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  [EVENT] X-Mas kits 2013
  Writer : soom     Date : 13-12-04 16:00     HIT : 3181    
Dear SoOm fans,

Our X-Mas kit dolls are back this year ! ^^

Here are the details of the event:
* Ordering period: Dec. 4th 2013 ~ Jan. 4th 2014.
* All the dolls released during this period can be ordered as X-Mas kits
(including basic doll, limited editions, Special Order, Elves, Idealian, etc..).

* To order, please click on the red banner on the right.
* This event do not include dolls from the Neo Angel Region site.
* Although these dolls are sent unassembled, the making period is the same as for assembled dolls. 
We will not be able to ship them faster than other orders, and we hope that you will understand this point. (_ _)
* All of these dolls include one customer's guide and one certificate of authenticity per doll.
* The dolls from this event are not sent with SOOM box and blanket, but they will be securely packed into a vinyl bag.
* Body blushing is not available for the X-Mas kit dolls. Only face-up is available as an option.
* Rosette dolls: no request regarding body type changes will be received.