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Beryl - Love me or die
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Beryl-Love me or die


1st. order  50dolls



Release date : June 15th. 2010. 9:00 AM (KOREAN STANDARD TIME)



Skin type: Normal


* Including:


+ Beryl Human type

+ Heel parts

+ Owner's guide

+ Certificate of authenticity



* Option:


+ Face up

+ Body brushing

+ Eyes (14mm N06 moonlight)


Availability: The shipment is due to on shipping between from 15th July to 1st Aug.2010.

(If there is any problem with manufacturing process, the shipping will be delay without any notification.)


The items of Beryl; clothes, wig, shoes and etc. are on sale separately.


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Phin(10-12-25 19:36 /
Want! Modify Delete 
She's my dream doll. Wish I could order her NOW!
Sadist(10-07-17 10:52 /
STFU haha! Modify Delete 
Haha, I provoked you! Now, that's what I'm looking for! Some angry bitch on a rampage!
Miluriel(10-07-15 21:52 /
WTF is wrong with you? I just shared my opinion here, as everyone else, and I have every right to say what I think, also if I don´t own an MD!
You don´t have to get this personal just because you have another opinion. Maybe you realized that I didn´t offend anybody in the way you did! I just complained about the company, not the buyers!
There is no reason for calling me a "patetic wannabe bitch"!
And no, I´m not jealous at all, I don´t even like the sculpt!
I just complain about the fact, that the company was deliberately lying to it´s customers!
It´s my opinion, and I won´t "STFU"!
MidnightPariahs(10-07-15 00:49 /
Stop hating, haters! Modify Delete 
STFU Miluriel If you weren't jealous, you wouldn't complain. You got no right to complain when you don't even have a MD doll. You're a pathetic wannabe bitch! STFU
Miluriel(10-07-14 03:15 /
No, we have no say, they´ll decide on their own, but that doesn´t mean that we can´t complain! And there are good reasons to complain!
It´s really no Argument to say "well, that was then, and that is now!"
When they promise something, they should hold their promise!
Many people bought her for huge sums, and NOT because of her fantasy-parts, but because of her face!
And now they simply re-release it?
They don´t do it to do you a favor, they do it to get money. Nothing more.
(And by the way, there is no sense in calling me "greedy" or something like that, as I don´t even own an MD)
ItDoesn'tMatter(10-06-30 01:22 /
Quit Being Mean, Modify Delete 
To all of you who are mad...

You do realize that SOOM can do whatever they wish right? When they told you that they would never use the sculpt again, that was then. Now it is now and most likely, the market showed that they could make a serious profit if they re-released. Just get over it, you have absolutly no say in what soom does. Oh and she isn't even the same doll, her face isn't different... but everything else is.


Keep the great dolls coming ^^. I hope to see Topaz in the near future :D
TheBringer(10-06-24 11:09 /
I pity SOOM Modify Delete 
Yeah sure the doll is fantastically awesome, and I know some people are pissed that she has been 're-released' but seriously get a frickin' grip, SOOM didn't tell you to buy the dang doll OVERPRICED on marketplaces second hand, and this isn't even considered a re-release seeing as she is not in white skin nor does she have the special items that made her limited. I'd expected SOOM fans to be happy with this, like seriously, I for one thing am REALLY delighted. Though the stupidity of some people really scares me at time. Think logically for once, the world doesn't revolve around you, YOU were the one who payed for an OVERPRICED Beryl on the Marketplace on your own sheer will, SOOM never told you to buy it second hand. Geez...anyways, good job on unleashing the Beryl SOOM :D
Byakko(10-06-23 05:32 /
just passing by
Luckily, I don't really care about the MD's myself so all this disagreeable "limited dolls" rerelease situation does not consern me, but I just cant help pointing at something.)
For all who keeps repeating that "this is not MD rerelease, she is totally diffrent because she has no fantasy parts, the old limited dolls will not loose any value" - take a closer look at Coquina's hoofs. ;) To rerelease a doll with hoofs like the old Beryl's in matching scintone is such a convenient coincidence. XD
lilmissdolllover(10-06-21 05:01 /
Awwwwww Modify Delete 
I can't believe I missed her, please re-restock her :(
shatiel85(10-06-16 19:22 /
This is simply great! *-* Modify Delete 
I think that this re-releasing thing is great! *__*
This gives the chance to people to get the mold of their dreams if they missed the previous LE edition and at a more reasonable price.
I don't understand why people get so upset about it... to me the limited edition Beryl is still a different doll from this one... plus you're selling her in limited amounts once again and in a totally different version... I don't really get the point...
Companies can do whatever they like with their creations; it's their intellectual property and if they decide to re-release something even if they told they wouldn't, they do not have to ask for the buyers approval.
maomao(10-06-15 17:03 /
2 order
can please re store beryl 2nd order i just want to order now but no more already my god so fast next time i will not sleep just watch ur webside till to 9am
brenison(10-06-15 14:08 /
beryl Modify Delete 
thank you thank you soom i was one off the lucky ones who got my order in for this beautiful girl was up and ready right on 9.00 ready to hit the button as i did not want to miss out on this beautiful girl.  now the long wait for her to arrive
soomar(10-06-15 11:24 /
still hope
There is still hope for the 2st. order
Trish(10-06-15 10:40 /
Great! Thank you SOOM Modify Delete 
Thank you for re-releasing the same molds as the MD's.
Anyone who objects this is truly greedy. As someone said above, if you're concerned about the money you're in the wrong hobby to begin with. Reselling and incomplete MD doll second hand for a super high price is an insult to the original design. Soom offering us the basics of the MD's will push people to sell their MD's complete or at loss. I'd rather buy a basic SOOM of Beryl, than be sold an MD of beryl with half the parts missing and for twice the price it sold originally. Thank you.
ccneko(10-06-15 10:09 /
So soon Modify Delete 
She was sold out so soon T_T  I didn't arrive on time T_T
piktorouge(10-06-15 10:09 /
I can't believe it is gone!!! why!?  I really want to buy one pleaaaaase soom!!! give us a second chance!!
Z҉A҉L҉G҉O̚̕̚(10-06-15 10:08 /
lolwut Modify Delete 

