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Pangen - Invoker
   · Price :
   · Points :
   · Hero Parts :
   · Face Up :
   · Body Painting :
   · Eyes :
   · Wig :
   · Outfit & Shoes :
   · Quantity :


* Ordering period : From June.7rd. to June.30th.

* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
theboymodels(10-06-08 16:17)
eyebrow Modify Delete 
Can i get this doll in normal eyebrow?
sakuraharu(10-06-07 22:56)
skin color Modify Delete 
It is possible to order Pangen in normal skin?
haru(10-06-07 20:37)
please post some profile side picture of the face we want to see the nose and the mask ^^
theboymodels(10-06-07 10:08)
it's June 7th Modify Delete 
i's 7th June. Still waiting
Vile(10-06-06 08:40)
Oi Modify Delete 
All dolls that have not yet reached their release date will show Sold out. The pictures and posting on the site are for teaser purposes only at this point in time. When June 7th arrives the doll will go on sale. But not before.
theboymodels(10-06-06 00:59)
Why sold out??
Dear Dollsoom,
 I would like to order 'Pangen' on June 7th but last night I came to the website and they said 'SOLD OUT' on June 5th T_T so how can I order this doll.

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