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[MD/Feb] Breccia - Moon Wish
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* Ordering period : From Feb.25rd. to Mar.10th.

* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for the Cream White Skin 'Breccia-Moon Wish', 
   Plz click the Related Parodcut 'Removing seam[MD]-Legend SG' on the bottom of page.

Marina(11-01-04 00:45 /
Perfect Modify Delete 
She's the most beautiful doll of this height I've seen. I wish you release her again, if not limited, in a basic edition. She's gorgeous.
missimissi(10-08-29 04:14 /
She looks wonderful!
I think everyone's being too critical towards her. I think Breccia is the prettiest and most feminine Soom doll. She's the best female Soom MD in my opinion. Everyone has different tastes and Soom seems to be working hard to produce something for everyone and probably wanted to try something a little different instead of producing the exact same body repeatedly.
Lighthearted(10-06-23 23:21 /
Im a little dissapointed Modify Delete 
The legs are perfect! But rest of the doll don't fit with them at all.. I would love to have those feet for a smaller doll, not a busty lady. :I The woman doesn't look like a fox to me, it's almost like a bad cosplay, with the too big and misplaced ears. >:/
Also, I don't like the fact they have only 3 toes! Thats not normal for foxes, cats, dogs or wolves.
Sorry for being so critical, but I think you guys should study animal anatomy more.
Anyways, good luck with new dolls!
jw(10-05-01 07:30 /
I am so excited! Modify Delete 
I am so excited, I can't wait to receive her. Only a few months till she is here. And don't listen to the critics, no doll company can make dolls as beautiful as Soom!
Noni(10-04-25 09:26 /
Design flaws Modify Delete 
I love the body type for this doll, but the attempt to make her look like a fox seems half done. I agree with the commenter about the tail and the chiwawa issue. Those ears are just too big, and too far down on her head to seem foxy. They're also not painted well enough for such dark red hair surrounding them. They look incomplete and wrinkly. If I buy this doll, limited edition or not, the ears would be coming off immediately and placed in my scrap parts drawer.
arsinic(10-04-01 09:07 /
Boy next time? Modify Delete 
I would be kicking myself for missing this one -if- it had been a boy instead of girl.
xxx(10-03-25 20:48 /
New body type! Modify Delete 
Please release more dolls with this beautiful big breast type body!
A girl with the big breast type body, a face like Breccia or Cuprit, and fantasy coloured resin would be STUNNING.
KawaiiAngel(10-03-11 01:18 /
god i love her Modify Delete 
she is just so breathtakeingly beautiful oh i wish i could have her tho ill never have her i came into the world of dolls randomly still dont own any myself but i wish i could just dont have the money her eyes are so beautiful you can get lost in them i love her little paws they are so cute and she is varry well made i love her
kwiksilva(10-03-10 13:28 /
This is the first MD I've decided to get and I'm so excited!!! She's so perfect I had to make her mine!
Neta(10-03-10 04:34 /
The best MD so far ! Modify Delete 
I think she's the most beautiful MD so far, so beautiful that I have finally decided to buy one of your limited dolls :)
Ran(10-03-09 08:15 /
She is so adorable! If I had the money to spend on a female doll, I'd be so tempted to buy her.
Sakhmet(10-03-08 16:46 /
Thumbs up Soom!
I really like the new fox leg design.  They look nicely streamlined, and the smaller paws are kind of a surprise.  Well done Soom, keep up the fantastic, and very creative work.
Eri(10-03-08 14:14 /
Amazing! Modify Delete 
Shes amazing! I love the sweetness of her face. The new headcap design is a really good idea, its very nice and it makes her look good with or without a wig. I love seeing big breast pieces on dolls, its actually quite hard to find them. The fox feet look excellent as well. Even if she would have a hard time standing up with those little paws, a doll as beautiful as this can pull off any other pose with ease.
Hebeth(10-03-06 01:31 /
:( Modify Delete 
She looks like a Chihuahua :S
Chise(10-03-04 13:22 /
Im very disappointed on Sooms facts Modify Delete 
If she is a fox then where is the full shade of the orange and white tip of a tail. Soom needs to get their facts straight before making a presentable looking doll to the type of creature. A fox doesnt have a white tail only a full white fox does. This fox girl is orange and the white tail just look like if she is a cat... Sorry this doll is disappointing.
Jaideen(10-03-04 03:23 /
I have converted Modify Delete 
And Soomed again. I've seen the regular photos from the store and this girl is beyound stunning!  Also the breasts are not as large as they first seem so if any future buyers are not sure about them; trust me; just buy this girl. I did. And did I mention the head cap?  What a fab look!  Definatly going to let her go wigless just to display that feature at times.
Tinuviel(10-03-04 00:12 /
I haven´t like any MD doll so much  as Breccia since Vesuvia! I dont want to tell that other MD dolls are bad, they are all wonderful, but Breccia is something so special for me - sensual, beautiful, passionate and at the same time so pure and a little bit naive. She is a perfect doll for me, and I cant wait to recieve her! Thank you very much, Soom!
karleecakes(10-03-03 15:57 /
:) Modify Delete 
I am so glad to hear that others enjoy her too. All the negative comments were getting a bit much. I think these dolls are pieces of art and will be treasured. I know I cannot wait to receive mine.
glamad(10-03-03 13:48 /
support Modify Delete 
I can't agree more. this new doll and the new body are lovely.
jesswight(10-03-03 07:18 /
I agree with the statment below! Modify Delete 
We are lucky to be able to purchase such lovely works of art, no other doll company holds a candle to Soom! They make the best and most unique dolls available.

