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Date : 05-04-09 17:48
to stand my GEM?
 Writer : clover
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To stand GEM, you grasp the pelvic joints between the hips and legs with your left hand, and grasps and spread out the joints of both knees with your right hand, and then, put is on the ground.
 Please balance the doll with your left hand while pressing the feet with your right hand so that the feet correspond to the ground. After that, softly get your hands off from the doll while checking whether or not the doll stands completely, and then, straighten it while moving the head and arms little by little. Please try to stand it after adjusting tension since the doll cannot stand by itself if tension is strong or weak.

*Please try to stand it not on a high chair but on the ground in order to avoid damage of the doll.

*Please use a stand if you want to stand the doll even though the doll is able to stand by itself. This product may be damaged or broken if it falls from a height of 40cm.