did she just sell out in less then 20 minutes?

Nade54(10-06-15 09:14 /
Thank you
And also, to all MD Beryl owners who are happy for us... thanks for your generosity in sharing beauty with all of us...
endlessmasquerade(10-06-15 09:11 /
Rather Disappointed Modify Delete 
I'm quite disappointed with this re-release. Soom has officially stated that monthly dolls would not be re-released multiple times. I'm happy that the fantasy parts are not included and that the skintone is different, but the head mold seems to be identical. I have lost a lot of trust in this company because of this, when I buy a limited and am told that it will never be re-released I expect that promise to be upheld. I expect that you won't listen to complaints and will continue re-releasing basics of the mds, so when you do I hope that at least you'll mod off the fantasy ears to human ones and release them in different skintones than the originals. But again, I'm very disappointed in this decision and believe that it has ruined your companies reputation in many faithful customer's eyes.
Skadi(10-06-14 23:45 /
Make More Beryls!!!! Modify Delete 
I do love her, and if I can't have her I'll die! ;D
make more make more!!!!
keijogirl(10-06-14 22:46 /
Thanks for the re-release! Modify Delete 
Guys, Beryl- Neverending Dream's still limited. Get off it. :/
LOL(10-06-14 20:52 /
xD Modify Delete 
super love her please dont listen to the greedy basters who only want soom doll limited MD to sell them in inflated value in other sites .!!GO!! SOOM!! make more  doll !! :D! whe love you soom!! no matter wat!!
mikisa(10-06-14 19:32 /
Thank you Soom
Thank you very much Soom for making Monthly dolls like Beryl available again and make affordable for rest of us!  Thank you for listening to our requests!  Hope you will also make
re-release of Basic SARD and Basic Monzo!
rozanna(10-06-14 16:55 /
She's fierce and sexy at the same time! I love her and her tawny skintone! The scowl is just hot! ^^
Mirren(10-06-14 12:23 /
Beryl - Curvy!
Though she's obviously very slim, there's also a sense that she has some meat on her bones. I love her figure.
princedoll(10-06-14 12:14 /
OMG, People! Modify Delete 
I cannot believe the things I am reading. I myself personally own three MDs. I love them all, not for their resale value, but because I love them as part of my doll family. I collect for this reason. If you greedy people only care about the collector's value of the doll, then you should not be collecting period because you entirely miss the point. We are in this hobby, not for the money, but because we love the dolls. The other thing that makes me sick is after all the time people have spent pleading with Soom to re-release some of the MD dolls, now they do it and people turn on them. Maybe they won't do any more, and you all will have no one to blame but yourselves that you can't get the sculpts you love.
Alice(10-06-14 11:46 /
Very nice! Modify Delete 
I really hope you release in other skin colors!
Sarah263(10-06-14 11:43 /
Shame. Modify Delete 
Shame she has no fantasy parts.  That's a major disappointment.
Linda(10-06-14 02:53 /
You had to make it harder yet Modify Delete 
I was thinking about a MA Vega, but now I am going to get Beryl. She looks interesting and pretty.
brenison(10-06-13 19:25 /
I still love her no matter what and will be buying one as I have always loved Beryl and have got quite a few off your monthly dolls, including Cuprit and many many more.  So I am wrapped that I will be able to have the chance to get this girl even though she is in human form she is still very very beautiful thank you soom for bringing her out.  Hope you bring some nice clothes out for her that we will be able to buy.
Impressed(10-06-13 14:12 /
Be sensible Modify Delete 
Why on earth would anyone be upset about this release?