No one is entitled to say things so cruel, you have not the skills to make such beauty.

Beautiful Soom! I love her and the new breast is perfect :)
What a pity(10-03-03 03:11 /
*Shakes head* Modify Delete 
Soom makes wonderful and exciting dolls and all some of you can do is talk down to Soom and make negative comments. This makes me feel ashamed to even be apart of this doll hobby. Their quality is above ( and beyond ) a lot of other companies out there and yet you only want to click your tongue and complain about everything from design to price tag.

If you would like MSD size MD's why not write meaningful emails instead of bitc*ing about it on dolls they've obviously put a lot of time and effort into releasing.

The lack of tactfulness here is shameful.

I love her design and I think she is wonderful. Her face is so delicate and her fox parts are exciting!
karna(10-03-03 01:36 /
I have been looking for the perfect doll for a while now, and here she is!
Only problem is i cannot afford her at this moment.
I Only hope that when I do have have the money that You have something close to her.
Erina_Nobara(10-02-27 05:15 /
Beautiful Modify Delete 
She looks fabulous! I wish she was also available with a more tan skin tone though. She's so gorgeous. If only I had the money to purchase her. ;A; I hope to see more foxes and satyrs from you. I love it!
catw07(10-02-26 14:20 /
Good and Bad Modify Delete 
Over all, I think she is a really cute doll! I'll order her if I can come up with the money in time. :) Its great to see some really original looking fantasy parts and a completely new theme. I'm not too thrilled with the new head cap design though. I also suggest that for future dolls you offer breast size as an option like Iplehouse does.
glamad(10-02-26 11:18 /
She is breathtaking. I think she is best soom dolls ever. Love the bigger breast too! Great job
MarinaCG(10-02-26 07:11 /
Pretty doll
She's perfect but I can't pay her. Well, I'll have my winny dee at least <3

Although in my opinion she would be better with smaller breasts and a sleeping face. And maybe a less poker face, more cheerful! :D But she's gorgeous, if I had the money I would buy her for sure!

Well done soom!
kysis(10-02-26 04:44 /
wow Modify Delete 
here I am, going on a kitsune craze, and low an behold this gal comes out! Darn, I hope I can afford her!

