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Sweet & Violet - Angel´s Message
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: Soom
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*From April, the 1st 2011

  All the Teenie Gem dolls ordered from April the 1st 2011 will be shipped with upgraded hands parts.
  Orders placed by this date will ship with the former parts.


thanarudee(10-05-11 17:02 /
Is it possible to order Sweet head with girl body?
I love the face of Sweet, he is adorable. But I wonder whether is it possible to order Sweet with girl body.
Elerronyar(09-12-24 07:51 /
Violet :D Modify Delete 
I ordered Violet because I loved Glot and Glati so much. I can't wait to receive Violet!
(09-08-09 16:08 / )
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giada(09-06-02 04:17 / )
beautyfull!! I wanna tow Sweet for a tow splendid twin >w< look him! too SWEET x3
Acunetix(09-04-21 00:46 / )
Mr. Modify Delete 
Samantha(09-04-15 12:25 / )
These two are absolutely adorable. perfect for any doll family in need of happy children. Their expressions are very much like anime. so you might want to be careful with other dolls they\'re around. Cute outfits!