Your fancy special MD Beryl's value will NOT drop in the slightest.

MD Beryl is extremely unique and this doll will not be giving just anyone the opportunity to purchase her. This doll is missing all of the key points that make your limited Beryl special.

Starting with the basics- she does not have the limited eyes, outfit, face-up, wig, and everything else that you have if you have a fullset.
She does not have hooves. Anyone who wants the hooves will have to buy MD Beryl.
This one is clearly a different skin color. If someone did buy her and got their hands on the hooves- they wouldn't match, skin tone wise.
Honestly, an MD will always hold its value, regardless or not of whether the basic is released.

Many other companies do very similar things, and not once have I seen so many people get so angry.
Take Dream of Doll for example. They released a limited doll called Elf Ducan (who really was only Tender-eyed Elf version of another doll, Camine). Then, they released a human version who anyone can buy.
No one got so upset as you all are, and the changes weren't even this dramatic.

I think Soom made a great choice releasing this doll in the manner they have.
They're releasing a totally different version of the limited doll. The only similarity between the two is the head.
I'm glad they're able to profit more from the head sculpt that they obviously put a lot of work into.
I'm looking forward to releases of the other MDs (I hope, at least!)
Heaven(10-06-13 13:04 /
Re-release all MD's non-limited Modify Delete 
i think that you should re-release all the other MD's not in a limited way. That way we can have the same sculpt, but not the fantasy parts, that certain face-up, that way the limited ones were still limited in a way.
SadieandOtis(10-06-13 04:01 /
I love your dolls now, and I always will Modify Delete 
I just want to let you know that I love your dolls and your company. I own a number of your dolls and I will continue to collect them.  Thank you for your artistry.
TEE(10-06-13 02:15 /
Hope You Understand Modify Delete 
I don't like Beryl and I don't thik to sell her, But I the one that love your md doll, I had send this message to you because I only to say that Your MD doll is limited and they had value by them self. But right now you will destroy the value of your MD doll to down.

I thought that after you released her, many people that ever love and trust with your company will hopless and will be don't trust in your company next time.

Hope you under stand, I hope that you will keep the value of your MD doll for alway.

Please keep this for you to think again.

Soom's Lover T_T
comment123(10-06-13 00:59 /
Great work for great company Modify Delete 
thou I never had any dolls from soom but I always love soom dolls mold especially their MDs. I find it is a good idea for those who can't afford to have Mds they now could get the basic version. I don't find this is a problem at all. No matter how they re-release the MDs as basic, this girl still basic version  and is different from the limited one. She don't have the exact same eyes, clothes, hair, ears or parts of MDs. Is like other company did the same they make limiteds and basic as well. At least for now people whom once wish to own Beryl now they could have their dreams come true.

Well done Soom. ^_^
myrianu(10-06-13 00:59 /
Stunning! Modify Delete 
Oh wow; you've opened a whole new realm of possibilities with this re-release! Beryl looks beautiful in darker skin, and with that black wig, I keep thinking of her as an Egyptian Princess (which would have never worked in her pale Succubus form!). I think it's great you are re-releasing her in a new and completely different style than her first release.

I own one of your MD Teenie Gems, and the prospect of seeing them also released in normal skin is wonderful! I look forward to seeing if you will continue re-releasing dolls in the future :)
Iori(10-06-13 00:55 /
Awesome. Modify Delete 
Always wanted a Beryl re-release, it's even better than she's human 'cuz I'm not that interested in the fantasy parts, just her awesome face and body. Thanks for listening to the customers, we'll also thank you not to listen to the haters.

Luluchan, nobody gives a flying cow if you want to buy from Soom anymore or not. They get a hell lot of money without you anyway. :P
bmcqueenie(10-06-12 17:25 /
WELL DONE SOOM!!!! Modify Delete 
Please don't pay attention to the negative people, I think this is a great step you have taken ^^  Beryl looks beautiful as a regular human, proving just how versatile your sculpts can be... I can't wait to see other basic versions of your MD's should you choose to release them <3
audiencek(10-06-12 17:17 /
Lovely Modify Delete 
Soom she is just as wonderful and amazing as the first Beryl. Thank you so much for giving others the opportunity to own her, and don't stop with just Beryl!!!

Also please don't listen to what others have said on this board. Your dolls are always fantastic, keep up the fantastic work!
Melly(10-06-12 17:04 /
THANK YOU SOOM! Modify Delete 
Thank you so much for doing this, Soom! This is not a greedy move in the slightest! I hope that you can recognize that there are many people that are absolutely thrilled about these new (basic?) versions of the MDs!

