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[FFD] Sabik Elf
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· Manufacturing company
: Soom
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* including :

- assembled Sabik elf doll
- Owner's Guide & certificate of authenticity
- Magnet for head & head cap

※For attaching a Head parts magnet

You drop one drop of glue, and you fix in magnet halls of Head as pushing the above magnet. Head cap attaches a magnet in ways same as above. At this time you shall let you leave for the poles to the inside that you were opposite to Head magnet.

* options :

- face up
- body brushing


Karin(12-12-13 02:02)
I'm SOOOO in love... Modify Delete 
He's way at the top of my wish list - I keep checking back to see whether he'll be available again in 2013!!
Herbst(12-11-25 18:26)
Xmas Kit Modify Delete 
I love it ^ ^ Please tell me when it will be possible to know the cost of angels unassembled? Thanks in advance.
oriscany(12-08-02 21:56)
Sabik-Elf Modify Delete 
I have been checking off and on to see if you will offer him again.  I do hope that you do.
julien(12-07-29 18:30)
Makiyayu as in the picture or you can make do another?
HorrorVacui(12-03-23 01:27)
PLEASE Modify Delete 
Oh Soom, please put him in your calendar for April 2012!!! I`ve always wanted him <3
So please! He´s just gorgeous!
kitsuneko(12-03-03 17:46)
I love him so much! Modify Delete 
Dear Soom, please, please, PLEASE consider releasing Elven Sabik in cream white skin!  I missed your February 2012 sale, but I will definitely be purchasing him in April if he's available!  I've been wanting to purchase him for a long while now.  Thank you for making him available again!!
LegendaryGreen(10-11-07 10:37)
He's Amazing!~ Modify Delete 
WOW. I saw a picture of this boy on DOA and didn't know his name, so I searched and found him here. <3
He's incredible!! I'm so in love! I'm going to be saving up for him. I must have him~
Too bad he's sold out. I really hope he re-stocks soon!~
RidiculouslyNoir(10-09-15 19:50)
Dream Doll
I fell in love with him as soon as I saw him. I've been waiting for so long to be able to get one, and soon hopefully that dream will come true.
Well done Soom! He's perfect.
lighthearted(09-05-09 18:09)
Hes Stunning Modify Delete 
What a beautiful doll his face sculpt is simply stunning I know volks is said to be the \'leader\' but your guyses stuf is so much prettyier. So much more elegant and refined. I hope I have the money to get him when he becomes avalable
Alaina(08-09-22 11:46)
Such a Beautiful sculpt!
I have been looking up owner dolls of Sabik for months now and finally I had to order this guy for myself. He has one of the most unique yet versatile sculpts out there. so I can imagine him as the doll to fit my vision. I\'m looking forward to receiving him! :)
Paula(08-07-06 07:20)
Oh my!
He\'s perfect! Will be buying him the second he\'s available!!
Kim(08-06-26 12:10)
Such a beauty!
I am so looking forward to Cream Sabik Elf being available. Saved for almost a year for this. Waiting so patient. he is gorgeous!