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: Soom
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* including :

- assembled doll

- 14mm SOOM eyes(random color)

- Magnet for head & head cap
- Owner's Guide & certificate of authenticty


※For attaching a Head parts magnet

You drop one drop of glue, and you fix in magnet halls of Head as pushing the above magnet. Head cap attaches a magnet in ways same as above. At this time you shall let you leave for the poles to the inside that you were opposite to Head magnet. (make reference to Owner's guide) 

* face up : $50 please add it from option.

* options :

- face up
- body brushing

All of option items are same in the photo.

* skin type : nomal skin  type

* model design & sculpted by : Dimu

* age : Unknown

* outfit : Tomo

* size :
- height : 60cm
- head : 23.5cm
- Neck : 9cm
- bust : 23.5cm
- shoulder : 11.5cm 
- back : 12.5cm
- waist : 20cm
- arm : 17.5cm
- wrist : 5.7cm
- hip : 25.5cm
- thigh : 14.5cm
- leg : 30.5cm
- ankle : 7.8cm
- foot : 7.3cm

Linx(13-11-27 12:10 /
Any chance of a female Kanoa release?
Kanoa is a real beauty! But I would much prefer a female version, then I would defiantly buy her!
Zoe(11-01-17 11:40 /
if only... Modify Delete 
i would definitely buy this if he was a girl! ahhh the agony
Kathrine(10-07-03 08:06 /
Beautiful Modify Delete 
This is a beautiful doll. I love how it looks like an actual human instead of a dressed up toy. I really am trying to save up for this, but I dont know where I will get the money. Either way, I love this doll and give it 5 stars!
Thorn(10-06-12 02:04 /
Kanoa Modify Delete 
I realy realy like this doll! ;-; wish i could buy it, but im outa money right now...
I like his name too. Kanoa means freedom in hawaii~
ohdominoez(10-03-01 06:33 /
have to save up money~
beautiful... :3 i'm in love!
Briana(09-05-10 01:23 / )
does the outfit come with him?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!
Louise(09-03-03 03:16 / )
So beautiful <3
I purchased Kanoa a while ago. and was absolutely stunned when i recieved him. He is so beautiful.. Even more in real life if possible.. Beautiful doll <3
elfiex96(09-02-01 00:33 / )
sorry. i give him 5 stars. but i found a different doll i want. not on this sight. but on mecha angel site. STILL WITH YA SOOM!
bri(08-11-13 05:59 / )
Saving up! Modify Delete 
OMG!!!!! he is soooo cute. i am saving up money right now so i can get him!!
Rhi(08-08-13 14:43 / )
Beautiful! Modify Delete 
I will have this doll! I am so in love with him!
Joan(08-03-29 12:11 / )
The shadow of their smiles
"Kanoa has one of my very favorite Soom faces (along with Laon whom I\'m saving up for now). I think Kanoa could be a strong. spirited girl. as well as a boy. Your artists keep their pledge to create more and more unique faces--not just \""pretty doll faces.\"" but ones that could belong to real individuals. who have deep. complex emotions. I\'m a writer. and I think these characters will tell me many wonderful stories.... I can\'t wait."