Should you create another version of Amber, I will buy her without even the slightest shadow of a doubt! Cheers and keep up the great work, Soom! We love you!
Pele(10-06-12 13:51 /
Please release the rest of the MDs too! Modify Delete 
Thank you for releasing Beryl like this, I hope you sell her forever and do the same with the rest of the MD molds! I want to see basic versions of Euclase, Amber, Topaz and Skoll!
Magnastorm(10-06-12 11:51 /
another thank you Modify Delete 
Thank you so much for re-releasing her Soom. She looks stunning in NS, and no matter what some people might say I think that re-releasing her is a wonderful idea. Actually I can't believe how many people are upset about Beryl's re-release after seeing all the comments on her MD page begging for a re-release of her. Soom listened to their customers, and to me that's what's important.
tea(10-06-12 09:47 /
GREAT WORK ;) Modify Delete 
RemDeRosier(10-06-12 09:31 /
Wow she is gorgeous
Wow, the WS Beryl didn't appeal to me much, but this NS girl is simply amazing! She has a gorgeous look to her and I can't wait to see more pictures!

I know many people are upset, but I don't feel it's the same Beryl and I don't believe will effect the value of the original Beryl in the least bit!

Soom, I think you are doing an amazing job and you have wonderful dolls, and I applaud you in your decisions!!
I can't wait to see what you do in the future!
Novae(10-06-12 07:15 /
Love me or die! Modify Delete 
You heard the lady, love her or die!

Personally, I love the idea. But don't limit them to normal skin! Let's see some white, tan or gray skin too! Beryl has always been one of the most beautiful dolls I've ever seen.

I wish you'd do this with some of the tinies! They are sooo cute.

Either way, keep up the good work Soom! your dolls are beautiful, and inspirational.
kittycar(10-06-12 06:18 /
Thank you!
SOOM, I'm totally amazed! You just probably made a dream come true to many many many people all over the world including me. I adore your dolls and I'm always very sad, when I just can't buy that gorgeous Limited MD your selling or I'm really regretting missing on dolls that went sold out even before I joined the hobby.

I think this was one of your wisest decisions. Many people always wanted a chance to buy their dream doll, not because of its aftersale value or its limitedness but because of admiration of sculpt. Don't mind the others, who just can't get over it, think about US, who you made unbeliavibly happy. Don't take this happiness from us, just because someone said that bead things. They'll just have to get over it.

Thank you once again and keep on making our dollie dreams come true!
grensmel(10-06-12 05:33 /
Keep up the amazing work Modify Delete 
Soom, I just want to say that I LOVE the way Beryl looks here, and that you've done a marvelous job with her!  She's so pretty, and the NS look with the black wig are a lovely combination!

I know you've gotten a LOT of mean things yelled at you by your international customers, not just here but also over the years, and I want to apologize for the horrible way people have behaved.  There is no excuse for them to be acting the way they are, and I sincerely hope that you don't take it to heart.  Your fans are still here, waiting with baited breath for your next amazing doll!  We love you, Soom!

And as someone who has purchased one of your Monthly Dolls in the past in a group order, I want you to know that making your MDs into new releases does not upset me in the least.  I'm happy to see you releasing new versions even of these dolls that might have previously been unavailable!  :D  <3
shadowchan(10-06-12 04:36 /
Amazing... AMAZING!
I can't believe this! 
Though I suffice over Cuprit, this is a VERY big leap, beryl was released in 2008, and now in 2010 she'll reign again. First hooved girl, now first re-released girl. Very nice soom.. VERY nice
I really hope we could MAYBE get the hooves as a side-addon... That'd make my day. I doubt it though
number304(10-06-12 04:32 /
gel9 Modify Delete 
Human dolls are not a waste of sculpt! And the fantasy value of the MD is the Limitedness!

If you want the fantasy version, please go and find the 2008 Beryl. Please don't call this beautiful girl a waste of time.
ostrichbutt(10-06-12 04:01 /
Thank you Soom! Modify Delete 
Thank you so much, Soom.  Thank you for bringing light and creativity to this hobby.  Thank you for listening to us and trying to make people happy.  Please continue to do what you do.

