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[MD/Dec] Ai - Winnie Dee
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* Ordering Period : From Dec.23rd to Jan.10th 2010.
* This period could be closed earlier than noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam Service, plz clkick the RElated Product "Removing seam [MD]on the bottom of page.
Maeee(11-03-16 12:57 /
Will there be another re-release? Modify Delete 
I really love to have her, oh please tell me she'll be back? D:
ShadowChan(10-01-21 04:03 /
Oh my, a sweet little deer to bring home. Modify Delete 
I can't wait for this girl tob e in my arms, She'kll be a great addition to my family. Everyone in my household is quit happy to have another doll, especially an MD into the house <3

Well done, Soom. Well done.
Calfuray(10-01-06 07:12 /
Aww~! Modify Delete 
omg, I want her sooo bad!
Mortifox(09-12-30 02:49 /
Bringing home a forest angel
You have no idea how happy you have made me. This little one will be one of my most prised possesions. I have 1 little critique though... I really wish that her open eyed head had the long ears too. But I will love her all the same :)
sky1848(09-12-25 14:38 /
Nice job
I love it~
Masa(09-12-24 05:34 /
Ai is adorable Modify Delete 
Ai is SO adorable!
Her fists look so touching and decisive.
I think these children are the best since the first pair.
taliamarie(09-12-23 22:32 /
love it, I cannot wait till she's home
This really is a beautiful little faun. More than I could have even hoped for. Thanks again for another wonderful sculpt. Even with hooves they're remarkably different from any of the other hoofling babies. Well done and happy holidays! ;)
MagicBunny(09-12-23 21:50 /
Adorable! Modify Delete 
Don't forget to take a look at the detail at the back of the faun legs! Both of these dolls are precious, but the blush on this little doll's face makes her -- her to me anyway -- hard to resist. A very delicate and lovely doll! Also, the pink clothes are perfect compliments to the blushing.
jong09(09-12-23 16:53 /
So cute~!
So cute~!>///<