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Date : 05-04-09 17:34
to order Doll Face up?
 Writer : clover
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there is two Face up Items available at present.
'Basic Face Up'or 'Custom Face Up'

1. 'Basic Face Up'
You can get same face up style in Gem's pictures with 'Basic Face Up' from 'face up' option.
you can order 'Basic Face Up' as follow;
Gem>choose 'basic face up($50)' option> add to cart

2. 'Custom Face Up'
You can get any face up style that you want with 'Custom Face Up' .
you can order 'Custom Face Up' as follow;
Gem>choose 'no face up' option> add to cart>continue shopping
'Face up' category>custom faceup($70)>add to cart
If you have any faceup style that you want, please send us pictures by this e-mail.
then our SOOM makup artist will make similar to the picture.

3. Period of time If you place face up orders to your doll, this will take additional 5-7 days.
Some of dolls could get to you a lot faster than noticed time, but this is the time we need basically.
Please consider about this period of time when you are ordering.

4. SOOM makeup team All of face up in SOOM site have done by SOOM makeup team.
SOOM Makeup team is consist of firststring makeup artist.
They have a lot of experience of doll makeup and they work with high skill.

5. Face Up Fee list

'Basic Face Up' for Gem $50 

'Basic Face Up' for Mini Gem $30

'Custom Face Up' $70

* It is not possible to choose a makeup style of 'Limited Edition'.