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Aphan – Half Goat God
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   · Skin,Faceup and Body Painting
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* Ordering period : From Jun.11th. to Jun.30th
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service, plz click the Related Product "Removing Seam [MD] on the bottom of page.
* Please understand that it is not possible to provide 'Removing Seam Service' for Aphan- bronze resin.
ppyamie(15-07-17 02:17 /
Please sell it again!!
He is so cute!!!I fell in love with him since I first saw him.
I became a fan of bjd this year,so it's too hard for me to get him.
When will he be sold again?
Will he be sold again?  T.T
Sana(10-09-25 00:14 /
bigger Modify Delete 
He's perfect I'm gonna buy him again. My only complain is that his private parts? could be bigger.. As I see it he lloks amost like a girl down there.
Megan(10-08-11 05:38 /
Please make more! Modify Delete 
Please make more dolls this size!  I would love to see a doll like this, but with deer hooves and antlers like your Teenie Ai and Afi.
Sarah(10-06-29 10:53 /
Wow! Modify Delete 
Please release girls and use the Rosette body!
cometblack(10-06-24 12:52 /
Yay MSD's!
I wish i had money to buy the bronze aphan! I've been waiting for you guys to bring out 40cm's so glad i did these are amazing i can't wait to see what other ones you come out with. Also love the bodies, look very poseable and easier to take pictures with. :D hope you make a half rat/mouse 40cm sometime.
dolly(10-06-22 08:07 /
Amazing! Modify Delete 
Yay, finally mini size fantasy dolls, thank you Soom! These two are so cute,  and I really, really love how posable they are. I hope you will make more doll sizes this posable too!
Loveivelovelovelove(10-06-18 06:00 /
Topazzz<3 Modify Delete 
Typographer01(10-06-17 23:51 /
Ummm Modify Delete 
Maybe it's just the editor in me, but the lables on the bronze boy photos for the "hooves" and "horns" are reversed. The image of the hooves is labeled "horns" and the image of the horns is labeled "hooves". I understand the language barrier but this is just silly.

Still they are lovely and adorable as per usual Soom.
Rabi(10-06-17 04:34 /
MSD! Modify Delete 
I can see hooves again ... and it seams like the hooves are getting less and less well made each time...

Anyway, I realy loved SOOM MSDs!I think MSD is the perfect size. The boys are pretty, really cute headmold and a nice body.
Soom's tan color is lovely too...

I just wanted an inspiration other than "fantasy creatures with hooves and horns..."
I'm not desapointed, I just think you can do much better than that.
Kae(10-06-15 14:17 /
Wow! Modify Delete 
Ohh, these boys are gorgeous. I'm totally in love with the cream white boy. I'm hoping this means there's going to be a new MSD basic line from SOOM, as well! :D
Siriusstar(10-06-14 03:50 /
Lovely boys! Modify Delete 
These are lovely little boys! I look forward to ordering the CW one.

