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[MD/Aug] Bygg & Beyla - Thunder Play
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: Soom
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* Ordering period : From Aug.21th. to Sep.15th.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.

* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for the 'Beyla', plz click the Related Product "Removing Seam [MD/Beyla] on the bottom of page.
* Please understand that it is not possible to provide 'Removing Seam Service' for 'Bygg'- transperent resin and dark resin.

Removing seam for Beyla ->

kyanthe(10-11-09 14:13 /
MD event sale
Bygg/ Victoria/kyanthe
vicky710(09-12-20 12:36 /
vicky710(09-12-20 12:33 /
Stacey(09-09-06 07:51 / )
I love the hooves too! Modify Delete 
I love all these babies (and the larger ones too) that have the hooves. I\'m just waiting for the day when Soon comes out with a centaur baby. That would be just amazing and I\'m sure they would be adorable and irresistible as well. :) I can\'t wait to see what you all come up with for next months spotlight doll. Love all the teenies you\'ve made as well!
Gwenithcoy(09-08-24 15:08 / )
Love love love
Personally. I can\'t get enough of your hooved beauties! One of the most unique designs I\'ve seen and so wonderfully done. Personally. I say Keep them coming! :)
Olivia(09-08-24 08:27 / )
hooves are just fine :D Modify Delete 
I really like them. just as much as any other hoofed MD you\'ve shelled out at us
Lilakurei(09-08-24 03:51 / )
More hooves? Can we stop please? Modify Delete 
More dolls with hooves? Can we please get something different? It\'s always dolls with hooves. :P Can you guys start being original again?
Tia(09-08-22 21:48 / )
Gender? Modify Delete 
What is the gender of Bygg and Beyla body? Thanks.
SOLA(09-08-22 18:34 / )
CUTE...... Modify Delete 
catw07(09-08-22 15:05 / )
Amazing design!
I am totally in love! I\'m always a sucker for your hooved dolls but this time. its more than just that. The choice of gray or white skin is an exciting option for a Teenie Gem! I\'m also loving the unicorn theme! And all the option parts are a great bonus...2 heads. 2 sets of hands. 2 sets of legs and a tail...WOW! Please make a gray skin female unicorn next!
Kitten(09-08-22 12:03 / )
Very nice!
They look nice I really like them. But how come they get tails and not Chrom? X_X; Chrom is wolf.
Avery(09-08-22 03:54 / )
Very stunning cuties! I\'m in love with them! However the wigs should not have seen the light of day though. Bad. bad choice.
Rinoa(09-08-22 02:03 / )
You\'ve done it again!
Soom. I think you own my bank account by now. You\'ve done it again. Bygg and Beyla are adorable! I couldn\'t resist Beyla and had to order one as soon as the dolls were released ^_^ I like that Bygg and Beyla come with extra hands and two heads and the choice for cream white or grey resin. If I had the money. I would have ordered both of them XD
Tashy-Chan(09-08-21 23:24 / )
TAILS! Modify Delete 
YES! this is what I want soom. Ive been waiting for resin tails and this is what I wanted! Please let the big one have a tail to!!!
SinghamWilk(09-08-21 23:02 / )
Just wow! Modify Delete 
giving them little horse tails was genius! and their little hooves look soft like a new born foal! brilliant!
Xiaolu(09-08-21 20:24 / )
It\'s amazing... So cute...~+_+~ Just my cup of tea~
Aimiya(09-08-21 14:51 / )
In Love!
Ohh. I\'m already in love with your new dolls! You shall be expecting another paycheck from me soon XD You guys really work hard. so thank you for giving us such great dolls~
Lacy(09-08-21 13:53 / )
They are very cute! I can\'t wait to see more pictures of them and might even have to buy one. X3 Beautiful work. as always. <3
spcecadet(09-08-21 06:31 / )
Oh My. Modify Delete 
They\'re so adorable! <333333
Ya-u(09-08-21 06:03 / )
They are so cute!!! Modify Delete 
Oh I just love them!!!! They are so cute!!!!!! I can\'t wait to order one!
p.M(09-08-21 05:51 / )
how cute are those 2 little ones wanna see more pictures **
Devious AD(09-08-21 05:01 / )
OGM! SOoo Cute Modify Delete 
I think these just might be your best tinies yet!! Great job Soom!!!
maple(09-08-21 02:17 / )
I want them! I want them! Modify Delete 
I love them all. they are so cute. Can\'t wait to see more pictures. I wish I have enough money to buy both of them.
FoxFace(09-08-21 01:18 / )
^__^* Modify Delete 
I\'ve been waiting for these guys ^__^ I may need them both.... too much cute!! LOVE YOU SOOM <3
(09-08-21 01:02 / )
In Love Modify Delete 
im so in love . their both so cute .love the little gray one
silvermasques(09-08-21 00:57 / )
Oh i\'m done for! Modify Delete 
I want that little white one! I\'m going to assume it is Beyla D: SO DAMN CUTE. I hope the price isnt too bad D: I want her..
SinghamWilk(09-08-21 00:48 / )
OMG BABY UNI!!! Modify Delete 
I KNEW IT X3 omg i cant wait for the big one x3
ivrom(09-08-21 00:44 / )
Dear Soom. Modify Delete 
If they have hooves. I........ I.......... I want to kill you. Why now? Can\'t you keep them for the next month? Meh. They are splendid.
Sushi(09-08-20 19:13 / )
Want Dx
Those are so cute Dx. plus they look like unicorns xD.
Valentina(09-08-20 17:50 / )
Oh my God!!! Why??? I`m in love...
Louise(09-08-20 16:20 / )
Hooray for gray tinies Modify Delete 
Hurrah! A gray tiny! :D That is great - I would love to make myself a zombie tiny. ^^ However. I was never that interested in Heliot - so I really hope that one of the Air tinies will be gray. That would be so awesome! <3
yumyum2(09-08-20 14:49 / )
gray chibi!? Modify Delete 
a grumpy gray chibi!? We love you. Soom!!! I think that gray babies is the way to go ;)
Phynix(09-08-20 14:30 / )
just a huge squee
Oh man they are too cute for words!!
cometblack(09-08-20 14:15 / )
Amazing work. i can\'t wait to see the rest of the pictures :)
buyer in HK(09-11-24 02:35 /
great baby ever! Modify Delete 
I got my grey baby last week, he is stunning, the most lovable and greatest baby I ever had!!
keep going I love soom so much,thanks
Celestial(09-11-16 19:45 /
Resold? Modify Delete 
Is there a possibility to resell this stuff in the future ..o.o