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: Soom
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* including :

- assembled Olivine doll(normal skin type)
- heel parts
- random Soom eyes (14mm)
- random wig
- Magnet for head & head cap
- Owner's Guide & certificate of authenticity

* options :

- Face up
- Body brushing

Super Gem's body measurement[female]

- Weight : 1400.5g
- Overall Height : 65 cm
- Eye size : 14mm
- Wig size : 10”
- Head Circumference : 22cm
- Neck Circumference : 10cm
- Chest Circumference : 27cm
- Shoulder Width : 10.5cm 
- Bottom Circumference : 17cm
- Arm Length : 20cm
- Wrist Circumference : 6cm
- Hip Length : 28cm
- Thigh Circumference : 15.5cm
- Leg Length : 33cm
- Ankle Circumference : 7.5cm
- Feet Length : 7cm

※For attaching a Head parts magnet

You drop one drop of glue, and you fix in magnet halls of Head as pushing the above magnet. Head cap attaches a magnet in ways same as above. At this time you shall let you leave for the poles to the inside that you were opposite to Head magnet. (make reference to Owner's guide) 

Leanne(09-09-17 13:59 / )
Olivine Modify Delete 
Olivine has the most exquisitely beautiful face. The Artist. Jung Hye Eun. is a genius. Her face up by Yeon is perfection. This doll fascinates me and I must hold her all the time. Her sculpt is amazing - her expressions change with the light- she is so human. I just cannot convey in words how I cherish her. Dear Soom. you add great beauty to the world with your wonderful dolls.
Acunetix(09-03-28 10:38 / )
Mr. Modify Delete 
Briana(09-01-30 23:42 / )
I NEED THIS DOLL!!!!! i just wish that the clothes came with her
orange Mary(09-01-05 20:45 / )
my lovely doll Modify Delete 
"Olivine is really beautiful and very interesting. I think. it isn\'t \""doll for all\"". but she is just for people who can understand she and love her unusual image. I hope. in the end of the year I can order her."
Bianca(08-12-10 19:14 / )
she is soooo pretty look just like my OC Malee if she was real etc anyways I\'m saving up for her hopefully I\'ll have the money by 2010 too cute ^//////^
Jim D(08-11-24 06:07 / )
Beautiful Doll
This is a beautiful doll. I have her in Cream white and love the delicate blush on her cheeks. She is not a cute doll. She is rather a mature beautiful lady. Her expression reminds me of a Titian Madonna. She arrived a bit loosely strung but is well-balanced and stands great. Overall if you are looking for a mature girl this is a great addition. She has also a rather vampiric quality when you have her in a light wig. She has a lot of potential with various eyes and wigs to be just about any character you would want. I adore her.
himemiko(08-09-14 21:48 / )
love Modify Delete 
i luvluvluvluvluv this doll! I want to have this doll! Mmm...<333
ryce(08-04-18 09:39 / )
SoOm Modify Delete 
This doll i must save-up!!She would look soo good with the others!!*daydreaming* -ryce.....get her!!!!!!!!!