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[FFD] Vega [Male type] - normal skin
   · Price :
   · Points :
· Manufacturing company
: Soom
   · Face up:
   · Body brushing:
   · Skin type:Normal
   · Quantity :


* Magnet attaching instruction:

You drop one drop of glue, and you fix in magnet halls of Head as pushing
the above magnet. Head cap attaches a magnet in ways same as above.
At this time you shall let you leave for the poles to the inside that you were
opposite to Head magnet.

bookdreamer22(10-02-09 10:50)
i love my white skin vega boy! Modify Delete 
my daughters got him for me for yule, and my oldest daughter strung him and gave him to me with a blue bow on his head. he is magnificent, and he is as good--looking in jeans as he is dressed in formal wear. his sculpt is simply mesmerizing. i will love him forever!
Eatingk(10-02-01 10:28)
Vega boy rocks! Modify Delete 
I wish vega boy has a slightly stronger body~i.e. stronger arms :)
MiladySSnape(10-01-20 23:16)
Vega-boy is so great!
I'm crying that now he is no in creame white skin anymore
bunnylungs(10-01-03 05:55)
i has female sabik Modify Delete 
I has a female sabik for sale on den of angels, just ask me there.... bunnylungs @ doa or bunnylungs @ flickr
S.Q(09-09-15 18:47)
others mecha-angens both male and female? Modify Delete 
Vega- male- wonderful! *can I hope that sabik - female will appear? *___________*
Zhiyi(09-09-15 18:43)
OMG! He is Awesome!!! I love all types of Vega!!
(09-09-15 18:43)
sabik-female? Modify Delete 
Vega- male. Saiph -male... Will Sabik - female appear? It\'s a dreame of my whole life....