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[MD/Apr] Hati & Skoll - Ignis Fatuus
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: Soom
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* Ordering period : From Apr.23th. to May.15th.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.

gaiboiozz(12-01-14 09:54 /
I Would Like To Ask
Is There Any Possibility That They May Be Re Released? Please & Thank You
tallenvyaere(10-06-12 13:54 /
LOVE Modify Delete 
Please Please Please Please re-release Hati/Skoll! I absolutely adore them, and am SO sad I missed out on buying them!
zhwn(09-12-31 22:58 /
nice Modify Delete 
I like that~ I come feom china how can I by them?
Jackalope(09-08-14 08:46 / )
hati. skoll Modify Delete 
They have such cute faces!
test(09-05-25 22:25 / )
^^ very good Modify Delete 
cacao(09-05-24 16:15 / )
what???? Modify Delete 
"Dear soom
Devious(09-05-16 15:30 / )
Super let down. Modify Delete 
I am so bummed over these two. I saw the names in the Legend of the doll MD story and I knew that\'s what they would be but I was still holding out for tiny Vesuvia & Bix like the tiny Sard and Beryl. I would have bought at least two SETS of them. These as they are. are a HUGE disappointment from you Soom. Your work is of such higher caliber then this. Their paws are cartoon like and well ugly. The faces are cute and the our fits alright but No TAILS or EARS?? I just dont get it. I think you made a HUGE mistake with these two. :( NOT a fan of them sorry.. Love almost everything else you have done. I own FIVE Monthly dolls and a few LE soom dolls. Try harder next month. I LOVE the Fantasy Theme! Keep running with it!! I am hoping that the new one will BLOW ME AWAY to make up for these two being such a let down.
guest(09-05-08 16:28 / )
Cute. . .but not what I was looking for Modify Delete 
They are very cute facially but I agree that I wish that you made a little crab and scorpion instead ^^;;; I am glad you are doing original things rather than making teenies of all your bigger dolls. but I was so sad to miss out on Bix. and I was really hoping for a teenie Bix that was more like a little crab. Their faces and outfits are very adorable though. ^_^ Tails would have been a very cute idea. or little ears in their fur wigs ^^;
mananaica(09-05-07 03:09 / )
;A; Modify Delete 
zomg. they\'re so cute... But is it just me. or do their paws kinda make them look like they have the plague? .___.;
loro(09-05-01 08:43 / )
kidding me?!! Modify Delete 
wolves??? they r really wolves?????? ok= = not a fan. soom.... how could u ||||
sugarcoated(09-05-01 03:27 / )
Wolves? Yay! But...Not a Fan ><;
The faces of these little guys are adorable! I love the big innocent eyes and partly opened mouth! The cutest yet! ^__^! But when more pictures were released...I was pretty bummed out about these two to be honest. The idea of Hati and Skoll was a really great one! I was looking forward to some adorable wolves too! But the lack of magnetic ears and tail are sad. And I\'m not all that impressed with the paw design either. The hind legs are not of canine construction or build. and sit awkwardly on what are clearly resculpted hooved feet. They don\'t stand in a very canine manner =(. They clealry still have the hoof thing going on. I\'m not going to buy these two. but I really hope you try another wolf in supergem size or other in the future! ^__^! Maybe Fenrir?
Heidi(09-04-26 08:24 / )
I\'ve read through the comments. and I have to say my initial reaction to this pair was that they were quite fabulous. I was surprised to see that there was any negativity toward them. with names like Hati an Skoll. I figured people would be able to anticipate what was coming! It\'s true they aren\'t \'dedicated\' to Vesuvia and Bix as closely. but they are very original. and I want to encourage development in this direction more! I agree that the blushing could be perhaps more completely done. but we should all be comfy with that too. :-D Thanks!
Kuroiaisu(09-04-25 22:55 / )
Cute! Modify Delete 
Don\'t listen to the negativity these are adorable! I love the little paw parts
Kassy(09-04-24 08:02 / )
so so
Cute. but not what I had hoped for. I really wish you had made them more like Vesuvia and Bix. I know a bunch of us were looking forward to another violet resin doll and I\'m sure a chubby little crab claw or scorpion tail would have been adorable. Maybe I would have liked the wolf theme better if they had come with little magnetic tails and ears too. I do really like the outfits though!
spyder66(09-04-24 04:51 / )
So sad
I\'m so sad. I was so hoping for a tiny Vesuvia like the tiny Sard and Beryl. but I\'m absolutely crushed! MAYBE if these had been better wolves. with ears and tails. But they are pretty dull. I\'m sure they\'ll be popular and many people will love them. But I can\'t tell you how much I was looking foreward to a tiny SCORPION! With a tiny tail and lavender skin! I don\'t think I\'ll get over quickly. I mean these are just...aweful...
rei999(09-04-24 00:37 / )
So cute
Hati and Skoll! So sweet! I love Norse mythology. so seeing even just their names thrilled me. They\'re positively adorable. If I had enough money to spend on more than one doll. I would get them. Their little paws are precious. I do agree that tails (and maybe ears!) would have made them better. Great job. nonetheless.
SinghamWilk(09-04-23 23:53 / )
Bad bad bad
This is aweful soom. paws just dont work they look like normal human parts with lepracey. i\'m so glad i didnt save for these two and the lines from squirrel nutkin have absolutely NOTHING to do with wolves. I\'m sorry but this is terrible.
Aralyne(09-04-23 19:57 / )
Thank you Soom~
Thank you Soom for finally releasing a wolf-themed doll. I would have liked it more if they were super gem sized. but Hati and Skoll are adorable looking as tennie gems too. I love their little wolf paws. It would have been cool if you had given them little wolf tails too. but I\'m not complaining ^_^!!
Paddishtou(09-04-23 18:34 / )
Oh. My. God. Modify Delete 
At last. Wolves ! *o* I was SO hoping fot this ^__^ They\'re so cute and original !