Ignore the nasty comments.  They are not worth your time.
Lyn83so(10-06-12 03:31 /
Thank you for re-release MD doll's as basic so other's have the oportunity to BUY them with just NS and a HEAD and Body YAaaayyy
gelfling9(10-06-12 02:46 /
Skadiwants I applaud you! Modify Delete 
As the title says, I totally applaud your point, this is an issue a lot of people have forgotten...I cannot imagine how small doll companies are compared to the 'big businesses' that have been sucked under in this recession....One member on DOA said to me once ' Dolls ARE our therapy'...imagine if we lost such a great therapist as SOOM!
gel9(10-06-12 02:31 /
No human please Modify Delete 
If you're going to re-release MD dolls, please release them as fantasy dolls.  Human dolls are not interesting and it is a waste of a beautiful sculpt.
If this Beryl was grey I would consider it - normal skin is a waste on beautiful Beryl.
SkadiWants(10-06-12 02:29 /
Poor SOOM! Modify Delete 
I wouldn't dare go on a doll company's website and slag them off the way some of you are, it's shameful. In case you haven't noticed, the world has just gone through one of the worst recessions in history, even massive global companies are suffering so I hate to think what's happening to small ones dealing in niche market luxuries like this one. They need to do all they can to survive, so they can do what the hell they want with THEIR OWN CREATION. If you don't like it, go make your own exclusive dolls. They're not releasing the exact same doll as the one you bought two years ago so grow up. Please SOOM, ignore those "fans", and produce all the dolls you want to, I will definitely be buying one!
maki(10-06-12 01:29 /
SOOM is amazing Modify Delete 
I have a MD Beryl, and I really don't care Soom re-release her or not, I even feel happy cuz I'm considering to buy a normal skin Beryl as the twin sister for my original girl.

Every BJD company re-release their popular dolls, and that's why they're big (they made lots of profits by doing it), such as Volks. SOOM please continue to re-release the MD dolls, I always want a Vesuvia without fantasy parts, I'd rather to send my money to you not to those greedy 2nd market sellers. I bet they're just the angry whining people here, LOL.
varjostin(10-06-12 00:13 /
Thank you so much ;_;
I thank you deeply for this Beryl, I've always loved her face so much and I can't wait to have an opportunity to buy this doll - even in normal skin. I really hope this won't be a lottery or anything super-limited because I'm definitely wanting to buy one. Thank you so very much, please update her soon. <3
mouse the anonymous(10-06-12 00:06 /
Seriously people? Modify Delete 
You know Soom didn't lie. They said that the doll they were selling would never be sold again. This Beryl is human and in NS so all the WS fullsets are still limited. Its not like Soom made you pay the high secondhand market prices for your Beryl.

Thank you Soom for releasing NS Beryl. I for one can not wait to add her to my collection to go along with my WS Neverending Dream Beryl. Thank you!
Jaideen(10-06-11 23:54 /
Oh Modify Delete 
She is pretty.
Fauna(10-06-11 21:28 /
Happy to see this
If you intend to put at least some of the MDs out as true human version basics and not do a lottery or anything like that.  I don't have the stomach for limited ordering periods and such.  I would love to have a human Cuprit or Topaz in NS and I would be curious to see what Monzo looked like with human ears.  Alternatively, it would be nice to have an option like you did with Cass, where you could simply order the human version of the MD.

To those of you who are bawling like thwarted three-year-olds because you spent too much on Beryl on the second-hand marketplace-you do realize that Soom didn't get a penny of your $2000 or $3000 or whatever you paid, don't you?  And that this doll is NS, not WS and doesn't have any of the fantasy parts?  Your limited is still a limited.
Jolanta(10-06-11 21:09 /
YAHOO!!!!THe chance for me!!!! Modify Delete 

Dont listen to peopl;e that sat its nor fair//its fait-they are few-and those who want the Beryl-are many/you are the gratest company
gelfling9(10-06-11 21:05 /
Beryl is back - long may she reign!^^ Modify Delete 
Even if individuals were told the head mold would not be used again, I think it's time to get over is being used again, there is no point getting so upset about a doll head, a luxury item. I used to own a Beryl fullset and if I still had her, I would still be pleased to see this different version of her released.  Seriously, there are far more outrages injustices in the world than this....
citron(10-06-11 20:10 /
The problem here is not the value.. or the second … Modify Delete 
... but the way they promised that they WONT be re-releasing the MOLD. Take note: MOLD not just the fantasy parts, THE MOLD!!!

Do you think they would create brand loyalty by doing this?

I am not against re-releases, but the fact that they made such a statement and LIE afterward is just a very dirty tactic to sell.

Promises are NOT made to be broken, because if it was, NO ONE would learn how to trust.
citron(10-06-11 20:10 /
The problem here is not the value.. or the second … Modify Delete 
... but the way they promised that they WONT be re-releasing the MOLD. Take note: MOLD not just the fantasy parts, THE MOLD!!!

Do you think they would create brand loyalty by doing this?

I am not against re-releases, but the fact that they made such a statement and LIE afterward is just a very dirty tactic to sell.

Promises are NOT made to be broken, because if it was, NO ONE would learn how to trust.
citron(10-06-11 20:10 /
The problem here is not the value.. or the second … Modify Delete 
... but the way they promised that they WONT be re-releasing the MOLD. Take note: MOLD not just the fantasy parts, THE MOLD!!!

Do you think they would create brand loyalty by doing this?

I am not against re-releases, but the fact that they made such a statement and LIE afterward is just a very dirty tactic to sell.

