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Kyrie[cream white]
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: Soom
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Kyrie[cream white]


* including :

- assembled doll
- 20mm SOOM eyes(random color)
- Magnet for head & head cap
- Owner's Guide & certificate of authenticity


※For attaching a Head parts magnet

You drop one drop of glue, and you fix in magnet halls of Head as pushing the above magnet. Head cap attaches a magnet in ways same as above. At this time you shall let you leave for the poles to the inside that you were opposite to Head magnet. (make reference to Owner's guide) 


* face up : $50 please add it from option.


* options :
- face up
- body brushing


All of option items are same in the photo.

* skin type : cream white skin  type 

model design & sculpted by : Dimu

* age : Unknown

* outfit : Tomo

xdelirium(11-01-08 04:07 /
Tell me please
Tell me please the size of her head in inches, i want to know what size of wig i can take
Brighteyes(10-11-17 19:15 /
dear pixie and blue, she is about 60 cm tall, all the gems are about 60 cm tall, you can see it in the total measurements on the left side of this page^^. If you read the item description you will she what is included:

* including :
- assembled doll
- 20mm SOOM eyes(random color)
- Magnet for head & head cap
- Owner's Guide & certificate of authenticity

so that means that the outfits are not included. I hope i could help you^^
pixie(10-09-20 07:03 /
Can someone tell me? Modify Delete 
Can someone please  tell me how tall she is? also are her clothes included?
blue(10-01-01 00:10 /
...? Modify Delete 
I want to buy this doll, but the clothes, makeup and accessories are included in the price?answer me please thanks
Cheryl(09-03-18 04:46 / )
KYRIE is Magnifique!
I was able to pick up Kyrie as pictured with her outfit. wig. eyes etc when she was available some time ago that way. I realized recently that I never left a review about her. She is just splendid! Incredible skin coloring in the creme white. her soulfull lavender eyes are gorgeous. and the outfit is so cute on her!! Like all other Soom bjd\'s I have (Gena World Peace. Vega. Sabik Cyborg) her poseability is fantastic and she is a favorite among my bjd collecting friends. Thank you Soom!
Faythe(09-03-03 08:42 / )
Such a lovely doll Modify Delete 
I only had one other doll before recieving Kyrie. and Kyrie moves and poses so much better than the other BJD MSD I already had. Her body is simply lovely and her face-up is perfect. I also love the way her mouth hangs slightly open. She really is a dream Thank you SOOM!
Tara(09-02-21 07:18 / )
I Love this Doll
The first time I saw a picture of Kirie. I knew I wanted to have her. I had never seen such a beautiful. expressive. alive looking doll before. I was not at all disappointed when she finally arrived. I adore her.
Katherine(08-07-10 16:41 / )
Pretty Kyrie
It is very hard not to love Kyrie. She has the cutest mouth! I love dealing with Soom too. Ordering goes smoothly and the shipping is fast.