Many compliments to the photorapher! These pictures are beautiful.
Zinling(10-06-13 20:01 /
Cool Modify Delete 
Think it's very nice that you're now producing MSD MD! :D
I really hope that more will come, it isn't a goat boy I need.
Keep the good work up
Azyntil(10-06-13 08:04 /
Yays! Modify Delete 
This is gonna be the first doll I order from you guys! Great! He's just awesome, though, I'll have to wait until later in the month to place the order. Gotta get paid. ^^*
kasshan(10-06-13 03:45 /
Just ordered!!
i just ordered him in white, its my first doll from this company, i cant wait!!!!!
Britt(10-06-13 01:42 /
Adorable Modify Delete 
So cute... I wish the pan pipes were for sale though! I'd love those.
violetpoof(10-06-12 18:25 /
awr~ Modify Delete 
No tails ;___; I thought they'd come with tails...still want one though.
Somebody(10-06-12 12:39 /
Ooohh!! Modify Delete 
Hot damn I REALLY REALLY wish I had money! I want the little bronze one so bad! I'm a little dissapointed in the leg fur detail, but I am in LOVE with not only the deer ears, but that adorable face! GOD, YOU MAKE MY LIFE SO HARD.
Novae(10-06-12 06:58 /
I love them! Modify Delete 
Oh they are awesome!
I can't believe you made MSD monthly dolls! They look amazing! and the hooves are wonderful! I can't wait to see more! I'm hoping for paws!
karleecakes(10-06-12 06:14 /
So CUTE Modify Delete 
These guys are adorable, and I can really notice the likeness to Amber. I am so tempted by the little white one. Great job again! there faces and ears are so beautifully sculpted.
Poiizu(10-06-12 02:44 /
I just put Aphan Bronze Skin on layaway XD He is SO CUTE! Thank you SO MUCH!
malle111(10-06-11 23:08 /
Gorjizz Modify Delete 
These are amazing, Soom, I officially love you for making MSD's. I've been waiting for this forever ♥
catdancer(10-06-11 22:50 /
Love them!
I have been waiting for a Pan/Saytr doll for a while,, thank you!!
Eriny(10-06-11 21:30 /
question Modify Delete 
This might sound silly, but I've never bought a doll here before. Do they come put together already in their fawn form? Or do you have to change it yourself? I've never done that. Is there someone who can explain how to do so if I want the fawn parts already together on it? Thanks so much.
Smiler(10-06-11 14:28 /
Adorable! Modify Delete 
Oh wow! They're adorable! 1/4? My hat is off to you, Soom!
arcadegel(10-06-11 10:13 /
What's this?
A MSD sized MD?
First Mega Gem now this.
Praise Soom for trying new things! Surely interesting.
ayperi(10-06-10 23:58 /
D: they look so cool!
Oh noooo! I've considered a boy in my collection D: this might work out ;; I hope I don't like it enough, but I probably will ; ; will await more pictures X.x;
whooganana(10-06-10 20:29 /
I'm so excited to see what you do with MSD size, Ive really been waiting for these, Please make a mature msd girl Plaese
Reiyuu(10-06-10 18:43 /
NIcely done soom :) Modify Delete 
Well done once again guys. and kudos on what looks like a new scale option for the MD's!  they look fantastic.
Lauren(10-06-10 12:27 /
eh Modify Delete 
They sure look cute! but i was really hoping for a SD...oh well you cant please everyone! nice job as always Soom(:
aisu(10-06-10 12:14 /
Hope Modify Delete 
Well, I hope it's bigger than 1/6 and smaller than 1/4.. 1/5? xD
Coz I already have 2 1/4s at home =s
It will be great if it's 1/5 so he can be my Yrie's elder brother x3
Eriny(10-06-10 12:05 /
WOW! Modify Delete 
omg wow, I hope I have enough money saved by my birthday in two days to get one of these guys.
kasshan(10-06-10 07:08 /
ive been wanting to get an MSD for quite a while, and these are so cute!!!!
Haruka(10-06-10 06:54 /
=D!!! Modify Delete 
Will you be making girls too?  With bodies that aren't childlike?
Mature body girls please  =D!!!
Mel(10-06-10 06:08 /
Oh way too cute Modify Delete 
Its Grover.
Its my birthday dollie. I want they so badly it hurts.
fransyung(10-06-10 02:13 /
MSD BODY??? Modify Delete 
Will you create a new doll line for MSD? ^^ This is awesome!
Avery(10-06-10 02:10 /
YES! FINALLY Modify Delete 
I've been waiting for some MSD sizes since they are my favorite. I've fallen so hard!
Mika(10-06-09 23:00 /
Wow! Modify Delete 
Very cute *A*
I really hope they are mature body MSD :)
palartok(10-06-09 22:55 /
absolutely lovely
They're wonderful! I'm keeping my fingers crossed, though: please don't be over 35 cm..
Gunter(10-06-09 22:13 /
SO CUTE! Modify Delete 
Eeeeeeh~  You did such a good time this time around!  Their faces are just so darn cute, and the little horns! >3<  Please tell me they have a goat tell attached to their outfit!
Harumi(10-06-09 21:52 /
GOats? Modify Delete 
Kids? 40 cm? OMG!! =D
I dunno but looks like if the both of them were boys..ANDI LOVE IT =D!!!
MSD MSD MSD <3!!!!!
Pie(10-06-09 20:42 /
Msd!!!!!! Modify Delete 
MSD size!  YES!  Finally!
Thank you so much!  Please release girls!
Gwenithcoy(10-06-09 20:31 /
WOW! Adorable! Modify Delete 
Oh Soom, you guys do awesome work!  These guys are too cute!! :)
akihito(10-06-09 20:01 /
they are really cute *A*! I like them~
they really look like msd ones...
Niki(10-06-09 19:57 /
perfect! Modify Delete 
Really seem that are msd, though i would wish that they was yosd
aisu(10-06-09 19:42 /
nice! Modify Delete 
i agree.. it looks 1/4..
i like! ><
Dobry(10-06-09 19:14 /
cute!! Modify Delete 
They look like they are MSD size??
and they are super cute!