Promises are NOT made to be broken, because if it was, NO ONE would learn how to trust.
Idk(10-06-11 19:08 /
Soom You are Awesome. Modify Delete 
Thankyou soom for making a Beryl normal release.
Now all those chumps who over price her on second hand market place can get stuffed.
I hope you do this with all the other MD's so you can ruin their day and give normal people (who aren't loaded with money) a chance to at least own a normal version of their dream doll!

Well done!
Mirren(10-06-11 18:57 /
One of my dream dolls - I was never interested in the fantasy parts, so it's great to see a human version.
Keine(10-06-11 18:55 /
I Love you SOOM!
I Love you SOOM! 
Thank you so much for re-releasing Beryl! Wow, she is just beautiful! I like her much better than her limited edition.
Dissatisfied people with dirty mouths - go kill yourself :/
SOOM is Best Company Ever =))
Nidi(10-06-11 16:19 /
Soom! That`s really great!
All you impertinent people who only said such a bullshit about Soom.. you really sucks!!!
I have 5 MDs myself (two incoming)!!! And I don`t think the Re-release sucks. Why should I think so? Perhaps I can get a doll I really love and I really want to have and I missed the chance to get this doll! I think it`s a really great idea! And I don`t be dissapointed if Soom Re-releasing a human cuprit and someone would buy her.. I have a human Cuprit myself... and? someone who loves this mold and missed the chance or is new at this hobby could perhaps get her/his Dreamdoll!! Someone could be very happy about this! I think it`s really great making people happy!

And all you, that have you MDs... you should be lucky to HAVE them... because you love them... not because of the VALUE of this Doll or becuase it`s a LIMITED Doll!!! If this is the reason you have your doll, go on and search another hobby! Then you understand the reason of collection BJDs wrong!!

I really hate people who ony want dolls because they can sell them on the second hand market for such expensive prices! You really sucks!
Sakhmet(10-06-11 16:11 /
She's still beautiful Soom! Modify Delete 
She's still just as beautiful as the first release.

I agree with those making the point that just because she's being rereleased doesn't mean anything to the owners of the original Beryl.  This girl so far appears to be completely human, no fantasy parts, no ornate gorgeous costume.  This is simply a recasting of the Beryl HEAD on a human body.  How does that constitute a cheapening of the original release?

Personally I'd LOVE to see Soom retain their MDs as the girls/boys with the gorgeous creative fantasy parts, but release strict human versions as a standard release.  I think that's fair, especially for those of us that love their faces over their fantasy parts.

Having said that, thank you Soom.  Thank you from those of us who couldn't justify or weren't sure about Beryl in the first round.  I know I've been kicking myself ever since, and now this.  You've made my day Soom, you truly have.
tallenvyaere(10-06-11 15:01 /
This is Great!
Thank you so much for re-releasing another old MD doll! Beryl look so gorgeous as NS. Please please please continue to re-release other old MDs. I am especially looking forward to a re-release of Hati/Skoll as I was not in the hobby when they were being sold, and would love a human version of them!
FYnM(10-06-11 14:17 /
Soom, you're amazing and thank you so much for releasing a new version of Beryl! She's beautiful and I love that more people will have a chance to have her lovely face in their doll families! I own one of the original girls, and we'll probably get a second now! I never thought we'd have the chance! Thank you thank you thank you! ^___^
haridollfie(10-06-11 14:05 /
This is sooooo awesome! Thank you for re-releasing!

Now if you re-release a Dia boy or a human Euclase in tan I would be even happier! Just a thought! >w<
embarrassed(10-06-11 13:00 /
The ugly side of doll collectors Modify Delete 
It's embarrassing to see the immaturity of many people I recognize from DOA, where politeness is paramount and everyone plays nice.  Soom doesn't control the aftermarket price of dolls.  That is solely due to supply and demand on that market.  If you are willing to pay a grossly inflated price for a doll you just have to have, that's your decision, and your problem should the price decline.  And if you are thinking of your dolls as an investment, you don't understand the cardinal rule of collecting: collect because you love an item, not because you think it's going to increase in value.

There is some hypocrisy at play, as well. Iplehouse has turned limited dolls into unlimited with each new issue of their Noctarcana Circus.  Numerous other companies have done similar, adding fangs or a special faceup to an otherwise ordinary doll. Not a person has complained.

Lastly, if you are going to make a fuss, use a spellchecker. Heck, the program running this website will even underline your errors with dotted red lines.  The errors in these posts are ridiculous, almost as ridiculous as the petty, greedy Soom bashing.
taka(10-06-11 11:25 /
Amber Modify Delete 
Oh please remake human Amber! Please!!
mizar(10-06-11 11:14 /
OMG!!! Modify Delete 
I waited a lot for this moment!! I can´t believe it come true she was my dream OMGOMG!!!!
wow(10-06-11 10:11 / Modify Delete 
Wow. Human version of the beryl .. cool ...
However, iple is a technologically advanced. soom still haunted by the thought might be the reputation of the past.
Sonja(10-06-11 10:02 /
Really.. Modify Delete 
There's no garuntee that Soom WILL release all the molds like this though, that's the thing. Low-sales ones might not get re-released, or they might be done very sporadically.

