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  [NOTICE] About layaway plan information
  Writer : soom     Date : 15-05-06 14:59     HIT : 2696    
Dear customer 

Thank you for always loving Soom.

In order to send you the doll in excellent conditions, the layaway offered is limited to 3~4 months.

As time passes, we noticed that the layaway created problems: severe cases as for the resin's color is deterioted. 
With times, it is difficult to manage the color of the resin, this is why we decided to limit the layaway's period. 

We are asking for your comprehension.

In addition, if the payment is not paid within two business days from the order's date, the order is automatically canceled.
But also, in case of an order cancellation, the deposit of 25% of the total amount of the order can not be refunded, so please consider it carefully.
We are asking for your cooperation.

Mail details about the layaway system.
If we do not receive an answer from you within 5 days from the day we sent you the first email, your order can be automatically canceled. 
For the customers who want to refund the order, please you write us the deposit plan so we can give you an answer. 

Have a nice day.
Thank you <3

Regards, SOOM Korea