She's so beautiful!
Lian(10-02-26 03:50 /
SO CUTE!! Modify Delete 
Her face up so great!
I like her. :D
Nayami(10-02-26 02:53 /
Eh. Modify Delete 
Ah Im a little disappointed. She's kinda plain in my opinion. You guys Wow'ed me with Chalco with the extra bits and pieces and the daringness on with facial markings. But this? Meh, I don't think its your best work and I have NO idea hows shes going to stand with that crazy upper body weight and tiny paws. Im not trying to be mean here! Everyone has their opinions! Shes not ugly..but meh, def nothing I'd be excited about.
But good work! As long as people are happy you're happy!! And thats all that matters ;p
KuroiAisu(10-02-26 02:44 /
:3 Modify Delete 
She's one of the most beauitful dolls yet. I think the larger chest really suits her. You out did yourselves again. Keep up the amazing work.
spyder66(10-02-26 02:23 /
She's awesome!
I really love her! She is a wonderful design and I'm so happy to see magnetic ears!

But she is also SOOO expensive! I must say I also agree with the people who would like you to release MSD size fantasy dolls. Some of us don't have the room or the money for so many big expensive dolls! I love the tinies last year and bought 3 of them :) The price and size of the tinies was a welcome relief. I love my Sard too but I can't afford so many dolls whose BASE price is $740
sugarcoated(10-02-26 02:17 /
Bigger?! Modify Delete 
Bigger boobs? =X Seriously? I'm having a hard time believing it will stand up with a combination of even bigger versions of the already top-heavy and rather unsteady Super Gem girl and those tiny paws to balance on! Well, hopefully you'll prove me wrong, because I really do like those little paw feet. Wish they had that extra joint though. Can't wait to see the tiny version! <3
Malle111(10-02-26 01:59 /
Disappointing. Modify Delete 
Really, really disappointing.
I would like to see something else from you then.. SD's and Tinies. I hope you go for MSD's next time, Soom.
And what's with the giant breasts? Seriously.. enough with the porn star look.
Jaideen(10-02-26 01:50 /
Why??????? Modify Delete 
What is up with the giant chest? She is so beautiful except for the giant set of breasts. Just my opinion; but it would be really really nice if you gave the option of a smaller chest instead of just the adult porn star look.
Crionigirl(10-02-25 23:12 /
^.^ Modify Delete 
I must say this is a huge improvement from the eagle feet, hooves and horns. I love her ears and her big white fluffy tail, I want to pet it :DDD
Hey, if you happen to have an extra one to spare, you wouldn't mind giving me one as a present would you? :3 lol
Gotiks(10-02-25 22:15 /
Breast? Modify Delete 
Is it possible to see the new breast part without clothes? I hope everyone want to know exactly, what they are buying =)
nekopoychan(10-02-25 19:47 /
So cute Modify Delete 
She so cute ><b
Can't wait to see more !!!!!!
tommiegary13(10-02-25 16:31 /
wow Modify Delete 
she is so cute and those eyes are so big! anyone heard when she goes on sell?
cherrychan01(10-02-25 15:52 /
Amazing! Modify Delete 
OMG! It looks just like the fox doll I dreamed about! Why must you tempt me?! Now I will have to sell my old dolls and get this one! So amazing!!!
ayperi(10-02-25 08:09 /
wow o.o
Why must you tempt me so?! D: This one is looking so pretty, I don't need to get another doll X_x; Gonna be keeping an eye on this one <3
hayde(10-02-25 06:57 /
Very lovely face!
I love this girl already, but like the others, I'm curious to know if she's smaller than Super Gem size. I myself am hoping for a Gem sized MD. It's time! :3

 Still, a gorgeous face! Your girls have been absolutely stunning lately! Soom, you're on a roll! Can't wait to see more. I'm in love with those hands!
Paddishtou(10-02-25 00:11 /
Interesting Modify Delete 
Cute preview.
I'm now hoping it's a 40cm size.
Shuga Youko(10-02-24 15:28 /
Vixen or Cat? Modify Delete 
I'm still thinking about her... She's truly gorgeous! Love her eyes and her hands <3

