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  [EVENT] Event for Released commemorative rosette & Notice
  Writer : Admin     Date : 15-06-16 13:16     HIT : 2257    

Good day! This is Rosette team.

Rosette Boy body has been released new, Here are some announcements.

1. Basic Rosette Release Schedule
: Traditional sales method is different from the new method,
  Once in 3-4 months available about only 15 days to buy the basic goods.

2. Pure rosette Boy plans to launch next year passed, it is possible to compatible to the existing body arms and legs.
    Muse Boy body Customers are available for purchase by adding new arms and legs too.

3. White Uniform and Shoes are available to purchase at discounted prices with purchasing basic doll. 
    Navy Uniform is available as an option in only a doll products.

4.Starting today, the day is expected to unveil a picture by one type.
   Boys and girls will be launched together.

In addition, We prepared Events for release Rosette boy body, We are appreciate your interest :)

<< Rosette Twitter RETWEETS event! >>
Twitter rosette (Micky_HY) boys tweets, through a lottery of retweets people, We will send a gift prepared for three people.

* Period:  June.15th ~ July. 7th , 2015
* Published: July.8th , 2015 (On Rosette Twitter)

* Gifts : Lucky Bag (Rosette heads, Parts, Eyes Wigs .. Random configuration)

Have a nice day.

Best regards,
Rosette team