02:10)
will this one be re-opened at some point? i really REALLY want this one! so handsome!
Royce(10-12-21 21:14)
Please !! release this vampire again !!! I love him so much !!!!! T^T
Me and me(10-12-21 04:46)
Sell again Modify Delete 
I want to buy him! I love this charming vampire!!!
kurozerowing(10-12-15 10:56)
I want one!
He is just perfect!
Soom, do re-release him for us who were not in time to purchase him, please???
Suki Doll(10-10-11 08:52)
Startled Modify Delete 
I had mostly clicked the picture because he was blond, and I loved blonds, and I have to say, I was pretty shocked. The first picture was of him in vampire attire, and I'll admit, I'm a little sick of vampires, but the second picture actually made me say: "OH MY GOD!" out loud. He was so beautiful and stunning in human form! He's one I want. The mold is really great and well done. Just when I was saying I wanted a more mature and handsome doll too xD
I hope this doll get re-released again!
QueenieSnape(10-08-29 20:41)

  it has been a few days late when i saw GLUINO, i was so moved by his amazing  temperament of softness. would you please superadd just one for me ~please thanks a lot~~~~~
arlequinne(10-08-26 16:02)
Oh my god!
He is so gorgeous! This is EXACTLY what I have always wanted! My dream doll and I completely missed him!

Please... Will he ever be re-released with the vampire face?
Inquisit(10-08-15 07:51)
OHWOW! Modify Delete 
What an absolutely beautiful mold! Great outfit and wig as well!! ... and those eyes Y.Y
Deredere(10-08-11 22:41)
I am SOOMED! Modify Delete 
Or is it Doomed?
What a handsome guy.
So much details. Love his fangs.
He looks a little too much like an angel in the pictures but that will change.
He will be a very scary angel Gna Gna.
Can't wait until he comes home.
ymglq(10-08-01 02:17)
He is charming Modify Delete 
I am not optimistic IDEALIAN, but he happened to change my point of view!
He is a special vampire - compared to other companies.
Thank you SOOM ~ I will meet him.
He is another starting point for your success! I hope in the future, IDEALIAN will be as popular as the MD.
faeriegirl(10-07-30 11:44)
The most mysterous of the vampires
Part elf, part human, part vampire.  What more do you need?  A shape shifter!  When he doesn't want to reveal he is a vampire, he changes into his human head.  The mystery of all.
cheshirepanda(10-07-29 06:59)
You did an amazing job on his teeth SOOM!
He looks like a younger version of my husband!
KittyFields(10-07-27 21:23)
Best IDealian yet!
You've done it again, Soom! None of the other IDealians interested me, but this guy... this guy is amazing! And he's one of the best vampires out there (there's another vamp doll I like, but it's in a weird size).
nanyalin(10-07-25 01:44)
elven ears? Modify Delete 
Hello soom! congratulations on this creation, I think he  is absolutely stunning! I am intrigued by his ears; are they normal human ears, or are they pointy? I can't see them with the long wig! Thanks for reading!
Kumokasumi(10-07-24 23:37)
Vampire Modify Delete 
Up until now, I've never been interested in a Vampire doll, simply because the fangs were always sunken in and looked 'added on' at the last moment. They floated... helplessly... detached and unrelated to the rest of the mouth on unnaturally pouty lips.  The mouth on this Bloodsucker, though, is absolutely gorgeous and the teeth look like they belong there! The open eyes and graceful lines are stunning.  I look forward to seeing what you'll come up with next!
karleecakes(10-07-24 11:11)
Haunting Modify Delete 
He really is spectacular Soom, very well done.  I love how the fangs are on his lips, the best vampire face I have ever seen.
Chris(10-07-24 07:08)
Wow! Modify Delete 
This is your BEST release of the year, Soom! The fangs are the best I've ever seen, and his human head looks very nice!
Nayami(10-07-24 06:22)
GAH Modify Delete 
He's beautiful!! I simply adore his vampire fangs! PLEASE MAKE A VAMPIRE SUPER GEM WITH FANTASY PARTS!!
lazulistar(10-07-24 00:30)
I ADORE him, he's magnificent! Those are the best fangs I've seen on a doll. Bravo for making an amazing vampire!

However why are his nails painted that sick-yellow color? Bad choice for nail color!
Jaideen(10-07-23 23:24)
He is stunning. Modify Delete 
He is stunning, the clothes are fab. Quite a package,  And Hahsx: the  philosopher's stone theory existed a thousand years before anyone ever heard of Harry Potter.
MayYeo(10-07-23 18:28)
I am Soomed Modify Delete 
It had to happen any day. He's just breathtaking, thanks for making him ;___; Although I'm wondering what's the difference between the heads beside the mouth?
Shizume(10-07-23 18:05)
To hahsx
I think the philosopher's stone was a referenced to because he's an alchemist. XD
EifersuchtK(10-07-23 18:04)
Oh my!!
Sooooooooo gorgeous!!His eyes & lips is stunning!!
This new line "idealian" is breathtaking...

btw, I think his neck should be thinner*LOL*
siriusstar(10-07-23 13:29)
Exquisite! Modify Delete 
He is stunning. Alluring, refined and handsome with a gorgeous outfit. A beautiful Saint Germain like immortal vampire!

Perhaps your most beautiful doll since Sabik! I'm not that fond of vampires, but even his vampire face is gorgeous.
hahsx(10-07-23 11:16)
What's with the harry potter philosopher's stone reference along with the 16th century vampire old reference?
fransyung(10-07-23 10:34)
He's beautifulllllllllllllllllllllllllllll~ XDDDD PERFECT VAMPIREEEEE!!!
Meh(10-07-22 00:34)
Hm. Modify Delete 
I do see a little Lestat in him as well. Great job, Soom. The trend with doll vampires seems to be that the doll must look druged or have closed eyes. However, he's beautiful and, as far as I can tell, his eyes are open and wonderful! Again, perfect job! Can't wait to see more pictures!
sakuraharu(10-07-21 08:56)
Wow! Modify Delete 
You've outdone yourself!  He is as beautiful as Branon!
Xx8bloodlust8xX(10-07-21 07:59)
:D Modify Delete 
He looks amazing!! Gah and i want a different doll :(  this may hurt me. cant wait for more pictures!!
YukiOokami(10-07-21 05:03)
Wow.... Modify Delete 
He looks like by far, the best Idealian I have ever seen yet! I may just have to snatch this one up..... He looks like a cross between my Elf Sabik, Hades, and Lestat, from Interview with the Vampire... <33333333 Amazing, Soom.
jaideen(10-07-21 01:14)
He is WOW!
raitei(10-07-21 00:08)
fun4dolls(10-07-20 22:30)
Idealian Vampire
Oooo my....I think he must come home.  Look forward to seeing more pics!
fransyung(10-07-20 20:52)
T.T looks like i will buy him... not another one. oh~ >.< i keep telling myself to stop buying soom dolls, but how can i? he looks... so beautiful... T.T sooo... amazingly... need to be mine. T.T
haru(10-07-20 19:50)
he looks promising but.. what a name! XD

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