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Date : 09-09-08 09:47
The delivery time guarantee system
 Writer : soom
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**The delivery time guarantee system **

In the event that any doll products sold at, the Internet shopping mall run by SOOM, are delivered to a customer late, SOOM will compensate the customer for the late delivery as per the following agreement:

Article 1 [Definition of Terminology]
The terminology stipulated in this agreement shall be defined as per the below:
1. “The preparation time for delivery”shall mean the period from the time at which the payment for a sold doll is completely made, to the time at which the doll is shipped out.
2. “Delivery date” shall mean the day on which a doll will be shipped out.
3. “Guarantee for the delivery date” shall mean that a doll product is shipped out within 100 days (weekends included) from the
time that a customer completes making payment for it. A period of delay caused by the delivery schedule
of the company in charge of delivery and the time required to clear customs shall not be included.

Article 2 [Scope of Compensation]
“Late delivery” shall be restricted to cases in which the shipping date exceeds 100 days from the time at which a customer completes the payment.

Article 3 [Amount of Compensation]
In the event that SOOM delays delivery to a customer, SOOM shall pay the customer 1% of the selling price for each day of delay in the form of points.
However, when D+25 is exceeded, 25% of the products will be subjected to D/C instead of the fee levied for delay in delivery.

Article 4 [Exemption of the Responsibility for Loss Proof]
SOOM shall pay the compensation to the customer even when the customer cannot prove the existence, the extent, and the amount of loss.

Article 5 [Customer’s Obligation of Recognition]
In the event that the customer receives the compensation within the above agreed scope, the customer shall not insist on compensation for other types of loss, and thus, the customer shall accept other light loss.

Article 6 [SOOM’s Obligation to Pay Attention]
At the time of making this agreement, SOOM shall guarantee no (0%) delay in delivery, and shall pay attention so as not to make any delay.

Article 7 [Effectuation & Validity of the Agreement]
This agreement shall become effective as soon as the payment for an order is completely made, and it shall be valid until the order is shipped out, refunded, or compensated.

Article 8 [Cancellation of the Contract]
In the event that the customer does not abide by his/her obligation specified under Article 5, or if he/she insists on compensation, disregarding the regulation of Article 4, SOOM shall be allowed to not pay the compensation. In the event that the delivery is delayed for longer than the stipulated period, the customer can cancel the contract, and receive the total purchasing price in the form of a refund.

Article 9 [Period during which cancellation is enabled]
If and when the Latter has failed to ship out within the deadline promised by the Former, it shall be possible to cancel within D+25. After that day, however, cancellation shall be prohibited, and this shall be considered as the Latter not desiring cancellation. In this case, 25% of the products will be subjected to D/C, rather than the fee levied for delay in delivery.

Article 10 [Refund]
In the event that SOOM does not meet the specified delivery date, the customer can cancel the contract and be refunded completely by the method proposed by SOOM.
Point conversion / Wire-transfer / Pay-pal / Cancel payment by card / Telegraph money order Any handling fees for refund shall be borne by SOOM, on the basis of the standards stipulated by SOOM.