She MUST be a catgirl x.x I can't afford a foxgirl at the moment ;3; But I'm already in love with her without knowing what she really is.
namine(10-02-24 14:21 /
Very Lovely Modify Delete 
if shes a fox girs shes very cute!
misuka(10-02-24 09:49 /
Fox? Amazing with the moon. I would have expected a bunny with the moon though. I love her hands, fantastic!
midstar7(10-02-24 09:24 /
Most beautiful girl since Cuprit... Modify Delete 
I agree that while she is really beautiful and another work of art, I'd very much like to see her as a slim bodied MSD, or even a mature bodied Gem sized doll.  A Mini Gem would be quite striking too.
I already have my Cuprit here at home and think that one Super Gem is probably quite enough for this household. ^_^;;

She is very beautiful all the same though!  Her small nose and big lips are just perfect.  Keep up the amazing work!
dolly(10-02-24 08:19 /
Lovely face!
She certainly is stunning and her ears are adorable! I would love to get her but Super Gem girls are just too big for me. ;_; I hope to see such a beauty in closer to Gem size.
anonymous(10-02-24 07:49 /
MSD size please Soom! Modify Delete 
Her face is absolutely stunning, but many of us have no room for dolls as big as Super Gem anymore.  We'd really like to see dolls like this in a much smaller (MSD) size.  Please don't let her be another Super Gem! T_T
kitkaze(10-02-24 07:38 /
ears! Modify Delete 
I hope she has no human ears and just the canid ears!
Karleecakes(10-02-24 05:03 /
So lovely Modify Delete 
She looks wonderful so far! I can't wait to see the rest of her and hopefully buy my first Soom Monthly
glamad(10-02-24 02:16 /
I hope she is MD (68cm). One of the best looking doll!
anonymous(10-02-24 01:13 /
SO CUTE XD!! Modify Delete 
she is precious soom! I hope she is msd, plz let her be msd!
AgentPanda(10-02-23 23:37 /
Looks like a fox to me~ Modify Delete 
Oh gosh she is pretty so far, love the looks of what i can see. She looks like a fox to me, she is breathtaking so far cant wait for more official photo's.

I hope this means we will see tiny little fox kits in the future!!!
MarinaCG(10-02-23 23:32 /
Breathtaking! Modify Delete 
She's stunning, look at that face, wow, breathtaking. But I'm still paying Ai!!! T_T and I don't know what to do with a Super Gem sized girl O_O She's too big for my house!! xD
Malle111(10-02-23 23:12 /
Wonderful! Modify Delete 
Now please, Soom, let her be msd sized!
She is gorgeous! Her face is stunning, and I love love love her ears <3
Dont let me down ;3
VilaStar(10-02-23 22:52 /
CUTE Modify Delete 
she is cute, I cant wait to se more!
Belkis(10-02-23 20:28 /
Hope she will be a Super Gem! Cute fox ^_^
fransyung(10-02-23 19:32 /
wow ^^ Modify Delete 
I wish you will release a male version of a fox! XD She's stunning, but I'd prefer male dolls... >_<
anoymous(10-02-23 19:09 /
Really? Modify Delete 
Soom has done a wonderfull job making this girl. ^^ although after chalco i'm a little disappointed. still, I can't wai to see more pics! I hope they prove me wrong~
Reiyuu(10-02-23 19:03 /
Year of the Tiger.... Modify Delete 
Would be kinda nice if she was feline, seeing as its year of the tiger. Wolf or fox is fine though :) either way I am smitten ... Well done Soom!
LSK(10-02-23 18:55 /
Another Gorgeous Doll!! Modify Delete 
She is breathtaking Soom! Just when I believed that I wouldn't want another SG MD
you give us this beautiful girl. I'll be truly devastated if I can't bring her home.
Your dolls are always more beautiful than the last, keep up the amazing work XD
merrymina(10-02-23 17:54 /
Vixen? Modify Delete 
I'm looking forward to how she pans out. I'm guessing she's a fox/vixen by those ears and hands. If she is, I know I want tinies!
Thanatchaya(10-02-23 17:51 /
Is she a wolf? Modify Delete 
Can't wait to see more.