It's been TWO YEARS since Beryl's release, so it won't hurt sales of current MDs - if someone wants a doll NOW they'll get it now rather than wait 2 years for a doll that might not be re-released.
sephydoll(10-06-11 09:55 /
I am really happy about this - she is pretty much the only female I would want to own, but the second-hand prices are just ridiculous (I'm sorry, but the sellers are becoming extremely greedy with second-hand dolls). Now if you only re-released Sard and other MDs, *sigh*
RT12191(10-06-11 09:32 /
Bad Idea
Even though this is not the limited Beryl with the Succubus parts or clothing, it is still the same mold. That is the problem I have with her being re-released. Soom specifically said that she was not going to be re-released again and here she is. If I'm correct, her mold is what made her who she is, right? She is the only one who has that exact pouty looking face. So, yes, Soom did lie when they said that she would not be re-releasd. Those who end up buying this re-released doll could just end up buying the other parts from the Limited set second hand for a lot of money if they want, but what they would pay is still nothing close to those who bought the real Beryl second hand. Also, the value of Beryl will decline and that is not fair to those who bought her. I have a Soom MD Topaz and Soom MD Chrom and I am afraid that this will happen to them too. But, I am hoping that it will not get to that point and that they will stop at Beryl or change their mind and not release her at all.

Soom, I believe that if you do this with the other MDs you have made, your future sells of your future MDs will drop significantly because people will just think "Oh, I'll just wait until they re-release the doll because they aren't really limited if they are the same exact mold."
Maxxie(10-06-11 09:20 /
Get over yourselves Modify Delete 
Seriously people?

The monthly Beryl is still limited edition! All you people that are bitching about paying the secondhand prices would still have to pay it if you wanted her in white skin or with her fantasy parts!

And for those calling them greedy? Go back and look at all the comments on the old MD's, and tell me how many comments there were asking for a re-release. How dare a company take it's customers ideas and listen to them!

Get over yourselves and grow up! I'm glad they're releasing simple versions, it's a great opportunity for a lot of people!
spcecadet(10-06-11 08:21 /
People People!
Technically, Soom wasn't lying when they said the original Beryl was a Limited Edition. With the sum of all her parts, she was limited, now, she is simply Beryl without any of the limited parts. Yes, this is similar to what Iple does. But it's NOT a bad thing. Not everyone wants to pay boatloads of money for a fancy paint job and clothes, that's why Iple releases "Basic" versions, because they're cheaper, and then not everyone buys the limited one without all the cool options. Get over yourselves. It's not Soom's fault people buy up their Limiteds and then sell them for even more. It's the original buyer who is greedy. Not Soom. So seriously, recognize a good thing when it bites you in the ass.
taintedrose(10-06-11 07:02 /
Beautiful! ^3^
Oh wow, she is just beautiful! I like her better than her limited edition. Just wow. Too bad I do not have a character for her, or else I would buy her.
Please do the same for Amber! <3
girlinblack(10-06-11 06:14 /
Thank you Soom!
I registered only to thank you for releasing human versions of the MDs. I love the idea and will most probably get some Teenie Gems that I missed the first time when you get around to release them.
Sabrina(10-06-11 06:04 /
Thank you! Modify Delete 
Soom, you are a wonderful doll company who listens to the desires of your customers!

I have always regretted missing out on the release of Beryl, I saw her being sold second hand, but thought the price was much too high and always said I would wait, and Soom would eventually release her again.

I was so surprised that my dream doll would be your first re-release, this is an AMAZING opportunity, I cannot wait to bring her home :)
annie(10-06-11 05:58 /
Thank you SOOM! Modify Delete 
Ignore the people complaining about release of these molds! If they paid the aftermarket price, so be it. They shouldn't whine that they spent so much when demand is what set the price they at the time happily paid.

Other companies are constantly re-releasing limiteds and no one complains, so just brush it off and keep doing exactly as you have been. You release some of the most unique dolls on the market and I can't wait to see what you come up with each month. ^_^

(If you re-release Amber I will HAPPILY snatch her up!)

Thank you for giving those of us who missed out another shot and keep up the good work! Your dolls are AMAZING!
lycansea(10-06-11 05:22 /
Thanks! Modify Delete 
Now, if you could only rerelease Sard in normal skin, or offer Dia in white skin again, or even Monzo on the SuperGem body preferably in grey skin, I would your fan to the end of my life!
VanHelsing(10-06-11 05:13 /
Very Cool Modify Delete 
I think it's great idea, she looks the fantastic! Please Soom to ignore the negative ones as they are selfish and full of Bavarian creme!
Sonja(10-06-11 05:11 /
Thank you! Modify Delete 
Now if you would please release a normal version of Hati/Skoll. I already own one, but I would love to have a second, human one =)

Your dolls are amazing, and I'm glad you are releasing a human version of one of the MD sculpts. It will make it so much easier for people to get the doll they love.

Everyone else scolding you should be ashamed. She is human, all the limited sculpt parts aren't included and she's not WS. What shameful accusations!
ria_silver(10-06-11 05:02 /
Thank you! Modify Delete 
Soom, please ignore the negative comments. Thank you so much for re-releasing this beautiful girl. I really hope you plan to re-release a normal skin Euclase and Onyx too. Thank you so much!
mienaihane(10-06-11 03:46 /
Wonderful! Modify Delete 
She looks beautiful, thank you Soom for releasing a human version of this lovely girl. I think she is even more attractive than the original CW version.

This is a great opportunity for people who were not even buying dolls during the original release, and will surely bring in more customers to have their sought-after Beryl. Thank you!
bandit1971(10-06-11 03:30 /
Thank you!
SOOM, I love you.
Lots and lots of people loved the old MD dolls but missed out on their chance to buy them.
I think this is an AMAZING idea to sell just her as a NS Human, as opposed to her as a CW Fantasy. She's not the same doll, but she is all at the same time.

I really hope you do this with the other MD dolls!
Releasemenotagain(10-06-11 03:22 /
Greedy decission Modify Delete 
Do you know what "prestigious" is or you only know the meaning of "money"? Prestigious is something that you are loosing re-releasing your limited MD's.

It is absolutely unfair for people who bought Beryl (and MORE unfair for people who paid the HUGE prices of the second hand market).

The problem is not to release a limited doll as a standard... IPLE do it, and other companies too. The problem is TO LIE to your customers, TO PROMISE Beryl will be never for sale again. You are terrible liars. There is no matter is she now is NS or just human... lot of people paid Huge prices for just 'human' MD's (because they thought the MD's will be never released again... and they tought it because SOOM ASSURES IT several times).

It very sifficult to trust you now...

And what is about the poor Olivine? She was not Limited and you killed her... so she suddenly dissapears. Do you plan one more re-release or she doesn't make enought money?
lilykoi(10-06-11 02:43 /
She looks great! Modify Delete 
I think she's a beautiful doll and I really like her in the normal skin version, I prefer her like this actually. I think this will give people who couldn't get her before, an opportunity to get her now. Plus with different skin options, it gives people more play/character options. I think she'd be lovely in gray also.
Elysse(10-06-11 02:23 /
Beautiful! Modify Delete 
I'm very excited about this new Beryl. So lovely!
Avery(10-06-11 02:22 /
Hmm... Modify Delete 
I own one of the original Beryl dolls and at first I was like this really just seems wrong and might devalue my own Beryl a bit. But wow she's gorgeous and I couldn't mind a twin for my boy, haha. I didn't buy my beryl because it was limited or its resale value, I did because I loved the doll. I just wished you did a BOY Beryl version instead because a few of us have boys (like me). And I hope she isn't limited to 1 or 7, a lot of us HATE those types of limiteds. No customer should have to fight or crash the site to have to get a doll! I hope she's a basic version!
cotterpin(10-06-11 02:19 /
thank you for appealing to different tastes Modify Delete 
I'm the owner of several Soom MD dolls and I do believe their basic versions will never replace them. Beryl here is so different and she will never replace the Limited version.

It's fantastic to see her in normal skin tone, I'm a normal skin tone fan and was always disappointed by all the White Resin MD releases. Also, if this Beryl is Gem size, she has even less in common and now you are appealing to those who hoped for the smaller/shorter size.

We all have different tastes, many loved Monzo's ears, I love his face but I think he'd be a dream with human ears. I am happy you are appealing to many different people here.
rainnocturne(10-06-11 02:01 /
But maybe next time if people ask you if a doll sculpt is limited it would be wiser to say "We don't know what our future plans are yet" instead of saying "this face sculpt will never be used again".

I hope all of you that have waited and hoped for her get her though. :)
Soomlover(10-06-11 01:12 /
Yaay GEM Beryl!!! Modify Delete 
Yaay saw that this doll is under GEM Doll catogory. Does it mean that she ONLY will be 60 cm high?? Yay <3  =3
Amy(10-06-11 00:52 /
Grey skin option? Modify Delete 
It would be really great if you could offer her in grey skin!
Is that the Breccia body?
namine(10-06-11 00:52 /
lol Modify Delete 
the evil comments of some buyers  are funny!! they are bleeding for money??LOL i  am happy wit this basic beryl love it!! soom keep up the good work!!and  dont let stupid  comments from haters ruin  you planes  :D
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